Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mastery and Ascension

After the first wave of ascension many of those not ascending will be curious to gather incite into the change of awareness of their own consciousness. Most who are moving on in the next wave consciousness are to be their teachers. When all of the ascension adepts are no longer available, their messages will be channeled to those who are able to receive them. Making yourself available to this method of realizing the next chapter of life's continuation can give you a new level of clarity about the challenges we have been grappling with.

Why don't the channels get clear messages? Why can't their clients get the meaning of our words? And why doesn't the client want to trust their own inner guidance? What does this mean about channeling? That it is needing more clear channels and more demanding clients. Solving this dilemma is going to be an active challenge.

Further discussion about all of the consequences of ascension are not appropriate, as discovering the new opportunities for becoming a master needs open minds without any expectations. Should your brains decide the next day's answers before any questions appear, the lessons of free will may not be available. Choosing the development of consciousness classes to attend will be each being's doing, moment to moment.

Self-care will be doubly needed during the days right after the ascension due to the processing that will have to be done regarding the changes this ascension activates. Save time to be quiet as a most important task. Free the contractions that may arise due to not being on the first disappearance wave. Practices that help claim your center will be useful. Bring the mind to your hurt feelings so you can come to accept all that is.

No accidents are going to happen, and anyone not included needs more clearing of contractions, more depth of caring, and more awareness. Masters ascend! Not ascended? Become a master. You already are one, but you must accelerate the delivery of that consciousness.

Making a difference for those needing assistance completes the love delivery for those being tested on mastery. No master ignores the needs of others. Parenting does not qualify in this character test. All parents need their children to be their character testers and all parents need to lead the children out of dis-ease the best they can. But this is a responsibility of all parents and does not mean that all parents will qualify as masters. Being a parent has more attributes being cultivated than just this one. One of them is to give your attention to another instead of only seeking attention for yourself. Another is to give without feeling depleted, and a third is connecting with another that needs you. All three of these convey basic love instead of a master's love. A master does not need another to need him/her, nor does a master feel depleted by caring for others. Clear attitudes about love, control and anointing are the way of mastery. Masters give as naturally as they do anything. Caring is their nature. Caring for themselves is not neglected.

No master drops the attention of  divine nature when it comes to caring for anyone, including him/ herself. Are you aware that many are not caring for themselves by living solely for others? These are not masters, they are neglecting one of God's creations to feel good, so they do not give from divine grace. Instead, their giving does them harm, so it is not a gift from God - it is their ego's compensation for feelings of negativity about themselves. Being a master means you have the ability to give and also care about the body of the giver.

More and more of my chelas are getting close to mastery and need this advice to become complete. Be a gift to the light by gifting more to your own needs.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Saint Germain,

    In Master Messages (Volume III) you said:

    1. “Ascension can occur on an energy opening that delivers dramatic effects to man’s consciousness. Once this opening occurs, many candidates will decide on ascending and not descending; ascending and descending; or not ascending.”

    Can you explain “ascending and descending” part? Does it mean that some will dematerialize and then materialize again? What happens after descending? Will it change consciousness and body?

    2. “Many able to ascend on the second wave will choose not to due to their alignments with nature on this planet. “

    Should some people, who are able to ascend, stay in order to help planet or other people, or anchor light?

    3. “Choosing not to ascend means death or changing into a different dimensional existence.”

    Can you give us explanation about “changing into a different dimensional existence”?

    Thank you Aruna,
    Thank you Saint Germain