Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Matter of Choice

Choice of my topics comes out of questions and comments only when my comments have not already been made on those subjects. As the list of messages is now quite lengthy, you can open up any one of them for an additional consultation with me on many points. Choice is not one of these topics, and my comments on this are many.

Choice is a law of the entire universe. All galaxies are obliged to free will. Not only 3-D and 4-D civilizations, also on all other dimensions. This was the creator's decision, that all of creation must allow for differences.

Opinions are never all the same because deep in the creator's concept lies a non-duplication attitude. No two are alike at the opinion level. All creations differ as they are created - as no consciousness comes out of a mold. Consequently, all manifested beings are different in consciousness, even if their bodies appear identical.

As this is a clear non-alignment in attitude, non-duality cannot be considered, as this attitude difference is obviously more than one opinion. Choosing an opinion is not coming from an act of creation. It comes as an ability of each creation alone to determine its most causal approach to anything and everything. Making choices comes from the management of man's mental capability, not the creator's. Man is designed to choose based on the development of the incarnated soul's consciousness level.

As a soul there are many levels, depending on the number of incarnations that are needed to learn how to be a divine being in a human form. One may be adequate in an Angel's case, and many don't care if they need more than a couple of thousand. In the caring is an ability to learn. Not caring means that no learning occurs in most of their incarnations. Caring for more learning is the same as caring to be more conscious. Not all make that choice.

Angels do incarnate occasionally to act and grow in awareness. In their case the growth is not about awareness, its about "humanness". An Angel grows in human understanding as new situations appear to be difficult for them to adapt to. For example: men and women are now changing gender or acting as though they are not the gender they were born. In this arrangement the Angels don't have any collective experience. An Angel needs to get more awareness of changes like these to contribute another dream construct to the Angelic collective. Are Angels coming into bodies that are transgendered? Yes, as guinea pigs for their mass consciousness.

Many Angels are incarnate now, but not all are transgendered. One or two of them are here to learn how disturbed minds can be cured of their disturbance. And many are learning how to be a more conscious human now that more humans are Awakening. Closing the door to negativity in man's domain is great for Angels to contribute to on the land as well as in the ethers.

Angels choose their mental and physical characteristics and their major opportunities to grow, just like all other incarnate beings. No choice would limit them.

Non-duality has nothing to do with mental choices. It negates mental attitudes completely. It is all about awareness; not mental awareness, only conscious awareness, the awareness of I Am That I Am. There is only one I Am That I Am, no difference in any container. All containers, human or otherwise, have this consciousness in them. It is the highest awareness available to any body/mind, and doesn't deviate in its delight at the human experiment. In all containers there is this awareness, quiet and dormant until a mind chooses to be an active Master of the human experience. And to do this, mind must get the message that this choice eliminates its most dominant activity: choosing. "No mind" means no choice. Once the Master inside, I Am That I Am, is activated, no mental choices are needed. I Am That I Am cancels this dynamic by completely acting out the conduit's actions and words, making this man/woman a fully human expression of I Am That I Am. Only a consciousness that is already in the body can do this. "No mind" sets it free. And this is the meaning of "being beyond choice".

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. These messages have been pure light for me. My gratitude is beyond words. From my heart, thank you for reaching us here.


  3. Dear Master St.Germain and Aruna. Thank You so much. We bow with Love. We Honor Your Light and Wisdom our Beloved Master.

  4. Dear Master Saint Germain.
    Thanks for Your Enlighting and detailed message for Choice.
    Is it Destiny,the contract signed before incanation?
    Predefined actions during lifetime,are giving the merits,for altering circomstanses,
    within the law of cause and effect?
    Moving forward,is it to apply terms and conditions
    layed on the condract?
    Changes and modifications,are allowed only in respect of the means of accomplisment,but not the predefined course of action?
    One,s life Destiny,is the condract signed before incarnation?
    Compleding predefined actions,the aguired knowledge through life,s experianse,gives the
    opportunity for altering circomstanses?
    Manifesting GHRIT/MANU within Oness Self,is it a prerecuisity for man,s salvation,enlightement,and ascension?
    Christ/Manu is the Second Presense,as the purity of prinsiples and ideas,within man,s conciousness?
    Mass ascension,is unconditionally related,to
    manifistation of this principle?
    Reseruction of man,is the crucification and sacrifise,within the hidden-sacred place,of all negative addituts and attachements,and the repposition of man,s sacred power,ginen long ago to darkness?
    The True is....< for seeing my FATHER you shall see ME first >?
    Enlightement is attached to CHRIST/MANU and the absolute purity of principles,and ideas,manifested to one,s Love and Sacrifise,
    for HIS FATHER?
    Thanks again for Your messages,thanks and greedings to All Masters.GOD bless You All.

  5. Dear Ascended Master Saint Germain, a lot of UFO activity has been spotted around the sun these past few days. Would you please comment on that?
    Thank you.