Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soul Groups and Ascension

Choosing to leave the man-made chaos of 3rd dimension is a decision that must be made by the mind. However, what the mind chooses may not be for the highest good of the soul. Group souls depend on all of their fragments to be One (in consciousness) to ascend. So consider the consequences of your choice as you would in a close knit family arrangement. The highest good of the entire group soul needs to be considered.

All groups are not dependent on the cooperation of one or more individuals, but some are. The difference? One who has Awakened has not done this only for himself, but also for all the other members of his soul group. So if you are a member of a group soul where one of the lights has totally come on, this qualifies the entire group for leaving 3rd dimension consciousness. It doesn't assure graduation beyond 5th dimension, but it lights the way to 5th. Those who do not have one aspect that has completed their Awakening need at least ten to have opened their hearts to equal the light of one Awakened one. Ten open hearts also qualifies the entire group to leave 3rd dimension for 5th.

We are now counting the collective auras that can ascend. Not as many as we had originally planned, but an adequate number to make an impact. Are these ascensions going to be noticed? Not unless enough agree at the moment the call comes.

Why are my messages getting so much antagonism? Because they are not agreeing with the deep seated beliefs of those who have been fooled by the deceivers. All who are awaiting great gifts of money, flights to other galaxies, movement of the continents without any children of God being eliminated, or mass ascension of the entire planet, will be quite disappointed. Are these concepts coming from the divine light of Christ consciousness? Ask, and get your answer directly. Nothing of this nature, that the dark cabal describes as a fact, can actually occur. Dreamers now need to face the actual cause and effect consequences of the human condition.

No delivery to other planets will occur. Puritans, who have gone to another area to establish their freedom of belief, will tell you that the natives they have encountered were not very hospitable. So it is on planets in other galaxies. Nothing we have said to direct them to another decision has been accepted. No other galaxy can continue their growth with a more dense occupation, so they are refusing. So, my dear ones, its 5th dimension – or another lifetime as a different species in a different galaxy. These are  the alternatives to completing this incarnation cycle with an Awakening.

Can an entire group soul go to 7th dimension with the Awakened one? No, only 5th, then each must awaken as individuals to move on. Please consider the group of conscious beings you can assist by awakening. Awakening is merely a more direct awareness of the human experience. Many can awaken quickly and easily with a clear guide who has already awakened. Be less concerned about the gifts of others and the dangling options being delivered as your alternatives, and only be determined to Awaken NOW!

Can you be a catalyst for others? Absolutely! Be clear about how they are acting and drop all discourse about them. Nothing they do or say can deny the heart of a Master who only loves them no matter what. Give out only love to all. Call to those who need more caring and give them attention. Close the door to negative thinking about all of those who have answered your call to grow. Welcome all the dark as they do what they do to lead many to their antithesis, the light. Can you choose one thing without having an opposite to deliver an option?

Cancel all decisions to go against those leaders who deceive, and give them a big virtual hug to light their hearts. Neglect no adversary - they are the door to your ascension. Being able to love the most difficult to love is the most important thing anyone can do as a human.

Fighting against the dark is the action it desires for you to take. Sending them love confuses them into a new control challenge. Can they continue to deny the caring they get? Not forever – as this is their unconscious desire. All the dark consciously delivers dark because its light has been buried. You can open that grave with your caring, and resurrect the Christ consciousness in them. Sound crazy? Will you give it a try? Practicing this can bring a new answer to man's candidacy for ascension.  Commit to it, and do it together, as we all want the uplifting of density to new levels of light. Make this a new call, instead of hope, as hope does nothing. Giving out caring can do a lot.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Sounds wonderful and magical Violet Master...indeed how many uncounted millions have marched and walked and held a flame for the shadow chieftains and their straw men to see and feel awakening and arising beloved humanity the last ten years.. And every year nothing happens for humanity and the earth but endless arguments, covert games and excuses as they laugh in the boardrooms at our toil as the sacred earth collapses. There mission is simple, these enemies of light and love. It is ugliness and control. The dark hates beauty, they fight against goodness, righteousness, joy, freedom, family and enlightenment...even consciousness expansion, they despise. They accomplish this with negative energy and thought forms of separation that create disunity, doubt, confusion, degeneration of the Great Ones and, of course, alcohol, drug use and pornography. Myself l find a saber of
    White Fire best for me. Namaste'

  2. If I'm in meditation and see purple, or green, is that an indication of something?

  3. wonderful message master saint germain and aruna mam

    clears all the doubts and helps in awakening

    thank you and gratitude

  4. This is a fascinating message and certainly more folks need to pay attention and soon if they wish to ascend this time.

    In my belief we incarnate in groups of approximately 10,000 souls who are with us all through our many lives in one role or another. You say that if one light is turned on in the group just one [soul awakened] the whole group may I reading this correctly?

    Blessings of light and love, Austin