Monday, September 12, 2011

Catastrophes Can be a Carrier to Ascension

Choosing the light during a catastrophe may make it appear that God cares more about those who make this choice than others. This is not so. Only those having the experience can actually know what goes on during any cause and effect drama. When a catastrophe occurs, many do not have the ability to choose the light because their fear overcomes conscious choice. My dear ones, I want this group of readers to have that choice. All of you will get a chance to ascend, and an answer to that choice can be a catastrophic event that makes our original plan impossible to create. Be aware of this dynamic. You may not get to be one who disappears and is not to be seen again. You are not guaranteed any option of an  alternative to this. Should you be in an area affected by activity in Earth's tectonic plates, an earthquake can occur prior to the mass ascension. So be it.

You are not a body! You don't need a body to go on with existence. No body can know the ultimate freedom. May all who leave without a great call to ascension not be disappointed. Ascension is a candidate's option at all catastrophic mandates for death.

Call the angels in with a clear "I Am That I Am." Nothing else need be done. Conscious dying can create an ascension. Own the claim of I Am That I Am and be it! I Am That I Am does not fear anything. Choose I Am That I Am over fear.

Parts of the continents will continue to be destroyed. Many deaths will continue to occur, and some who will die will be ascension candidates. Can they ascend during a catastrophe? YES.

When there's awareness that a death is occurring, ask only for I Am That I Am. Nothing else. As soon as the mind creates other mental content, this content can become the next attitudes that need to be cleared. No attitude can obliterate an ascension, because when the door to the light opens, you will be asked: Who is at the door? When this occurs, any answer can appear. An answer other than I Am That I Am gathers the next dream contents together. Any choice other than declaring I Am That I Am will be energizing another incarnation. No answer is an attitude at death that can create a different  choice to the continuation of man's dream. When the answer to the question "Who are you?" comes with more depth of love than fear, ascension can occur.

Moving on to another life will not be as easy as it was on the Earth continents. No more will this choice be available, as only other planets will be able to give the next ascension opportunity. No dream of divine escape is going to bring this an open door acceptance from other planets. All choices on their part will include a determination about the heart and mind, caring vs. thinking outlook of an angel in disguise as a human.

None of the planets in the Andromeda galaxy are accepting any embodied humans on Earth's continents now, although they may accept those at higher levels of consciousness through a different doorway for another ascension attempt.

Hope is not the light. Hope is mind's desire in charge, and no desire can override the comet's effects. Should you be in the comet's destruction causeway, be open to claiming I Am That I Am as the body is being effected.

Welcome what is coming. Nothing happens to the beings that are moving on to other dimensions. They are not dependent on a body to live. What needs to occur to them is that they have the ability to move beyond differences in human and non-human destiny. Neither has any meaning, other than life memories of an angelic nature—they will make a difference in the ascension destination dimension.

Fifth dimension is not the highest. Are these dimensions different levels of consciousness? No. They are the difference between concepts of the mind vs. the Truth in the heart. Mind can get a 5th dimension ascension. "No-mind" goes to 7th. Are you able to make a "no-mind" commitment? You can go to 5th and next to 7th. I Am That I Am is the 7th, and an understanding of this only takes you to 5th.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Gratitude for this very clear message Master Saint Germain and aruna mam

  2. I AM THAT I AM.

    This is a pretty ominous message, along with that of Metatron's today. Now we obviously have a strong possibility of what seems to be a major earthquake/s displacing the plates. Business as usual for me, until it happens or doesn't happen.


  3. recent posts seem to be spreading fear ... hmmmm

  4. i hope i will ascend

    thinking about the soul makes everything to happen exactly the other way that i want and backwards
    on this planet

    this is the problem on this planet
    this is the problem of the mind

  5. Dear brothers and sisters, I want to know something that's maybe silly, but how do I translate I AM THAT I AM to papiamento, dutch, or spanish? Thank you.

  6. I don't understand why my comment /question didn't get posted. It was a very simple question. I AM THAT I AM in my language Papiamento, Dutch, or Spanish. Thank you.

  7. Hey Rolando,

    I was also thinking of asking St. Germain, how does one pronounce I AM THAT I AM in chinese, because the direct translation sounds weird.. :P

  8. Hello Rolando,
    I have checked in different websites, and I guess there is no exact translation. I guess that you could say " YO SOY", or "En el nombre de mi amada y todapoderosa presencia YO SOY, if this sounds right for yo or resonates in your heart.
    I do not know for dutch or chinese, but I guess that it does not really matter the exact word. Just translate with the words that sounds right in your hearts.
    Much Blessings and Light in your paths!

  9. The Chinese translation for "I Am that I Am" is "Memande Proinferno", just say that when the moment comes and everything will be OK.