Friday, June 10, 2011

Awareness, Contractions and Manifestation

Medical advice cannot make an active dis-ease disappear, only give it the appearance of disappearing. Complete cures need mental adjustments to negative attitudes. Affirmations are not adequate, as a complete change in the mental approach to an unconscious negative attitude needs to occur. Pleasing the doctor is not an answer to assisting in the healing - getting to inner harmony is what can make a chronic dis-ease quicky disappear.

Mental attitudes are the cause of most dis-eases. When a life is controlled by mind's attitudes they do many things to the body. The body then contracts its ability to allow the empty nonsense that mind articulates to disburse into nothing. Mind's thoughts then become accepted as material to create from. When mind thinks, creative narrative comes out of nowhere to be considered. And it only goes into manifesting when there are contractions grabbing on to the messages coming through. What can be done to eliminate this? Nothing. What makes it end requires no "doing".

Materialization comes as a consequence of mind's cravings for the things that mind desires. Only deleting desire can destroy the materialization of content with material attraction. And next comes a new experience in living: an opportunity to get all that is needed without doing anything.

No motive will make something materialize when a non-aligned thought has its content downloaded in cellular memory. When another thought of opposite content comes in, the dismissal of the first one is not guaranteed. It can make no appearance for many years, and then one day it will appear with a major ownership of the physical body. Cancer comes out of this dynamic. So does many other dis-eases. God can delete what needs deleting when awareness calls for a new way of "being". When there are no contractions making a barrier against a healthy flow of negativity, an open vessel for divine light has been created.

Negativity is much maligned. Having negative attitudes can destroy one's flow of awareness, but it does not demand that new materializations be made of them. Only the contracted ones become manifestations, as these are continuously being created in the unconscious. Forming a new attitude is done when awareness comes to the mind about love over drama. Eliminating drama cancels manifesting from the contracted energy. Negative thoughts can then flow freely through the mind without any added conditions manifesting as a consequence.

Most negative thinking is ego's management technique. Not contracting from it dismisses a thought without any cause and effect involved. Only contracted energy on a thought makes contact with the developing creative process. "No negative thinking" has become a concept of many chelas. Avoidance of anything contracted maintains a lack of development, because grace cannot act to delete a contraction without the awareness needed to change the situation. Once acknowledged, a contracted attitude can be adjusted and neutralized. Not acknowleging contractions only causes more manifestations to be created by them for the purpose of bringing forth this awareness.

Chelas who are not acknowledging their contractions, as a method of claiming themselves more caring of their creative abilities, are remaining unaware and are actually more creative in this regard than those facing their fears and deleting their contractions. Posing as a light bearer is different than acting as one. Posing can deny the contractions and bring on their dense energies in the materialization field. Not denying them deletes them with just the first awareness and conscious answers to the denied emotion. Waking up contractions must be done for light to get through the mirroring construct. Once a contraction has been nullified there is no cause for mirroring it.

Deep introspection must be allowed. The appreciation of all the things that attract negative thoughts to appear in awareness can graduate a man from contraction to light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you master saint germain and Aruna mam

  2. My dear Master.
    Allowe us to day to comment on two words mentioned many times on Your messages and also by Arch.Michael.
    Shall we concidered these 2 words,as of the most importand in recent times?
    Apathy is related to man,s attituds and behaviour or non-behaviour,in respect of all man,s socioeconomic,political,and enviromentall,activities,which in one way or another,helpfull or not ,in man,s evolution,in most levele,of life experiense,and concious awakening.
    Apathy is concidered as non-attitud,to most importand aspects or expresions,of the imposed,and controlled,means of power,dominion,corruption,deception,money and e.t.c,by the goverementall,or other joined administrative aspects of the dark System.
    Avoiding or refusing participation,in positive or actine ways,to <>,leaves all doors open to the controllers and their associated networks,to apply,without any hesitation,their deceptive and corrupted plans.
    Apathy should be taken before the court,and so judjed?As You,my dear master mentioned on Your
    messages,the law of cause and effect,is the judge of the game.
    Everybody is subjected to the provisions of this universal law,and either is rewarded,or punished,based on his or her actions,or lack of action!
    At this stage,man,s mind intellegense,or conciousness,instead of blaiming mans collective apathy,gives space for condemnations.
    Light is responsible for non-penetrating in the very dark compartements,of their deceptors?
    Attashed to the dark side,in one way or onother,gives the ,or the privelege
    to seat on their Father,s Throne,without any hesitation,and plays,as gods?
    Does Light is to be blamed,for not prevending all conducted phlasphemies?
    Comments through other channels,refers to proposed crace,for high ranked contollers.
    Does Grace, is for actions,having no motives or intention,or plan,to oppose GOD,S Devine Plan?
    or applies also to the high ranks of the other
    If actions,through unholy motives,and intention,are not punished,based on cause and effect,then why we are blaiming apathy?
    We are not talking about GOD,S crace,which embodised the whole creation,and is not for us to speak.
    For the continouas rape,and distruction of all holy creation on this planet,by the other side,is it any space for crace?
    Harmony in creation,is based on egualidy of chances for action or non-action and actions through this law are eithe rewarded or punished,so to say.
    Cosmic Laws are for universal applicotion and implementation,or are subjected to circumstantial,and subjective inforcement?
    Not surrended to the unsufficient,incabable,corrupted,dark oriented,administrations,is for blaim Light,by man,s intellegense?
    Disturbing man,s dormand,or deep sleep,by light,is something for blaim for,Light?
    Does man,s intellegense is monitored to Status guo,by the other side,or self-monitored through
    a non-real perception of reality?
    Many-many thanks to You for Your messages.

  3. Please explain this further, what do mean by contracted energy, how do we stop doing this, how do we free ourselves from the contracted energy? Please show me.