Monday, June 20, 2011

Predictions and How You Can Change Them

All my predictions are from what I can gather on my timeless detector. In this detector there are no days, weeks or months to classify one or two of the ongoing catastrophies. And many of them can be altered before they are actualized. What I have not observed is an alteration to the disaster I am still observing in the United States. Nowhere is there an alternative reality in the details of this creation. In a not too distant moment, my last month's dictation with a disaster announcement can become credible. If you cannot accept that timing has a major impact on this less than accurate announcement, than my teachings are not the best that they can be. My channel only gives you what comes from me.

My teachings are not meant to be a roadmap to the game of disasters being orchestrated by dark cabals, or a guide for acting on this information to take you  out of the catastrophe area. They are about becoming able to accept the consequences of the dismantling of man's divine angelic nature into a mass consciousness of negative dross, and what needs to happen to cause that to change.

No wealth of details about how to reconstruct human civilization matters now. It is not very likely to occur. But a major change in the number of awakened beings can occur, and that will once again lift the hand of God in a new creative way. Being an angelic being can do this. Caring about others and making time in your day to commune with God can do a lot to move the dark cabal out of control. Right now the attitude of greed is so dominant that more caring needs to be detected, then aid to all in the human dimension can be activated. Are these words confusing? Allow me to be more clear.

Delay does nothing to cause movement. Delay of living your life with love means that no gain is occurring in the creative development of what can change man's future. More love must be delivered from man now. Only this will indicate to God man's contribution to his destiny of choice. God does what man decides. If man acts with love, God delivers more of that. If man acts against man's divine nature, God delivers more of that. God does not alter what man controls. God delivers more of whatever man determines to be the goal of his actions. Want more control: Controllers appear. Want more money: Hyperinflation occurs. Want more mental direction: Give up freedom. Want more change: Give up apathy.

All of the things man wants forces the hand of God to deliver those attitudes back to him in a way that leads to more awareness.

Giving and caring are the most effective ways of getting aid to all levels of existence. More giving grows more receiving. Giving healing and abundance to those who need it is not the same as giving to the Divine in all of its forms. Are you getting my meaning?

Attacking anything does not lead to getting love. Making a difference comes from giving and caring, not disrespect or anger. Attacking others because of differences makes God unavailable. Attacking anything means a decent into darkness. Opening the door to another's way of being is the door to light. Are there any doors in front of you that can be opened now? Are there closed doors on the horizon? Absolutely, and all doors are capable of being opened with a major change in the mass consciousness.

Now lets talk about the big guns that are being brought against those who are peacefully demonstrating against existing conditions. No guns can make God interfere. Death by artillery is not what motivates God to get involved. Once artillery makes an appearance there needs to be a more caring option offered by those who want to dream a different dream. Caring, and an active decision to be God's assistant, can cause another direction to be taken. For example: many meditators can alter the dynamics for all current users of artillery. Men can choose an act of kindness that will deliver a different option to their cause. Mr. Ghadafi can make a new choice. The Taliban can cease their disturbances. All the movers of darkness can make different decisions. Iranian leaders can bring a new answer to human causes in that country and others. It can all change if there is a message sent (to all that cannot hear it directly) about the divine calling that comes from within. The divine calling is from YOU! You are the divine conduit that can turn around darkness. It is not by design that all these negative attitudes are being demonstrated by unaware beings – it is the result of what is being acted out from negative human thoughts against the "all that is". 

Are my words clear enough? Give me a new attitude abundant in human love and no matter what has been considered an unresolvable matter can be turned in a new direction. Want more love in your own life? Give more love to all of the divine that appears in your awareness.

Children of God are not disconnected from any of the activities they dislike. They are the catalyst to God's every answer. Are man's attitudes changable? Absolutely – one by one, until the mass consciousness moves out of greed and into caring.

Man's gold depletion can make a most difficult mass energy next. Are you willing to give assistance in making another option available? If your answer is God's answer, it just means being loving to all that is – NOW. Only you can make a new direction for any of the things you are disturbed by. Gaze upon all you observe as a Master of God's making, and God will be available to contribute new creations to the daily news.

More than one million are able to ascend now. New attitudes can increase this number.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna Byers,

    herewith, I send many thanks to St. Germain for his answer to my last comment on his messages about the announced catastrophy in the USA. His answer is also a consoling reaffirmation for you that you are not in troubles in this respect - the catastrophy will definitely come. Ths is also my perception. It will trigger an avalanche of events that will lead to Disclosure and the first wave of ascension as predicted by St. Germain.

    I highly appreciate the tone and direction of St. Germain's messages, which fully coalesce with my spiritual ideas on earth and humanity in the End Times. His recommendations on the individual ascension process are fully confirmed by my personal experience with the light body process since 1999.

    If you are interested in my ideas, you may check in Google Search with the following key words:

    "Stankov, Universal Law".

    I will recommend you to read my last book titled:

    "The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction.
    Why and How the World Economic Order will Collapse in 2011"

    first published in and in May 31. There is also a Spanish translation of this book in, Las Layes Cosmicas de Creation y Destruccion, Georgi Stankov. Since you live now in Latin America, this information may be of some help to you.

    I would highly appreciate if you contact me under


    George Stankov
    Munich, Germany

  2. My dear Master S.GERMAIN.
    This message of Yours covers everything
    a Master wants to say to could be one or Your last one,s.For not responding to God,s ,or to Masters,or Arcangels messages,they can blame only themselves,and nobody else.
    Most of us,not necessarily all, at the end we get ,what we deserve,resbonsible in one way or another.It is the price of our actions or lack
    of action.
    Any situation or circomstanses,can be alter with God grace.But nowhere is written or stated,that doing wrong things,you get the right things or vice versa.
    Finally,you can produce,or reproduce,the elements of hell,by saying that,i,m creating paradise?
    One he sees, what he wants to see,or he listens also,only what, is for his best of interest.Sometimes,they can burn,the whole forest,just fo the view of the tree!!
    I wish to be wrong to all of the above.
    God bless All.

  3. The energetic field seems to respond to Caring and Love and as you say other energies it is impersonal it seems...
    Two Saturday's ago l got on a bus and stood beside a single mother 2 wonderful kids one in the cart one in the seat...l noticed Mom was really tired and the kids did not even have any cold juice or water which surprised me.
    The clothes were old and tattered l could feel this was a young single mom that some young irresponsible bloke abandoned her with the kids and she is coping the best she can. My heart said l want to give her 20 bucks so she can buy some ice cream for the kids and have a nice day. Then my ego said will she be offended and make a scene.Then someone else beside me offered her and the kids seem juice cartons...and she said she did not have any money on her. Then l reached in my pocket grabbed 20 bucks and before l left the bus l crouched down looked at her smiled and took her hand and gave her 20 bucks. If l could afford 100 bucks l would have. She was amazed and could not believe it, 20 bucks was so much for her probably her weekly welfare walking around money. l said too her God loves her and the kids and is trying to make things better if she could try and have faith..and buy the kids some ice cream on a hot day...and have some fun with the kids...the next Saturday...l won 20 Bucks on a 2 dollar lottery ticket...true story.
    If we were a modestly enlightened society every single mom would have a summer fun and ice cream budget l think for the kids. Our caring does not seem to effect these elite systems master..l wonder what will.

  4. CivilSociety, thank you for sharing. I am illiterate regarding prayers, but had a chance lately to see the Prayer of St. Francis. It says:

    "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace; where there is hatred, let me see love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is discord, unity; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

    O Divine Master, teach me to seek not so much to be loved as to love, to be understood as to understand, to be consoled as to console, because it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, it is in giving that we receive, and it is in dying that we rise to eternal life.

    Make me an instrument of Thy Peace."