Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mind and Awakening

My dears, my basic teaching today is about divine consciousness vs. mental concepts. My call to ascension does more naturally than the management that mind can conjure up for dismantling attachments, or for making a major decision. Clouds of misunderstanding abound due to the deceivers ability to create the next mental myth to believe. My teaching is to demystify these concepts.

Part of the problem is a desire to move to higher consciousness without understanding exactly what that means. No details can completely clarify this, because all experience these messages (as they come through their mental filters) differently. No concept that the mind grabs onto is the actual reality. Hearing about the discovery of another is not going to afford the same rise in consciousness made available directly to the adept who received that insight. All attempts to detail a new consciousnes fall short compared to conveyance by direct access.

Can another cause the awakened condition? No, only an awakened adept can cause it in his own daily actions. An awakening happens when an opening occurs and divine consciousness energizes itself by its own desire to be awake.

Are gurus and other deliverers of messages about awakening able to deliver an awakening? No, they are only available to observe and complete the next step - the abandonment of mental leadership because it is no longer needed. Awakening first, dismantling of ego second. Many are awakened to a heart opening, but are not able to act on this awakened attitude because their mental decisions still override this creative and caring open heart.

No one talks about the opening of the heart as an awakening. My teaching today can make this clearer. Having an active mind continues after an awakening of divine consciousness in the heart. The heart's angelic desires often become an awakened counter culture that mind does not accept as it's most accurate teacher. It continues to seek out others for guidance and just doesn't realize that the most causitive detail in an awakening is allowing divine consciousness to overrule it.

Open and caring hearts are awakening everywhere. Acting fully awake is another matter. Not being completely awake means only a taste of awakened awareness is available. "New and different" goals will appear in awareness, to be agreed to and acted upon. With "no mind" in effect, there is no countering of these goals, affording a totally caring process of dismantling the old ways. "New and different" means there must be no control by mental attitudes, and no continuation of old activities that don't align with the newly open heart.  Sabotaging the new goals may occur as mind's attempt to delete them. The good news is that no new dis-eases are being created during this tug-of-war because ego's goals are no longer considered an option. Mind eventually lessens its tenacity and shifts to another way of making itself useful.

Making the decision to follow divine consciousness cancels mind's annoyance at this new way of being. Failing to destroy the calm clarity of an open heart, the mind comes to accept the new approach to life that is being offered. Once the mind dissolves its influence and adadopts a new "can-do" attitude, happiness will be everpresent and life becomes a lot more conscious on all levels.

Are these words making an impression? "No mind" means no controlling by mind. Are the healers gaining a new understanding of why their clients don't always get healed? Not accepting change makes improvement and growth imposible. Growing into adulthood means cancelling the deep longing to be a child. Growing into adulthood spiritually, includes making a new game plan. This new life dynamic needs loving acceptance from the mind and a direct experience of your own True Nature.

One day at a time, one moment of change, and divine consciousness can become the body's only consciousness. The alternative is more lifetimes!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Aruna,

    It is, indeed, true that you are a clear channel, as St. Germain repeatedly reaffirms. His messages cannot stem from a mortal human mind, as they go beyond its narrow perception.

    However, you may have a problem, if the anticipated catastrophy in the USA in many of his messages in the last two months does not take place very soon.

    This is the inherent risk of channeling without a censorship.


    Dr. Georgi Stankov

    PS. Please, check my latest book under or about Ascension and the collapse of the World Economic Order, which fully coincides with St. Germain's forecasts.