Saturday, July 2, 2011

Most Important Message

My dear ones. Consider this to be the most important message to date. My contact may not continue after the ascension, so those not ascending need this information.

When ascension occurs there may be no immediate notice. As calls about "missing persons" begin to consume the local authorities for such reports, curiosity about all of these disappearances will arouse the attention of the media. As media delivers its consumate lies to the group not ascending, there will be those who are aware of the cause, and the next opportunity. We need those who are most aware to come out to the media with an outspoken message to declare. It is important that these messages not be deleted if we are going to get the next wave on track.

We need to bring more attention to details than just announcing that there will be another call. All of the leaders of light will be ascending on this first wave, so no attention to the need to be clear of negativity or the need to get quiet to channel will continue being heard by those who do not ascend. How important are these messages? Delivered with continuity, they can bring many more to ascension. So those needing to complete another level of growth before the next wave are asked to come forward, so their awareness can be the cause of many other Masters emerging to ascend.

Choosing to wait to ascend may give the mind a new attitude about not being around to witness what comes of the nations losing the most conscious among them, but will not deliver the needed cause of wave #2. (Actually, this will be the 3rd wave of ascension – many did ascend in consciousness in 2009 who did not disappear. They deliver a light flow that is now moving others to ascend on the next wave.) Many need to disappear so that they cause sufficient curiosity for another wave to be announced.

Clear channeling will be needed to deliver correct messages to the news media in contrast with all the  other announcements that will be made about man's next developments. Bringing channeled answers to the media can provide a consistent message to all of the continents. Two continents will need more channels: Asia and Africa. Neither of these areas have adequate clear channels to make a consistent message accepted by others. Any channels who can do this are asked to assist as many as they can in learning how to channel clearly.

More deliverers are also needed as leaders, not only as messengers. Can those who do channel consider opening their attitude to include directing a movement of awareness in their country? The next days additions to the controllers actions may move all who are not declaring their awareness to do so. We are asking that they do.

Will man deny ascension? If there are not enough to demonstrate how it can occur. Our needing a large group is important for you to be clear about. Canceling the ascension is no longer going to happen. Now we need to be certain the impact is not deniable. Changing the date or time is also not going to occur. Only the energy to ascend is needed now, and we can deliver that at the appropriate moment.

False advice has been given to many channels to divert the ascension. No diversion will occur. Those accepting those delivered messages as Truth may miss out on an opportunity their inner advisor can still deliver them to. It is imperative that anyone questioning my content get guidance from their own inner channeling of I Am That I Am. When an active call comes, they can still be on this ascension wave.

Never before has an ascension like this occurred. Belief in its actualization is not needed. Only an open attitude and agreement. Prayers are being answered. More happiness, caring and contributing will come as a consequence. Peace on Earth will need more continents delivering less negativity against others, but no matter how this begins, it will need attention, not a miracle. Ascension is not a dream. Completing your contract to ascend is an avenue to awareness that is about much more than what an ascension brings. Another adventure awaits.

Chelas, give me the contract completion that your own inner director can guide you to. Don't depend on anyone else to decide your destiny. You are a New Earth creator, as the next wave is not the only contract detail that is causing this ascension to occur. This group asked to co-create the New Earth, and an ascension is needed for this to occur.

Bless you all, and give ascension an attitude of "why not?".

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Hi Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Speaking about more clear channels who are needed from Asia and Africa. I am not sure about Africa, but where I am in this part of Asia, people usually ask for info from various mediums, shamans who claims to be able to contact to various deities in the higher realms, but whether these entities are of the Light remains to be seen. I wonder what else can we as Light workers in Asia and Africa need to do to spread the word around, can St. Germain provide some advice and comments on these matter?

    By the way, St. Germain has spoken much about issues and events going on in North America and parts of Europe. I wonder if he could elaborate what are the social, economic and geographical changes (near and long term leading to up to next year) which Asia and Africa can expect to happen.

    Thank you very much.