Saturday, March 5, 2011

Channeling the Awareness You Want

Channeling comes to those who are more open to the call than others. This does not mean they are more divine, more dedicated, or more clear. This only means they can accept what comes to them from other dimensions. When a new channel gets a direct contact, they can demand a degree of management on a number of things:
1. Are the messages of God's light or not.
2. Can the teacher go to another channel also, or will this be an exclusive arrangement.
3. How many days can go by between messages?
4. Are the messages non-concerning to the channel, or does the channel have to give an explanation.
These minor details need to be agreed upon the moment the welcome is given.

New channels are coming out now, and they are not all at the clearest degree of competence. My dear ones, channeling has become a game to those who desire to continue contact with humans after their death. Be aware: by coming to a new deliverer of their choice, they can drive the bargain they want without the channel doing anything but going along with their agenda. It would not be the deal the channel would make if they were more informed at that moment.

Can the arrangement be changed? Not unless they agree to alter it. For example, if the channel agrees to channel daily and doesn't, the more conscious entity will wait without a desire for anything different. An unconscious being can become demanding or mess with the channel's life so they can be in charge. New channels who accept these lower dimension advisors are now subject to their whims.

No dimension below the fifth (heart of God) can anchor God's light. Only a being of 5th dimension or higher will be calming and delightful in the new channel's awareness. Only Christ consciousness (seventh dimension) has totally unconditional acceptance.

Positive thinking chelas who are not clear of their emotional disturbances can attract lower dimensional delegates of the dark. Call them any name, but always check out their messages for dream content, as they deliver messages from a less aware density. Beautiful, flowery language is a clue. Content that has no definite benefit to those receiving it comes from controller level dieties. Beware!

Pauses between contacts are not desired by astral and fourth dimension beings  because these entities feed off of the channel's life force. No Ascended Master demands any kind of schedule. Delivering "positive" messages does not mean the content has any value. Closing the door to what your mind does not want to accept makes you unavailable for delivering content you cannot agree with. All channeling has one purpose only: to contact those who cannot directly access their own direct link to the highest consciousness. Nothing that comes from the 7th dimension is dark. It may not feel good to the one being asked to deliver the content to others, but truth does not always feel good.

When the channel of a dense entity realizes this is not a bearer of God's messages, they can continue to be used or change the agreement. Sending away a diety who has been conning the channel can be difficult. I am telling you how to do it in case they don't go at the moment you request it. The diety may decide to link itself to your denied emotions, and this means they can draw on these emotions to their advantage. Clearing your emotional body will release them to their own devices and distance them from you. This is the ONLY way to free yourself from their grip.

But, dear ones, doing this clearing is part of God's divine dance. These dieties came to you to let you know the time has come for you to increase your awareness and raise your consciousness. Having them in your life may appear to be a negative situation, but it is not. All gifts of true value give a benefit, and the decision to clear your denied emotions has a huge value!

Be aware of the disturbances in your body in any situation. It is these contractions that attract dense entities. It is your next detail to deal with. Clearing denied emotions can be done in many different ways. I am not going to choose one over another. Find the one that works best for you.

Note: I was asked about numbers appearing in awareness. Multiples of the number 11 is about mastery. Details about this needs more of an explanation than I can dictate for a general audience. Ask for these details in a different context.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. The number 33 means Christ consciousness - the consciousness of Illumination

  2. Cleansing of the emotional body seems of no end. Deeper I go, more unsolved stuff, and issues from the past I get, left within as untold words of men and women from my yesterday lives. In my pyjamas and without make up, I open the door of my heart when I hear the knock-knock of untold words calling me from within. “It's us, let's talk...” I put an ear on them and my emotions get disturbed. I recognize, the new self should make it differently from those men and women of yesterday: defeating the ego, on my and them behalf. Bit by bit releasing my soul first from burdens trapped in memories of my emotions. Let it go. Doesn't belong to the present time.

  3. hello St Germain hello Aruna,
    I've been having very lucid dreams for a long time & i seem to remember all of them,some are very positive,some are not,.I had a dream which was so real & so positive that it left me in complete awe..i,amongst other in the back ground were traveling up threw a golden etherical dimension or out of a certain dimension?,i was traveling up in my light body sitting in the up right meditative position,leaving a trail of light,like the contrail from a rocket,as light beings we where sitting on our own lotus,1 each..right toward the end i saw myself & i was surrounded by arabic words?..i don't speak the language or follow islam...i can still see this whole sequence very clearly..what does it mean?..i love you both.