Monday, September 19, 2011

Anger in Lightworkers

Control of man's anger must get the attention of his mind. No other galaxy can accept anger against an entire group of different thinking beings. Man's condemnation of differences is the reason for the defection of those commanding areas where man was originally destined for evacuation. When this plan  originated there were no wars being demanded for the sole purpose of obtaining oil, or greed demonstrated as grandly as it has been in the last fifty years.

Many of those now incarnate decided to become anchors of light to reverse this trend. But unfortunately, this has not done what we had hoped. Commander Ashtar wants the opportunity to gather his anchors of light in the next days. Will they go when called? We don't know. When they are called onto the craft they will be disappearing from their daily activities along with the ascension candidates. More than 50,000 are now on the matrix of materialization as lightworkers who are not on the ordinary life and death contract made by most humans. They came later than the body's birth. In many cases the new consciousness came in when the original left. You call this a "walk-in" being. Many are choosing ascension now because they only came to do a certain thing and are already awakened as an anchor of light.

Practicing love in all circumstances, they are not actors in their own movies, only actors in movies of those they chose to assist. Many of today's chelas are Ascended Masters who incarnated to bring consciousness raising leadership that could improve the mass consciousness by turning it away from anger. But many got caught in the density they came to change.

We have discussed negativity on numerous occasions, and this doesn't seem to deter the light bearers from acting out their negative attitudes. "I don't like this," or "not this," or "never them," or "cancel them from my life" are all negative attitudes. Saying that you are "not resonating" with an article about caring is not very caring. Being against anything is anger.

You can call it "discernment" or "non-resonance," but these are different than being against; only being against carries a charge. Non-resonance is noticing and not caring. Discernment is the clarity that comes out of divine awareness, not an ego's opinion. Discernment does not take on any data as "fact," and it does not disturb the being who is discerning or the one who is contributing an opportunity to discern. Discernment does not attack, nor does it stimulate comments. Playing the authority when it comes to discernment is the choice of an ego, an aware consciousness does not announce their assessment.

Chelas, anger is the cause of all negativity. Attack is anger in action. Attacking anyone for any reason is not delivering light. Please, do not call yourself a lightworker when you are still delivering anger. When deception is noticed, ignore it. Answer disturbing information with detached (contraction free) attitudes, and accept that the details being offered are merely a test of your clarity.

Only submit accepting, positive comments to articles and network sites. Contributing negativity to any magazine or carrier of data carries that negative energy to thousands of potential change agents. By doing so you are denying them the ability to make their own assessment. If anyone is diminished by the comments you deliver, you are being a controller.

Save havens are not available to those who have determined that they deserve a change of consciousness in this dimension—because of their deceit. Only claim your love and light when you are an example. Examples of these characteristics neither declare their conclusions as facts, nor present their attitudes as the most accurate. They are empty of opinions.

Anger is an opinion that is carried as energy. It contracts the carrier and all who are at the other end of the gift that anger brings. Say "No" to this darkness by loving your anger and then letting go of it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    When St. Germain mentioned "When they are called onto the craft they will be disappearing from their daily activities along with the ascension candidates...", does that mean that the call to Ascension is near? I thought St. Germain has mentioned that there are no crafts or starships coming to Earth to pick people up?

    Some clarification on this would be much appreciated. If so, it's time to say our goodbyes...

  2. This is a real powerful message...

    Love and Light to All of You!

    I'm That I'm

  3. Hmm I find this post quite disturbing and not "of the light". It seems to be a "You aren't doing what we want so we're taking our toys home".

    The more I read this blog the less I feel it comes from a source of light and more from a source of the dark ones pretending to be of light.

  4. Lately I have felt many times that a message is for ME. Especially today. Yesterday I lost my temper and got angry with a person. I woke up very disappointed in myself and then I got this message. Bless you all.

  5. Anger stems from fear. If anger persists, go within and find the origins of that fear. Confront it, work with it, release it, or see a therapist.
    Be an observer and refrain from getting involved in human drama. There is so much of it, even in my family. I have learned to just let everyone be, and not react, send them love.

  6. SG, I can see just how much work I have to do on myself. Thank you for these clear messages. I will try to be aware of slipping into negative attitudes or allowing myself to be affected by others who are displaying them.

    Good luck to all who are reading SG's information, and if a few of us could turn around our thinking patterns, perhaps a lot more could happen for the whole.

  7. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    I am echoing an earlier post here. I've been slightly confused about all the messages regarding the Galactic Federation and the usage of vechicles such as these. My understanding was that humanity would not need a vehicle this time around (as opposed to the Mayans). I thought the only vechicle we would be disappearing in would just merely be our bodies. Would we still be going outside and awaiting an 'energy' to help us disappear, or will we now be awaiting another vehicle? Many thanks and blessings to all.

  8. My dear S.Germain.
    As the Maha Gohan of the 7 Ray,Represending the
    Holy Spirit and Cosmic Intelligense,are You
    closer to Chiva than to Vishnu,which is related to the 2nd aspect-Love/Wisdom?
    No doupt that Chiva-Dssolution-Distruction of the matterial world is one of the ways of chifting of conciousness,and the evolution in Creation.What we don,t know ,if it is the only way.
    Untill now,we learned,that for solving any proplems,we have to fight,and eliminate the
    causes created these proplems,and not fighting
    the results.
    We are all advised,and also guided,to fight all negadivity inside us,but nobody is calling,or advising us,if we need also to fight the causes!It is stated many times,to give love
    to the controllers,and therefore to give Light to darkness.One madjor guestion is arised.Did the Finished?Because from what we can see and comprehend,only by observing the presend situation,the chaos so far prevailing
    in all aspects of human life as a conditioned
    by the other side condition,is turning to a non-condition situation.
    We do not want to excagerade things,but it seems to us,that the gravity of non-conditioned chaos-darkness,is like the super gravity in
    black wholes.Are attracting all light objects
    nearby,and by the super gravity are dissolved
    and vanished for the phenomenon cosmos or the matterial world.
    We are speaking for spreading light to all creation,meaning love and caring,awakening and awareness,and also decisions through the heard.
    What about the sources of darkness?Does they still producing less and less light or they continue to produce more and more dark,and diminishing possibilities of penetrading light in to the realms of darkness ?
    The creation of conditions desperando for mankind,from unknown circles,giving no hope at all for altering sircumstanses,is closing,if it is allow to say,all doors and pathways,for Light
    to reach dark and dissolve darkness on this 3d mode world.
    Much gradefull to All Masters and Archangels.

  9. Dear St Germain,
    Regarding your message on the 4th of september this year about Comet Elenin and this World, can you explain what an antigravity cavity is? I tried to understand it but I couldn't. Thank you very much. Rolando.

  10. Hello from advice to all those who feel near ST germain maestro;
    read the message with the brain, one or more times.then close your eyes and try to see the violet flame, and repeat the message.plan ...plan are reading with his message.then try to understand the brain and soul.the message to be complete.

  11. I appreciate the direct frankness of St Germain. Always have. He gets his point across well, and those who have the ears to hear/listen will learn and pay head. Thanks for this post.