Friday, September 9, 2011

Are You Able to Talk About Ascension?

Can my comet discussion be a way to open a dialog with those not aware of the current ascension opening? Wouldn't it be wonderful if more could ascend than are already committed? What to say? "Are you aware there's the potential of more major disasters coming because of the comet moving towards this area? Contact with the comet is not going to create them, but an atmospheric condition that it causes can. What can we do to get ready for this possibility? Get camping gear at your door, get a good amount of dried food to camp with, and get a water cleaner to change the water quality to drinkable. Pack a bag! Be able to walk away from your home with only these things. Any area of the Earth can be altered. Any area can be made chaotic. No amount of assets can neutralize this comet's active change demands. Cause and effect cannot be altered now—only getting together those things you might need. Can we make any predictions about this? No, only that anything can happen."

Now, this does not mention ascension, but you can go there if you then ask, "Are you aware that many people think they can ascend? Can this be a real possibility?" In this opening you can talk about what is being said, not what you are thinking about the subject. Ascension can mean anything to them, and nothing also. What I want is to open minds to the curiosity of what ascension is and let them check out the data available to them via the internet. Many sites are available to help them understand the mental attitude ascension needs.

Maybe they won't be able to accept ascension now. Can they be candidates for the next wave? Absolutely, because if they are able to determine a cause of the mass disappearance to be ascension, this may point them to healing, caring and awakening.

Change agents can also be good guys who open mental doors for more conscious awareness to come through. Give the gift of awareness and go to ascension with divine gratitude as you answer your call.

Ample warning has been given to humans regarding the changes that are coming. Not being aware is no excuse when a major change activates. Confidence in the divine plan will get the body to ascension, although it won't carry you to safety if a tornado detonates your home or an astroid appears to destroy land in your country. All mental demands on God for care and safety cannot be heard. Are bodies able to avoid death? No. Why would you want to when ascension can be attained at death's door? Go in the door. Ascend as I Am That I Am and activate love in the body so it can contact all who have trapped fear in their container.

What can be done to let this fear out? Chase it away with great happiness, then deepen that happiness into awareness that comes out of the Master within. In a fear dynamic, the more happiness you can bring to the world the easier it will be for you to ascend. What can be done to complete the contract? Ascend. No contract continues beyond ascension. Only a love awareness remains.

Have you been avoiding conversations about ascension? Are you caring what others think of you? Yes? Than you are not ready to ascend. When you are able to live without being afraid, even if it is the fear of being declared mentally deficient, you can go beyond the whole 3-D experience. Caring about your ability to be accepted by those not as aware as you is your own dense attitude, that needs to go. Are you going to be an Ascended Master or not?

A clear definition of ascension is helpful: "The end of an illusionary decent into darkness." When there is fear, darkness commands! Choose to let darkness go. Give the light in you a chance to be free. Ascend and dream the dream no longer. Are you able to drop the attitudes that are dense? Choose this now!

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear Aruna and St. Germain,

    I don't know about the rest of you, but talking about Ascension and the upcoming Earth changes among family, friends and relatives is totallt not possible for me, as many people around me is still mired in their own daily affairs and looking for ways to make more money. Not many are aware of what's coming and what's needs to be done. Many are skeptical and would brush off this information as rubbish.

    By the way, I am also interested to know which other channeled sources of Ascended Masters are talking about the need to change attitudes and mindsets before the comet Elenin comes around to the anti-gravity cavity.

    How can we spread the message and not taken lightly? I think this would be helpful when we bring up this subject. I don't mind being laughed at but it's vital to get the message out...

    Thank you very much.

  2. Can you please tell us what kind of gifts Comet Elenin can bring to us in specific on our evolutionary path?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Everyone...

    It would be nice if Ascended Master St. Germain could get together other Ascended Masters and beings of the higher realms and do a "news release" through their main "formal" channels to let everyone know what's going on.

    So much channeled information going on about other things but not much has been said about the potential impact which comet Elenin has, this doesn't help lend much credibility to what St. Germain has stated here.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Do you love us or not?

  5. SG,

    Is there another condition placed on us to qualify for ascension? To be willing to talk to others about it? You did state in previous messages we only need to have intent, make a decision, be ready, and state our I AM THAT I AM. I guess I won't be ascending then, what will be, will be for me. If God's plan is on track, everyone will be where they are supposed to be won't they?

    People will think what they will about anyone, regardless if it is true or not. I would like to be accepted for the person I am, I don't need to seek another's approval of me, or present a fake image. Mentioning anything remotely ascension to those who have no idea, could be a disaster instead of activating any inquisitiveness. Sending them off to the internet or where ever, could have them read the deceivers material and turn them off forever. Too much info out there and how much of it is real, or the deceivers at play? No one really knows. A lot of fiction amongst the sprinkles of fact.

    A real tangible catalyst is needed that can be experienced, not just words on a screen. If disappearances happen, that could be it. People will then question what happened to their loved ones, and if groups know of others that it has happened to, that can also create more interest. If we were allowed to materialize and reassure loved ones all is well, that would cement the reality of what happened. The media could play their part if enough disappearances happen. Otherwise it could just be a case of a missing person, these happen regularly. If I disappear, there will be reference to your material for those left behind. But it would only be those that question and wonder what happened, who would bother to seek further.

    I have had to do my own searching over the years, because I wanted to. I have read a lot of junk and good stuff too. But one thing I needed was discernment. No one came to me personally, and gave me any information about ascension. Those who have, have been on the other end of this screen, met on websites that cater for others who have similar interests, people from all over the world, who I would never have spoken to, without the invention of these computers and my own searching. Computers may be impersonal, but they open up opportunities far beyond my quite limited circle in life.

    I personally would not feel comfortable mentioning anything ascension, unless the other party expressed some kind of interest in spiritual topics. That could then open a door to conversation. Those that seek, the internet is already available to them. But I am not actively preaching to anyone. There is no evidence that what anyone says, including you, will actually come to pass, until it does. Many have stated various things happening or about to happen, then they don't. The deceivers are creative and won't stop spreading confusion and doubt. We can only believe in what we do individually.

    Isn't it up to the individual to do their own seeking? To find their own way? To work out what is right and what is wrong for them?

    If one's life contract has a clause for ascension, it will be experienced won't it?

  6. After many years of false announcements, false dates, false predictions, contradictory messages, Ascension messages have lost their credibility even among the most hardcore believers.
    Groups of Ascension candidates dispersed and returned to their material lives, confused and disappointed with the Ascension fiasco and not willing to talk about the subject anymore.
    The opportunity to instruct the candidates was lost and there is nothing more to do.


  7. AMSG, I will certainly not warn/instill fear by advising others about possible disasters pertaining to atmospheric conditions from a passing comet.
    I trust that everything will occur as it should.
    It is hard to try and "open" minds about ascension and earth changes etc to people that are conditioned in this 3D world and christian belief system. We were also told not to impose ourselves onto others. Everyone is following their own path and I was told not to interfere unless they ask for help or I get guided to assist them. I have tried it before. I just harvested weird looks and my partner told me not to scare the kids. So until spacecraft become visible or any other 3D visible proof that ascension is on our doorstep, I will not speak to the less conscious around here. I do not need to proof to myself or anyone else that I can handle ridicule from others. I had enough of that in this and in previous lives. I know that I am qualified and ready to ascend at the next opportunity. I am that I am.

  8. We are told that "Comet" Elenin is a Mothership from the Galactic Federation and it will assist us with Ascension and that Niburu, which is due next year comprises Reptilians that intend to take control of the 3D earth after Ascension. Would Master St.Germain care to comment on this please.

  9. Anselmo,

    Very well described. After so much not happening, who is going to believe in anything? I think those not introduced to any ascension material are the lucky ones. They have no negative experiences to weigh them down. How can anyone retain any belief in any of it, once so much deceit and corruption has occurred? No doubt this is the plan for the deceivers, to turn as many off as they can.

    What I find hard to understand is this, the deceivers seem to be able to do anything they want, and the ascended masters are making excuses as to why they can't do anything. Very odd indeed. Someone like that Thor character needs to come in and clean up this mess. Someone with real authority who is not restricted. If the deceivers time is up, send them to where they belong, and leave the planet to the meek.

    Saint Germain has stated that things are fluid anyway, so why bother saying anything, if it is not set in stone? We are influenced by what we read. No wonder people lose faith and give up, it is perfectly natural after so much disappointment and shattered belief in what is said is the truth and will come to pass.

  10. Hi Everyone,

    After looking at many of the comments here, I would like to add some of my own two cents worth of comments here.

    I agree to an extent that it is already not easy talking to other regarding spirituality, changes in attitudes/lifestyles, much less the process of Ascension. Everyone around is still concerned with day to day affairs to put food on the table and ensure that they have their daily comforts and luxuries in life. If the mainstream media is still under the control of the dark cabal by the time the 1st wave of Ascension happens, I have no doubt that they would be able to "twist and turn" the story and make the impact less than what was originally desired. Over here here in Asia, the only spiritual activity that most people are doing are engaging in various rituals and prayers, which usually involve asking for material comforts, keeping the family healthy/safe and prosperous, etc.

    At the same time, if some people look up the Internet for more information on what's going on around us, they might be seduced into waiting for what the ancient prophecies (e.g. the Hopi Blue Kachina and Red Kachina Prophecy, the Mayan Prophecy, etc.) were talking about, which is the return of beings from other higher realms (ET) back to earth to save and assist humanity on Earth. Are those prophesies still valid or do they carry another meaning which we have missed? It doesn't help when there are so much other channeled information which based on deceptions, misguided information, etc., all of which could be dangerous for people who are new and interested to find out more about what is going on and the Ascension process.

    I believe that a more concerted effort by the various Ascended Masters and angelic beings is need to wake and open people's heart and mind.

    Thank you very much.

  11. I'm very new to all this would someone tell how to awaken. I'm doing meditation and eating the foods to help my pineal gland and a lot of research. The only progress I have made is lucid dreaming and when I close my eyes I see some shapes, Usually a ring. I don't feel much better and I have been coming in to work late and my house is a mess because I meditate or fall asleep as soon as I get home. Am I getting closer? Or worse? Do you think I'll have enough time?