Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Role of the Galactic Federation

Contact with members of the Galactic Federation must remain from afar. Most of their work to aid mankind can be done without them being on the ground. They do not have a guardian attitude, it is more like aid for cause and effect, keeping man from destroying the manifest beings from other galaxies. Man is the creator of density on many planets, not the innocent child that is being taken care of. Watching and calibrating dense configurations of matter being changed into darker or lighter anomalies, and adding the mutation of darkness to what gets transmitted out to the other configurations, makes their role indispensable to all of creation. When you ask for their help they can only assist in this way: they can discover the cause of a mess and contain the charge it generates. They cannot manage any of the activities the dark cabal has managed to create.

There will not be a control mission to decide who can move on during the next level of change. In the next months many earth changes are coming. Many will die, many will ascend, and many will need to maintain a more conscious attitude during all the changes that do not occur in their area. When weather is controlled this contracts the flow of nature. When death is avoided this also contracts the flow of nature.

I am not going to give you the controllers nice little answer, that all of you will be taken to the waiting ships. No way will this occur. Ashtar is not available to lead shuttle craft to other destinations. Claim this and demand a new contrat, as it isn't in the one you now have. Ashtar himself has given a more detailed message about this. He will not lead the way for controllers to add other "entry methods" to their comments. Ashtar's management abilities are the most critical to the entire multigalactic community. In his daily drama he must make certain that the dark negative energies being created on the lower levels of man's collective consciousness do not attack any other collective arenas that are influenced by man.

When human demonstrations against others dominate the collective, this draws controllers to anyone they can influence. Controllers are not all from the dark cabal that is now being considered an antagonistic matrix from other galaxies. In the cosmic arena they come from numerous classes of non-aligned, manipulative thinking beings, including some from the loved area of Arcturus. Not all of the divine creations on any galaxy is aligned to the highest light. All are One with the duality complex that connects them with the Earth's inhabitants. They are not all enlightened beings. Some are light bearers in disguise, bringing the needed challenges to man's control dynamic in order to move the energy towards more consciousness in the total picture. Pure awareness is not just the light and love you make it out to be. It includes development and choosing to be light when dark makes its daily appearance.

Controllers are on all of man's dances of duality. Some are the most loved ones in the collective. Others are the most disliked. All control with the methods contained in their contract. Are you able to accept that  controllers are also the drivers of more awareness, not the masters of draconian, devil made offerings? Make this lesson one that clears your negative attitudes against the controllers. When this occurs you are closer to an awakened consciousness.

Now, I am being asked to give answers in languages that cannot be channeled by one who doesn't have this content in her mental capacity. I am not able to do that. Instead, let's use English to give other concepts that may be conveyed in different languages. I AM THAT I AM is the name the source of all that is calls ItSelf. Any configuration of any name with this meaning will adequately suffice. For example: I Am, the source of all that is; I Am, creator of all that is, I AM consciousness, I Am the heart of all that is, or any concept that means I Am the divine consciousness. Saying I AM THAT I AM is recognizing your own divinity.

All concepts can be translated, just not word for word. When you do translation you must clearly understand the context, next comes the change in words. The concept of I AM THAT I AM is: One consciousness that I know myself to be part of. All can get to this understanding, not just claim it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Dear St Germain and Aruna,
    Thank you for the clarification on translation and language. I'm at peace now. I AM.

  2. Dear St Germain and Aruna, Thank you very very much for your explanation and clarification on the translation subject. It is very very clear now. Amazing, thanks. Rolando.

  3. Those humans who expect and are told via channels that the GF will uncloak etc soon, will be in for major disappointment, if the GF can only contribute from a distance.

    Lifting has been a common theme out there in channel-land and again, if it doesn't happen to those who believe it will, what a great and sad disappointment for them. To be duped is not a nice experience and then it makes one much more wary and distrusting of anything ascension and 2012 related.

    I do remember something that was supposed to happen via the GF on Oct 14 a few years back, it didn't and obviously left it's mark on the readers. Who knows how the channel was affected, but it would have to rock one's world and confidence for sure.

    SG can I ask you to clarify something for us please? There are many saying there are various time-lines going to split off soon. Is this right, or just another control freak way of keeping us blinded to the actual reality?

    Thanks for these messages, they are definitely what I need at this time.

  4. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    It may also help some of us if you could let us understand how much of the ancient prophecies which foretold the return of ETs are valid and authentic, given the current situation and context on Earth. It doesn't help as some of us are also following David Wilcock's information regarding the return of these ETs to assist and help humanity ascends and transform. His new book "The Source Field Investigation" is just out as well, and may contain much information on this aspect as well.

    Thank you very much.

  5. I want to apply the "no mind" concept that St Germain has talked about so many times. I am curious but I will let my heart decide what is true and of value to me. I want to remain happy and joyful everyday of my life instead of obsessing about future events. I have a whole celestial body of assistants to guide me so I shall not fear. I AM THAT I AM is my truth.

  6. Another reason, other than by divine order, for the Galactics to be present, is that there are a number of their members, called Starseeds presently incarnated on earth to assist in the ascension process.
    The Galactics are also not allowed to interfere because of the "free will" clause on earth.
    Surely, some Starseeds will return to their origins or do duty elsewhere after ascension.

  7. @ Rolando,

    Yes, we can only imagine a 'no mind' experience. The peace and quiet within our own heads would be a wonderful thing. I get glimpses of it now and then and I want more of it, to cease the never ending dialogue and chatter would be marvellous.

  8. "Ashtar is not available to lead shuttle craft to other destinations."

    This is an example of contradictory information in Ascension messages. In the book Project World Evacuation (1982)it is said that the Ashtar Command will be in charge of the Three Phases of planetary evacuation.
    In the book The Crystal Stair (1990) it is said
    the same, and that the Ascension would be done by the ships of the Ashtar Command.
    Saint Germain had a participation in these books.
    Master Messages Vol. 3 message 138 by Archangel Michael "First Contact and Ascension" says basically the same thing.
    Please Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, it is so difficulty just tell the Truth ? If the Truth about these subjects can not be said why not just say "we can not speak about these subjects" instead of lies and contradictory information ? I am very disappointed with the Great White Brotherhood.


  9. These are complex issues to understand based on universal laws, planetary karma, galactic and solar system politics or what is called exo-politics. This has been a quarantined world in the galaxy that has the potential of interstellar diplomatic relations with spiritual civilizations when we become a unified peaceful world...but our history of brutality and war means as we now are becoming a space faring world the galactic federation will not allow space to be used for war under decree from the solar and galactic fact these councils have ruled that nukes will not be allowed on our planet and have shown their ability to neutralize them easily time after time..there is much intervention and assistance going on behind the scenes, by our spiritual hierarchy and the federation, of course human free will polarity still plays its games with the divine plan... we are not ready for open public ET contact at this time most experts time...the old guard is now passing away...lift offs are not required as the pole shift is being balanced by 7th dimensional energies and 7th D light ships...l have spent time on these ships in my finer bodies, ascension is real and there is a trans dimensional shift happening now...the frequency upgrade is possible but difficult in the stress based frequencies of city life in my opinion...but physical ascension is happening to many people in their bodies every day...but many more evolved telepathic people are having experiences with higher beings now even on the street, in their homes etc...
    if you lose your job, apartment or car you can manifest what you need through the IAM in decrees and affirmations now that we are in the 5th world...better than the newspaper...start working in 5D is awake and aware of the higher energies...the plan in this dimension is to create a more balanced evolution for all that is why the old era is the new can come forth...the Masters are not Gods and have sacrificed much bliss evolution for their great love of humanity and the earth...this is our school ...the path in this world is harmony through conflict...a golden age is coming in can become a trans dimensional master...and we are now waking up on mass...
    as a group avatar...all that you need is around you...connect to it, people is everywhere in the air now...great beings are here now...and do not be concerned if you lose your this teacher suggests your last words should be IAM THAT IAM.