Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Being Ascension Ready

My dear ones. Contained in these messages is all the directions I can give for ascension. I cannot tell you the date. Nor can I tell you the wave you are to go on, or the way to organize your car sale or your banking. These things are in your determination based on the way we have described the ascension plan. No one who dies is told when, and we are asking that you assess your daily lives now to delete any cause of delay. Can you decide not to ascend until the next ascension date? Yes, but doing so will not make the date of that ascension wave any easier to determine.

Give up the dream. Acting like the dream is the reality is what makes you want to keep dreaming. Going into another level of consciousness is the way to bring the others in your dream into reality also.  Cease dreaming to ascend. Choose to remain dreaming and lead others in the same way. Cancel your ascension and negate the impact that could conclude dreaming entirely. Wake up an army of conscious beings to the complete change of consciousness needed to ascend. Free yourself to free others.

Part of the delay in this first disappearing wave is the contracted attitudes of those needing to be on the first wave. Too many are not able to detach from their mental conclusions about delay being evidence of controllers conspiracy games. We do not control nor do we manipulate. Our cause is the fulfillment of your chosen destiny. Delay was because of your attachment to the mental conclusion that as the earth ascends so does its human population, no matter what their consciousness contains. This was the controller's delay tactic. Combine this with the bible characterizations of ascension, and dogma overrides the concept of being able to meet your own goals.

Cosmic consciousness is not always noticed in an aura of an enlightened being. Many of our ascension candidates are already able to ascend. Are you one of them? More than a million can act on their own acceptance today. Many more are on the fence—choosing ascension over the dream is challenging them. Waiting another year seems appealing, thus reducing the cause and effect creation we are attempting to create. Saying that, we are also needing great advancement in the collective consciousness during that year. Whether you choose another dream or this one, a dream is still the "not so accurate" way of living in a body.

Precious moments are being lost to those choosing negative attitudes about ascension. Choose death over ascension and mandate a death experience during the days after the second wave. When the healing of Mother Earth truly begins, all residents must be redirected to other galaxies or die. Since no other galaxies will accept our contract conditions for their most caring culture, this prevents the first option to materialize. So all who choose the dream over the next gateway's ascension will die. Can they come back to Earth to complete their cycle of death and rebirth? No. Choosing death over ascension completely ends this contract opportunity. The only option that will be made available to them after the second wave will be acceptance on an individual basis into another galaxy's community. Waiting for that could be an indefinite wait.

Solving this way of ending the human drama can freeze in time the dream and its negative conditions,  effecting Mother Earth's ability to be healed and canceling her mandate to be completely healed.

Most of Earth's population of animals and other materialized beings are accepted and will be continuing their life and death cycles on other planets. More than half of the current human population does not qualify for ascension. They are not fully designated as man. Many have come from other places and times and will return. Only one tenth of this group are lightworkers. Most are drama creators of the most committed kind, those who have brought you your lessons. Consider them "other" by no means, they are your most beloved ones. When things are difficult you can grow the most. Acceptance of these difficulties without blame cancels your contractions. Holding them accountable is not blame, it is another lesson for you.

Absolute contraction free, dis-ease free bodies are not the ascension criteria. Open hearts and absolutely clear awareness of the light that lives in the body can delete these contractions instantly. Be more loving, including loving those needing it the most, and give yourself less negative attitudes about the human drama. This will allow you to ascend.

Presence is the key! Being totally present to every moment, without any denial or charge in the body, is being ready.

NOTE: Aruna will be traveling for a week and may or may not be able to channel during that time. Channeling depends on the nature of the environment, and where she is going has much dis-ease in the community.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. St.Germain, can those miss the next wave ascend individually when bodily death so not have to incarnate again? I remember you said ascension can happen when affirm I AM THAT I AM during death.

  2. things are happening in my life now that i've actively tried to delete my contractions. i met someone who appears to totally fulfill my relationship "dream", which caused me to contract in multiple ways. first i contracted about ascending and leaving him behind. that was easy to release. next i contracted about what if he isnt what i'm perceiving him to be, but a fake. how disappointing that contraction felt like. next i contracted about if he is the ONE, one who has the potential to change my life in all the ways i desired. that was hardest to let go of, but the absolute most delightful contraction to experience. now i sit here, simply existing in the moment of love and trying not to hope for one outcome over the other. all is wonderful today. god bless.

  3. Aruna, would you please care to explain the second paragraph, starts with "Give up the dream. .....free others"
    As dreaming is the first stage of manifestation, we are now told to not manifest Ascension?!

    Also when he talks about the delay. Does he mean the delay in the past, or are we facing another delay in our future timeline (ie. end October)?