Tuesday, October 18, 2011

About the Details

Please consider my teachings about ascension and "God's will not mine" to be awareness assistance. Nothing being said about either of these mental details is about the more important concept of awakening the divine nature inside of everyone. Are these teachings for those who are already awake? Yes, because they can lead to more cleansing of any dross that is still maintained in the human energy field. Practices like meditation, awareness of the moment, and giving full attention to each co-creator is the most critical detail of these messages. Not the details themselves, but rather, what they can do for you.

Ponder this: Who is the light bearer in the body? No matter how this question is answered, there is only one accurate answer: "me," the God of the inner dimensions of consciousness. This "me" doesn't need any coaxing to be light - you are this light, always, not the dross you act out instead. Giving the dross the death of its creativity is the making of awakened awareness.

When I mention 3D consciousness details, I do this to give those needing these details their cause to awaken. In dense conditions the awakening of light is most needed. Are you willing to release your concern about 3D details? Are you open to hearing the most important things my messages are conveying? Why are my messages giving no absolutes about the conditions that are already developing in the 3D realm? Because, which one of these will be the best experience: the new development or details about the future that are overlayed on this experience?

False prophets abound. Am I one of them? Many are considering this. Naming a specific date and over managing the details is not in my ability. Should these predictions fail, or not come out as we are intending, another dilemma will be declared. But only in the dream. In the deep, dark contract that you made, the details are already declared. Today? Monday? Saturday? None of it matters. Your details will be fulfilled when the timing is right.

Ascension will occur. Can it happen the way we are forecasting? Only if many accept at the moment the call comes. Not all who are able are going to accept. Choosing one detail like this can alter your destiny's timing, but it doesn't alter the contract.

Friends, Gods of the human dimension, you are in charge. Make me right or make me incorrect in my future destiny guesses. Who is in charge? You are.

My channel cannot continue to deliver these messages when they are not dependable, so why would we be claiming the details we are? For the gift of ascension to be yours for the answer "I Am That I Am."

Changes are occuring. Maybe you haven't noticed the darkness lifing in the conditions of human affairs, but we are happy to observe less demands on others being called for and more action in attention on the call for more consciousness. Follow the media for news of the changes already in motion. Elenin acctivates more dross and debris in the cycle of man's home environment. Check out what has already occured in Asia. China and all of Asia will continue to be devestated by the doorway of destruction caused by Elenin. More typhoons are coming. Big catastrophes mean the end of man's climate control days. More deaths will come from this creation of man and the comet's destructive influence.

Sharp minds find cracks in all details. Move this mental concern on to the dross collector where it belongs. Concentrate your attention on the heart only. Free yourself from mind's dominance. Awaken and have a great day in each moment.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. siddharta said that counts only love, that everything that we need can stay inside the heart.st. germain. be in my heart

  2. MSG and Aruna, thanks for that message.
    I was under the impression that Elenin was a beneficial divinely guided "comet" to assist in earth changes and ascension. This message however does not reflect Elenin as such. Did I miss something?

  3. Dear Master Saint Germain, could you please write on what we might do to help the Earth's most precious trees in the coming changes? For example, those of the old growth forests, many hundreds of years old, and those that live in our cities and are themselves older than those cities, and yet so helpless and thankless. Or should we not worry about them and just send them love? This idea of doing nothing i find so very hard because I love them so very much, almost as if they were my great grandparents and I wonder if loving them will be enough, especially as we are on this physical realm. What is the point of this physical world, if not to take physical action?