Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Instructions for When the Call Comes

When the day of ascension arrives, the entire group needing contact will receive it at the same moment. Some will be in deep sleep. Others will be doing their daily activities. Channeling this message will be inactive – it will be amplified to awaken the God within and the mental body at the same moment. Awareness of it will not be a new challenge to go through, it will be apparent. Next is to accept the call.

Acceptance means agreeing to ascend. Nodding without clear agreement is not adequate. A "YES" must be announced by any means applicable. "I Am That I Am" can be the words used, or anything that declares agreement with divine will.

Chapter II of ascension will be in the next attitude after agreement. Being in bed means getting dressed quickly to leave the building you are in. No need to travel, just go out of man made containers: cars, houses, trains, etc. Go to an area of choice where a man can be dissolved without notice. In the doorway of a building is not good enough. Feet on the ground is an option but any uncovered area that is not near a doorway is better. You will make that choice to the day and time the call comes. Wait to be consumed by a dose of energy that courses through the body.

Children are to be taken to the area with their mother and allowed to be apart from her during the actual ascension. Other parents can be at the area if they are also ascending. Calling all candidates is exactly that. Those not prepared are not being called. They are not to be dragged along by the ascension candidates.

Free the mind of any concerns about hearing the call, going out of an enclosed area or getting dissolved. Make no announcement. Just go to the area you are drawn to when the call is heard. Announcing the ascension date and time is not going to occur.

Are these instructions clear? Get out of the area that is covering the body and await the energy surge. Anchoring an answer to God's call with your agreement, and delivery of the body is all that is needed. Breathe, give no attention to the mind, and align with the coursing energy.

Busy now? Of course you are - it is the ego's way of declaring its desire to prevent your ascension. Ignoring the ego's comments must be done. I am giving instructions now because ascension will occur in the next months and I want everyone to have them. If you are not giving these messages to others, please distribute this one.

My channel just asked what to do if the body is on an airplane when the call comes. Await an opportunity to do what is needed. Should it be a very long flight, go to the lavatory to be ascending. Nothing will occur to the airplane as a consequence, only the notice of one or more missing passengers.

No call from God demands acceptance. No discipline measure will be correcting those who choose to not be on this wave. The next wave will come about one year later. This is a most difficult decision to make, as a large number ascending will help make the coming year less painful for those who will be on the next wave. Choosing not to ascend on the first wave will actually decrease quality of life for all that remain. Please consider the importance of ascension to all cosmic creatures, not only those who will be left on Earth. Each and every ascension brings new life to humanity and the collective consciousness now, when it can truly make a difference.

Growth and development time has been answered by an ascension call. Next is to change the negative dynamic of the collective consciousness so the New Earth can be created.  Chosen to ascend are all who chose it. No distinction will be made as to the country or continent, as all will get the call together. New light on the land can make the difference that all of you have been asking for.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. gratitude master saint germain and aruna mam

    absolutely speechless

    Thank u

  2. l have no idea what power in Heaven and Earth can wake me up in the middle of the night
    l sleep like the Rocks of Stonehenge...
    and this Buddha is almost as heavy. ; )

    Though l do recall 2 Luminous beings in the corner of my bedroom about a year ago..when
    l briefly woke up they smiled then..poof gone..
    In respect the word "dissolve" Master Saint Germain, may not have the right semantic feel to our entranced science fiction movie culture
    .....a better choice might be to "Elevate"
    raise up, lift up.

    Now l just purchased this book:

    "Physical Body Ascension to the New Earth"
    A good read but not much details on the process.

    Onward and Upward...

  3. Thank you so much Master Saint Germain & Aruna for these very important details. Can we leave a note or let someone know that we got the call? Will this negate the process?