Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be Godlike and Give God More Attention

Comet Elenin will continue to disintegrate as it moves around Mother Earth. No direct contact will occur, given that it is many miles away in its orbit. Consciousness and negativity will be effected though, and other catastrophic events are going to become illuminated as this comet continues. I am asking for more awareness about the things you do and what you think. You cannot pray these away. Nor can you bring your gifts of healing to the men and women who will be directly impacted after the fact. Now is the time for this healing to happen.

Adding negativity to the changes that are already manifesting, will deplete the total caring energy of the existing mass consciousness. We do not want anyone to get caught in this. Terrorists are now a minority, and we don't want them to gather more colleagues to their allegiance. Fighting causes death and destruction that can be avoided.

Change these destructive attitudes to caring and negate the most difficult thing we have been concerned about—man turning against himself in large quantities. No more attacks on other humans can be committed in the name of God. It is not God's attitude or goal to decrease any group because of mental or cultural differences. We want all to be changing their attitude towards "others."

Popular attitudes in most groups are that one is more loved by God than another. Not so. No group is more loved. No individual has more of God's attention either. What God wants of all groups and individuals is that they "love thy neighbor as thyself." This is the most God-like characteristic a human can contribute to mass consciousness. No other change is needed. Wars would end, God would be decreeing the cancellation of all consciousness developing events, and everyone could ascend. No more attitudes of duality and divisiveness would exist. Peace on all dimensions would conquer angst. The ability to give and receive love would alchemically change all.  Maybe some catastrophies can be avoided. Can an attempt to cancel them be the goal of my chelas?

Talking on the phone or sending emails has basically cancelled man's one-on-one contact in human togetherness. Your best friend can now be someone on the other end of a call or e-mail you have never met face to face. Mail in a computer carries none of man's character, no touch, no mouth on a glass of water you drink in another's company, and no direct eye contact. This can delete the caring. Are you avoiding what calls you away from a computer or cell phone? Why not choose a different contact mode. Go to someone's home and give them actual attention instead of virtual. Be a true friend and delight them with a caring gesture. Anything can do.

Pray to God all you want, but a gathering that does this together can do more in one second than you can do in a day on the computer. Being a caring being is not an attitude, its a way of interacting with other beings.

Character is in the human genome, and giving is one aspect of character. Calling on a telephone or sending a message on the computer is not an actual contact. Only a mention of the name can be as good. Are you getting my point? Will you go out of the cocoon you have developed with your mind and dig into another area of your consciousness? Then you will begin to sense the natural delivery of caring when you actually meet with one another.

You cannot have too much contact with God. Not being in the company of others means there is not enough contact with God, as all you consider "other" is just a projection of your mind. God is in every one and everything your mind perceives. Bring this to awareness and be a God-like being.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Guilty as charged :-)

    It is so easy to sit in front of this screen to communicate, especially with others of different culture in different countries. We are spoilt, as the communication is quick and easy. Computers have made things rather impersonal. What a good toy for keeping us busy and from contact with God. Another creative dark invention perhaps? If so, I must thank them, as they have also provided the means for me to receive these messages. Well done!

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  3. MSG, some of us have been through a difficult path with hellish experiences for acting and feeling so different than the mainstream humanity, which obviously has been conditioned over time. I know I am God and so is everyone else. However everyone is on their own path, not to be interfered with, unless they ask for help. It is easy to say to get together with others (like minded I presume). I do mix with others that are still "unawakened", in which case I have to act and talk in 3D manner, otherwise we will not get along. Your suggestion may be noble, but is not very practical, as I have been put in a place to shine my light that is many miles away from other lightworkers.

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  5. Limits and limitations are the causes of modivating the need,of expanding man,s mental and mind,s horisons,conciousness and awareness?
    Ignoranse is the unconditioned stage of knowledge?
    Realising one,s man inner desire to untersdand,comprehend,and perceive the presense of his GOD in all aspects of Creation,leads to
    the path,and return to Reality of Heaven.
    Duality,polarity,negativity:The main reasons and major causes of Humanity self-destruction,
    and desolution-distruction of our civilisation,
    and our world?
    Does our world is still in the pathway to fall
    into oblivious,through complete distruction
    of the existing civilisation?
    Master,s S.GERMAIN teaching and channelled messages ,and also All Ascended Masters,gave hope,and raised expectations,that Christ conciousness chifting of Humanity,could increase possibilities of altering circomstanses.
    Positive thinking,loving and caring attitudes,christ conciousness,beyond any expectations,God likeness in all aspects
    of human,s life,acting through Heart showing compassion for all men,actions.
    Sympathy for men,s negative attitudes and attachements,based on lack of knowledge,veiling
    minds and concious horisons.
    Understanding of man,s inner desire of safety and servival guarandee conditions,against predicted or unpredicted future events,situations or circumstansess.
    Limitations and the inside need for altering circomstanses,is the cause of awakening,and the inner desire to atone,breaking the limits bettwen man,s cababilities and potencials,bettween Possible and Impossible,
    and conguered the unknown so far reality,
    and meet the Father and his master within.
    Disolution of the phenomenon cosmos,seems to be a self existing element within All Creation.
    Anything coming into existanse with GOD will and grace,is returning back to its Primary Sourse,after certain periots of time,or predifined sheduled time or cycles.
    Vishnu and Chiva,creation and dissolution of the matterial world,big and small cycles,are taking place in different stages within time-space,as a predifined modivating element of cosmic evolution and manifestation of the Devine Plan.