Monday, July 11, 2011

Ascension is Graduation

Who do the Ascended Masters channel to? Whoever they can. We are omnipotent, meaning there is no dependance on any one being to deliver our words. But, there are only a minor number of channels that are able to allow our words to be delivered without distortion. Our clarity depends on their clarity.

Clear channels are in the minority, and no answers that are delivered as a message should be accepted without going within (to the Master of your own being) to ask, "Is this coming from Christ consciousness?" This is my way of telling you that you must be the one taking on the ability to discern a message's accuracy. No Master can guarantee a channel's ability to deliver a message clearly on a particular day. We do the best we can to give advice, and the clues to look for when distortions exist. We also do our best to be available to the channel during a difficult time, when they may need our aid. So when difficulties occur we do not withdraw, but we warn our channels to be even more discerning when they are not in the awareness that allows them to be clear.

Brains are able to decipher our answers, as man can hear the numerous signals being transmitted to the nervous system and convert them into language. How the brain does this depends on the human's living cell gnome and the frequency of the man's consciousness. No two channels are wired the same. Masters align to the man's capability, and deliver as much as can be accepted by the man's ego.

I Am That I Am is the actual source of all information that is being channeled. Using the Angels and Ascended Masters as messengers is how the Source communicates to man's mind. I Am That I Am is able to also communicate directly to the heart of all. Now, why do my messages through this channel contradict the dictations received by other channels? Because of all the aspects of channeling I just discussed:
1. Clear channels are rare
2. A channel's daily mental changes can be an influence
3. Many channels do not have the quality of gnome + frequency necessary to connect to my vibration
4. We are not able to control how one is able to receive our messages on a given day

As for the content differences: My words regarding Ascension are the ultimate in clarity and my call is to those who are Avatars awaiting their completion after many incarnations or inductions into the Great White Brotherhood in other domains. (They are not for the masses who either show no interest or are frightened by them.)

Earth will disengage from man's destruction to be regenerated. No "safe areas" exist. Earth will not disappear or be destroyed completely, but many changes are and will continue to occur. An astroid/comet is coming into the Earth's atmosphere. Impact may occur. More earthquakes and other catastrophes to human existence cannot be altered. The deaths that result from any condition will not be the end of the crust of the land, only its occupants. 2012 will not be the end of human existence, nor will this date be the end of the planet. But it is to be the end of the world as you now consider it to be.

Will there be groups of light beings gathered together before the death or ascension of the group's members? Yes. Are the groups being formed for ascension? No, only to be able to live on Earth during the destruction. Ascension of the first wave is imminent, and the second wave is also going to occur for those WHO ARE READY. I have repeatedly said that Awakened awareness is a MUST before ascension. How many of those reading these messages are Awake? Not nearly as many as I had desired. When I talk about "Awake" I don't mean having a caring heart or a loving attitude. I mean that "no mind" can be found when the light is on. Moving from mind's view of the world to the Awakened condition is a major change. I have been addressing this complex shift in character in many of my messages, and they are only accepted and clearly comprehended by those who are already or close to being Awake.

Be Awake and ascend. Those who are anticipating ascension and are not Awake when the first wave disappears will know what the needed ingredient is to get on the next wave. Will there be an ascension? Yes, for those able to complete their incarnation cycle; who are already in 5th dimension consciousness. Their bodies can dissolve to the heightened vibration because it is at the 5th dimension frequency of "love of all that is".

My dear ones, these messages are not for those who are creating mental attitudes about them. They are for those who find them aligned with their own inner knowing.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. yes master final call to dissolve mind and awaken the heart

    gratitude aruna mam for being a very clear channel in these turbulent times

    no more play the drama on this earth.let the heart awaken and merge with the inner being

  2. A BIG thank you for this message..

  3. Thanks Saint Germain, Archangel Michael (in Masters and Mankind) and Aruna for the answers.
    Let´s wait thus for the imminent Ascension and hopefully we can participate it.
    The mention of a comet remember Garabandal prophecies.