Friday, July 1, 2011

Children, Animals and Ascension

Choosing ascension during the night when the call comes may be difficult, but the most conscious entities will not hesitate. Only these will ascend. Are my meanings clear? Only those answering the call with agreement will ascend. No delirium will prevent this, and no call will not be heard. Only an agreement, and action on that agreement, are activating ascension. Macro details have been compiled for this moment. Not on your dimension, in ours. We are asking for your assistance to heal and deliver all who can accept this call. It needs complete agreement.

Children do not need to go on in this life to learn anything. Today's children did not incarnate to be anything less than totally awake in their answer to daily conditions. They may appear dense in an atmosphere of density, but they have no karma left to clear and can ascend at any moment.

Pets do not need to do anything to ascend. Carrying them out of the building (or any demonstration of your intention) does not need to happen. Accepting an alternative condition for them is needed. If they choose to ascend at the moment notification occurs they will, wherever they happen to be. Nothing needs to be done by you to control this. Completely accept that all candidates for ascension, animals included, will ascend if agreement comes on the call.

After the ascension, animals will be given another chance to incarnate or another consciousness to attain as a new species. Many animals will join the human ascension because of the contact we have given them as animals. Most animals never come to ascension because attachment and control by others does not afford them the opportunity to love without dependance. But having awakened companions, or nearly awakened companions, has lightened them and allowed them to adapt to higher frequencies.

Animals clear of attitudes that are acting as non-aligned disturbances can go through the ascension portal. Horses are included in this. Not all animals attached to humans will ascend - only those who are adjusted, caring and all clear of negative attitudes. Clear them with whatever assistance you can provide. Nature can assist. Give an animal nurturing activities in nature and achieve an attitude change to the lessening of drama in their psyche.

Some animals will definitely not ascend. It is their karma to be abandoned during ascension and adopted by other owners who will give them their lessons. Please don't attempt to determine the ascension readiness of your pets. Not knowing is an acceptable condition for this creative dream that is now unfolding. Parents do not need to worry about the destiny of their children or their animals. All have contracts that include the ascension change.

"Presence" in all circumstances MUST be attained to fully be prepared to ascend. Acceptance of the added details given today must also be given. No attachment to anything near and dear can be dominating the chela who ascends. Pure delight in the ascension can only be delivered when complete light is ascending.

"Going up" is not actually the description of what will occur. No arising of the physical body will occur. Ascension is the arising of the lightbody that cannot be seen. Once the conversion to light by dissolving human density occurs, a lifting of nothing visible will happen. Names and minds will be considered leaving, and only an angelic contributor or an Ascended Master will appear as a light image on the dimension of man's anointment. No dense Angels will be dreamt of again by these light deliverers.

Only those who can drop their human desires, attitudes and contractions are able to become Angels or Ascended Masters. Animals can do this with less Angelic assistance than most humans. More than one human distraction can cause a man to deny the call. Animals will go directly to their destiny, as no distractions will deter them.

Are the dogs, cats and other creatures able to ascend? Act like they are and they will be.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. At what age are children still children?
    Will children also receive the call, therefore have to agree first(at what age), or will they ascend by default?

  2. I smile ear to ear:))
    Thank you for answering my question and provide a better undestanding on how our loved animals can ascend. It helpes me to let go and allow to make choose as they wish..

    Having animals around us and be able to feel unity and connection with them is a unforgettable moment and experience.....

    lost of blessings and a BIG tank you again:))

  3. Dear Saint Germain and Aruna,
    I have a few questions I'd like to ask, if you don't mind, and I would appreciate it very much if you could answer them for me.
    1. I want to talk to my children about ascending, how is the best way to do this? They're 16 and 22. I want them, in case they are not ascending, to at least know that I had decided to ascend.
    2. I have been being prompted 11:11 for many years now, since 2007 if I'm not mistaken. Since then I have come in contact, through the Internet mostly, with various spiritual messengers and messages, most importantly you. Also the 11:11 midwayers, Patricia Cota Robles and some others. My question is if you can tell me more about the promptings.
    Thank you very much and I hope you can answer my questions. I am ready for your call for Ascension. Exciting. Much love, Rolando.

  4. Dear St. Germain, thank you for answering some of my thoughs about pet family members. Also, my Mother had several miscarriages and I wonder about my brothers and sisters who were not born. I am learning more each day. Thank you. If I can help with healing energy please let me know. Love and blessings, Bea