Monday, July 25, 2011

Masters Transcend Ego

Channeling is a method of opening, so the cause of ego's arrogance can be dissolved. By giving ego the ability to be helpful in allowing the messenger to be heard, ego assumes that hearing its new teacher has the benefits it desires. No longer does this mistaken mind need to dance alone, the higher authority has more news and details than it does, so why not control them, as a gift to be enjoyed and dominated?

Channeling is not the ultimate condition. It is an alter ego phenomenon that needs more clarity. As long as ego controls it, the messages being given are influenced by this control. Allowing the channeling to occur is always ego's domain. As channeling needs to be "egoless" to be completely accurate, no details can be given that cause the ego to end the channeling ability. Why can't channeling aid an Awakening? Because an Awakening deletes the mind that created the opportunity, so any channeled material that attempts to delete mind's control can lead to the channel being closed.

Ego's confidence in the material is what allows channeling to continue. As soon as an opening is created, another goal of ego is to be gratified by the channeling content. No gratification also leads to no channeling. This is the great deficiency in channeling as a path to Awakening: ego cannot be deleted  when ego controls the channel.

A convenient method for the ego to learn becomes the ego's major adversary when Awakening is named or discussed. When an arrogant ego is making its desires known, a control drama is in action. Only content that agrees with the mental conclusions of ego are accepted. Once the content deviates, no channeling can be continued. Flagrantly negative thoughts will appear against the messenger, and the doubt that then arises becomes a cause for deleting the messages. Practicing channeling does nothing to delete this control. Only an Awakening can do this.

An Awakening comes when the I Am in the body decides it is able. Only then can the ego be destroyed as controller. Meditation affords the open condition that allows an Awakening. All other activities, including channeling, are counter effective. No conditions exist that can create an Awakening with channeling. An Awakening does not occur as a result of any activity where mind is a participant. "No mind" comes when all attitudes and activities created by mind disappear.

Chelas who are Awake are not concerned about any of the things said or done in their human experience. No human attitudes that they express contain personal attachment or desire. All personal lessons cease at the moment an Awakening occurs. All seeking also ends, as no goals are at cause in this approach to human life. Much more than just a calm, neutral appearance, an Awakened one has  transcended all of the human qualities that man has added to the Master consciousness that has been liberated. Full, complete availability of this consciousness only exists when mental activity ceases. No mental activity = Awakened consciousness.

No activity, or mind directed condition, creates an Awakening. Neither deep caring nor any other attribute is the same as being Awake. Souls are Awakened by letting go of their mind's attitudes, and they continue to do this in an ongoing way. No way is better than ignoring all that mind offers.

After Awakening, the net of man's constructed mind matrix must dissolve. All contractions are naturally dissolved over time. Can these be dissolved as a means of Awakening? Awakening is not an achievement.  No death of ego control can occur out of an activity guided by the human desire to Awaken. No close encounter or missed opportunity exists. One either has an active ego or not.

Having "no ego" means there are no attitudes or beliefs about anything. "No ego" also means there are no steps to achieving anything that has meaning. "No ego" means no human concepts are even worth adding to man's daily experience. Facing the fact that all of ego's concepts are not real, man can Awaken. Believing ANYTHING demands an ego to conceptualize this idea.

"Waking up" is the end of all karma and all concepts, not necessarily all contractions. Contractions are needed to densify the Master's container so it can continue to be in 3rd dimension. Clearing contractions only can assist human conditions so there is no cause to bring harm to anyone. Ascension can occur with many contractions in the body; those that are not actively controlling anything are OK. Those that continue to control need clearing for ascension to occur.

Mastery includes the ability to act as a mature, caring being in all circumstances. When man's contractions are able to be activated by any specific circumstances they need to be cleared. Cause and effect are still in command. No container that houses an Awakened one needs to be cleared for that container to ascend, as the contractions in these containers no longer influence mental decisions or cause any change to the Master within's approach to life. When an Awakening occurs, these contractions mean nothing to the Awakened one, so the dialog that accompanies their body's activated emotions will be completely detached from what the body is experiencing.

Anger may cease to exist in the mind and completely activate in the body of an Awakened one as a means of eliminating a contraction. Once cleared, there's no more cause of anger that can activate that emotion again.

Finding a way to Awaken cannot depend on any use of the mind. The mind must cease! Channeling only ceases the mind temporarily. Those who channel with no interest in the words that appear are not actually channeling (in the same sense of the word).

Politely question your mind to see if a channeling has any importance. All mind's will say "yes". No Master will agree.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi mam

    Amazing work , saturday night suddenly a general fear about the disease cancer came up, since only this ( initially i was diagnoised with bone cancer later turned out to be bone TB ) was resonsible for my awakening i did quiet a bit of work to remove the fear but all of a sudden thinking when the fear had vanished hoping that awakening cancels disease ,i was quizzical about my unconfortable feeling on the disease, i came home and checked for the blog entry to my surprise the master speaks on health and this disease, awestruck

    Today again i am practicing some techniques given by you and eckart tolle on being in the now to transcend ego and the message speaks about transcending ego.

    i dont call it coincidence anymore master is working through us.

    carry on your good work you are 100 percent christ consciousness keep up the great work we are a group of people just relying on you and the master for our ascension messages

  2. Dear Master S.Germain.
    Day by day with Your messages,lead Your chelas to the primary essense of reality,and escape from the non-reality,and the world of illusions.
    Choosing the Path for Liberation,for sure,is not the easy way!
    One may have a vision for the top of the mountain,but only climb one step a time.
    Fighting one,s fears,doubts,beliefs,and the
    bottomless world of mental,and mind ,needs and desires,the only real friend and companion,is the Master within. He is the one can make the
    right decesions,the right choices,the right time.He is the one can seat aside,waiting without any complains,as you are tired or despared,providing any time you need,to rise up,
    or to stand again on your feet!He gives advise,when He is asked for this.He lissents without interruptions, and is completly silent if He is not asked,to do otherwise.
    He is the one,without any matterial needs or
    desires,without attachements,fears or dreams.
    He is been there with you,he is still here with you,and He,ll be with you in etrnity!When illusions sease to exist,no shadows,no voices
    inside or outside,then we may listen to the voice of Silense or the Master within.
    Thanks to Master S,Germain,and All Ascended Masters.

  3. Dear Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Since you have previously mentioned that you are fond of human politics and drama, how about some current world affairs and politic? Can you please comment about the current US debt ceiling drama and whether it is part of the dark cabal plans to collapse the US Dollar and global financial system? Would China, Russia and several other countries see through their ploy and go against them?

    Thank you very much.

  4. What seems to be the current state of affairs with the human race, is that very few will 'qualify' themselves as ascension candidates. There is much contradicting info out there to keep the mind and ego busy with activity, to do this and that to ascend. I feel many will be in for a shock, when they find out they have been deceived, yet again, believing one way or another is the ascension salvation path.

    It seems like we must become 'emotionless' and eventually to the point of being unaffected by the human 3D drama. If so, I find this a zombie like human state, to the point of not caring about anything. My emotions won't let me anywhere near that.

    I have no chance of qualifying. I am still very much affected by daily affairs in my life and I become emotionally involved. My mum is in her last days in a nursing home, I have been through a court process where the deceivers won every trick. I have a son who wants to live with me, and has been deviously removed by a blatantly corrupt court process, I am surrounded by liars, cheats, thieves and frauds at every turn. Trusting the human race is at an all time low for me.

    So if I/we planned my life before drawing my first breath, I certainly made it very difficult to become an ascension candidate. I can't for the life of me, become detached from my life drama, no matter how I try, I must deal with the ongoing process daily. I have resigned myself to not qualifying and given up on it.

    This life will come and go, just as the many others I have apparently had and perhaps there will be another opportunity down the track to ascend. I obviously still have a lot to learn, or unlearn as the case may be.

    Good luck to you all, may you achieve all your ascension desires.