Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making the Change

Chelas are not being given orders to do the things called for in these messages. Free will always overrides my contact. Use the divine awareness within the heart and you will need no guidance from anyone. Choose this today and no more will these messages be needed. But these messages can be a welcomed help to those unable to determine their heart guidance from their ego. All my chelas need to get this distinction clear.

Choosing "my way" does not mean altering any clear decisions you have made to give assistance to others. Nor does it attack those decisions. Asking for guidance means requesting another's opinion, not giving up "truth" as you may believe it to be. Cancel all your definitions of "truth" but the one that is not able to be known. Nothing mind considers "truth" is, nothing learned from books is, and nothing as you see it is. Truth is not anything man can conceive of. Nothing light or dark can cancel it, as there is no light or dark in Truth.

Can help be given for asking the heart for guidance on what Truth is? Inquire in this way, and the answer will become fully available – not to concern the mind with – only to be aware of:

After each new day's contact with the heart to get answers, give yourself the most important gift of all: allow the heart to comment on everything you feel a need to do in your life. There is no charge made for this assistance and no mandates are given – only good attitudes about how the course of your life can be dramatically improved. Once this allowing of the heart's guidance becomes more constant, the guidance for the mind can be discontinued. Mind is not an alter ego to the heart, it is an active dreamer that has limited awareness. Once the heart provides more of your answers than the mind does, your life becomes "awareness in action".

When the inquiry begins to be more than a once or twice a day dialog, the goal of the mind will be to investigate the mystery of the heart's awareness. As the mystery gives way to capable delivery of the heart's mastery, the mind can develop an acceptance, or not. Its best to have acceptance, as an irritated, antagonistic mind can do a lot of sabotage to the new dynamic. Competitive dialog will not afford changes in your daily life, so welcome the mind AND the heart's input and give the mind no cause to deliver any discord.

Choosing the mind's option can also be done, as no day is completely dominated by the heart. Welcome them both into a loving and caring daily movement of energy, and demand nothing of either.  Positive acceptance of both can alter the dynamic of competition into active creativity in an instant.

Are you able to do what I am asking? Try it. No dance of leela can be complete without shifting the answers you give from the mind to the consciousness of the heart.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. From my heart, my deepest gratitude. The gifts of the messages are pure light and love. The compassion from Aruna for sharing them and for the Masters for reaching into out realm to help us see the way home.

  2. My Dear S.Germain.
    Clear and Simple Messages from You,for awakening
    man,s consiousness.Humanity should be most gradefull to You and All Ascended Masters.
    Words are transporting the meaning and the essense of the master,s ideas,principles,in
    such a degree,directly dependant,on receivers
    awakened consiousness.
    The purity of Light,Love,and Wisdom anchored through the Central Sun,and The MIGHTY IAM PRESENSE,Is from within the Sacred Triangle
    of the Aspects of The CREATOR,Manifesting
    HIMSELF in All Creation.
    THAT is the primary Sacred Triangle of Light,
    represented as:



    In this critical cycle of man,s evolution,and shifting of mass consiousness to higher levels
    of existanse,all energies flows with GOD,S Grace,through the Sacred Triangle of
    Spirit of Peace* - *Avatar of Synthesis
    * *
    *CHRIST/Christ Manu

    All these Devine Energies,as the purity of the eternal and aenaos LOVE of GOD,are trasformed to a lower levels density,represended as: * *
    * *
    Within these Devine Energies,man,s drama is easier to be conceived,and GOD,S Will,Grace,
    and Eternal LOVE,for HIS Sons and Daughters,to be perceived.Unconditioned Love,caring,forgiveness,assistanse and help in all means, mental and spiritual guidanse to those they need help and support,in these difficuld times,is what FATHER is asking from
    HIS Childrens on EARTH.
    Many Thanks to YOU and All ASCENED MASTERS.