Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Quest for Light Calls for Control

Why are you so concerned about the days to come? Are these deliveries making you angry? Are they activating feelings of former disappointments? My dear ones, all of you are being led to ascension. When it comes, the light that now shines only in the heart of hearts can be available to all through the changes that occur in you. Your mastery is not yet total, but it can be the dream's answer to the next advancement in awareness. Be light now by deleting your doubt. Give love to all, even those of us who have previously disturbed an attitude you have about accuracy. We do our best.

Not any of our conduits can give you the "absolute truth," or they would be doing nothing and saying nothing. No content of any channeling is "absolute truth." It is all a demonstration of the mental content needed to lead the dream onward. Stay in belief of any dictation, or news from any source, and dream on.

I am telling you nothing outside the dream. Whatever does or doesn't occur means nothing beyond the dream. Being of "no mind" takes the dream into account without any attachment to content. Awakened awareness does not care about any of the things detailed in the mind of man. Only divine awareness exists.

Now, chelas, when my call comes for ascension, the dream of your mind will end. As you move into light, the next days will get no concern. Once you are dissolved into light, your contact on this level of awareness will give instructions about the qualities of nature you will be contained in during the anchoring of light phase. No dross can be grown in this energy, only love of all. Your ascension will deliver more light to others than the entire spiritual hierarchy together can now convey.

Why are your calls for assistance in changing your circumstances not answered? Because we are not able to dictate our choices to those unable to hear. Only those who are clear channels or at masters level can be convinced of our desire to lead your world towards a more aware condition. We cannot come into your dream and convince anyone in the dark to do something that is not his own choice. We cannot interfere in the details of any controller developments because no controller will accept the guidance we deliver. Controlling anyone is not part of our dance of light.

Brothers and sisters, are you wanting one group of controllers to be replaced by another? You are answering my call to ascension with negative attitudes. Give them away. They don't get the answers the mind desires. Neither does moaning or complaining. I've mentioned before that all of the dream is your creation—we only assist in keeping the dream moving along as you designed it.

After ascension you will understand my words completely. Now, give me your dense attitudes to dissolve and make the light your only intention. Believe in the ascension. Give it no dense attitudes. Welcome help when it comes. Be still and release all that is not light.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. I welcome help when it comes

  2. Hi i would like to ask a few questions about ascension :
    1.How much time does it take to do an entire ascension without stopping it by mental manipulation
    2.How much time after me will all of the others ascend

  3. good response brother...l know this is all a Dream and even activism is polarity...once in a public meeting l sat in the third row and just blazed the Light to the panel...and l think more happened then than other times in these meetings, thanks for your response...l will be withdrawing for a time from everything in the world but work and family and meditation...light, peace to all in this time of transition. NAMASTE'

  4. Master St.Germain I am in you. you are inside me. your call me. that I breathe your flame violet when i go up. my thanks not fine.i am ... ....Luca