Friday, June 3, 2011

Preparing for Ascension with Awareness

Please give my channeling more discussion when the opportunity appears. Some entities do not want this contact with me to be available, and are choosing to make their messages more ego stroking to manipulate the attention of my readers. No control over me is available, so you are the targets. Pass by any carefully worded documents that tell you that you are great. My dictations do not negate the readers, but neither do they make them feel more adored than others.

Changes inside the land masses of Mother Earth are definitely connected to ALL of nature's activities, not any one in particular. More important than the comet coming, is the next earthquake. As this one is not where mental logic would make a cause and effect conclusion, it will be a big confidence adjuster. When it happens, this will create more chaos than all the other big ones that have occurred in the last few years. New answers for man's continuation are going to be sought as a consequence.

When an earthquake comes where it never was even considered possible, new living conditions must be activated for those who believed themselves completely earthquake free. Now the most concern must be about ascension and getting all who can ascend able to do so. Not speaking about this keeps this news  completely hidden from those needing to hear it. Even mentioning it as a possibility helps.

Next, the dam of the Mississippi River is not able to hold back the big flood coming towards New Orleans. If this dam comes close to holding, there's a chance to move out the people who are not able to save their homes. My favorite scenario is to have all of New Orleans ascend at the same moment. Can this occur? No, because too many of the residents are unable to recognize their divine awareness.

Praise is large for the control that is managing this flooding, but from my ability to observe, the worst has not as yet come. Face the fact that Mother Nature is not going to be controlled, and leave the area before being forced to leave.

Are we "ascension able"? Not yet. Many are not able to hear the call and one in ten can claim complete detachment. An eager group on one hand can delight in the concept and they can get the others more able. Only discussing this as a choice will be like mentioning a dream that could occur. If the comet coincides with the flood, and causes more new ammunition to demolish the country's coast on the Eastern side of the Mississippi, a continent disaster bigger than any previous can occur. Are we able to contain this? No. Are we welcoming this? No. Are we able to accept that this may occur? There's not a disaster than happens to any place on Mother Earth that we do not accept as Mother Earth's demand for more care - and this one is no different. Are the children of God who are now in the area able to accept that an earthquake as great as those in Haiti, Chili and Japan is not possible in the US? Now is the time to recognize this or no conscious contribution can be made at the moment one occurs.

My words are not to frighten, only to deliver a most critical content to those who need to evolve in their awareness. Fear is not contained in Awakened awareness. When a disturbance occurs, awakened ones do not do anything that even appears afraid. Many of my chelas are being called to demonstrate how they can be a light in the dark.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Can you please let some other countries know what to expect?
    Seems as tho the only people that are 'warned' are USA? Hmmm

  2. very inspiring message

    gratitude and love

    definitely a message channeled by awakened awareness highly resonate with this

    bless us to reach a state like this

    love to all

  3. Thank you for the message. What is Saint Germain's advice on continuing our daily lives with this knowledge? I would like to have a more meaningful career, but I feel trapped in a minimum wage job for sustainability. I would love to give it up to minister the holy word of god, Christ consciousness and channeling, but I have two daughters who will soon depend on my income. My heart says to minister as I think one of my gifts are public speaking. How can we deal with this urge? Thank you. Amanda

  4. My Beloved Master Saint Germain.
    Thanks and greedings to You and All Masters. CHOICE:
    1.What is the meaning of choice?
    2.Does choice is related with free Will?
    3.Does choice related with duality and the pairs of opposites?
    4.Does choice related with our mode,or our 3d world?
    5.does choice applies in other dimensions? 6.Does,in one way or onother applies
    only,for major decisions related with Light and
    7.Does choice,is connected with the cause and effect?
    For most of men Choice,is just a very simple and common word.We have Life choices,and every day,s choices.Major and minor choices.Good and bad choices.
    Choice is based on free Will.Free will choice doesn,t means free of charghe!
    Cause and effect is the Guarandor of the game?
    The actions followed,and the resulding ,in direct line,consiguenses.
    Actions taken,based on choices within the limits of the Devine Plan,provides the merits,to Ones higher Self,of assesement,in terms of concious awakening and spiritual awareness,resulding to the finall Enlightment,and Liberation.
    Free will and choice of the other path,decisions and actions,related or connected with the dark side,resulds to less light and consious awakening,and long way or no way to enlightment and to liperation.

  5. Dear Master St.Germain and Aruna, Thank you so much.
    May our Lord God Bless and Protect All. Amen.
    God Bless our Mother Earth. Amen.

  6. Thank you. I am so grateful I found these messages online. The information and teachings are critical for us.

  7. Thank you. St Germain for the messages my love and light go to u from my heart that the creator beless u more for the assistance u give us keep on giding me on my way to assention much love and blessings. God's Goddess..