Monday, October 3, 2011

On With Ascension

Change is imminent. Can you feel the mystery of all God's creations becoming more awesome in their magnitude? How could all of these complexities be imagined? We are only aware of the cause and effect attributes, but much more is not in our awareness. So that you become more aware, pay  attention to nature. See how all of the elements are co-creating at the same moment. Each contributes the last bit of its caring to those who continue the cause. When one dies, the others go on, and they do not destroy themselves because of their loss. When new births come forth, all celebrate the arrival of the next generation's contributors.

Are we different from them? Only in the way the "All That Is" conceived us to be. I include Ascended Masters in this dialog as a way of leading you to more clarity about the dramas you are part of, as we are in most of them also. To let you think of yourself as separate from us would not be delivering an accurate account of this creation. We Ascended Masters are also creations of God's dream—not different from you, other than our level of awareness.

Many of you have been Masters before. Some will be Masters again when you wake-up. No one decides what is their own level of Mastery. My messages have given you many details about what it takes to become a Master. Not being an active meditator or channel does not disqualify you from ascension. Many of these messages list all the conditions that are needed for ascension. This is not new information. "No negativity" tops the list.

Even though my chelas are all Masters within, many of them are not ready to ascend due to negative beliefs and attitudes that are still needing to be deleted. Solve this now or later—your choice. Give your total life to God and become a master instantly.

I Am That I Am is your True Nature. Giving away the mental concepts of ego does away with all deceptive thinking. An awakening is this simple. A completed contract includes this new awareness, and no contract is complete without it.

Ascension is graduation from Earth school. It is not the mind's decision whether the exams have been passed or not. Graduation requires good grades and good test results. You designed your own curriculum, made up your own courses, and acted out the tests you needed to be graded on. The grade you got was by your own standard. Passing meant another test was needed to make certain the grade was accurate. Next lesson . . .

All of this is in the contract, and your True Nature cannot be fully available to live your life as a Master until you are able to go out of the classroom with a passing grade in all of your subjects.

Many demons are in your classes. They create obstacles for you to become challenged by. Gratitude to them is another test of Mastery.

Polish your great dream with a negative attitude and this deletes you from ascension. God and our beloved contributor to human mastery, Jeshua ben Joseph, are not the decision makers about ascension—only your own consciousness decides.

Can this message give you the incentive to be a master that can ascend? Why not? Are you too dense to accept this most critical challenge? No, you are not. Believing in ascension and deciding that you want it are the first qualifications. Next comes the completion of your contract. Work to negate negativity is not needed, only moving your decisions into choosing God over all of your dream's desires. Next is heart opening. Are you there? No "doing" is needed for this either, only living as though you are doing God's work in every moment. Angels do God's work.

Am I clear enough? Ascension is not an entitlement—it is graduation for those who are more aligned to their own True Nature than others. Pause and reflect on this.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Best channeling on ascension i have ever come across.

    Master cannot be clearer than this

    Gratitude to all of you

  2. About 1 in 1000 souls will earn their graduation from Earth life school. Not many is it? 999 of the 1000 won't pass. What sort of university are we in where it is so difficult to graduate?

    We must have made our own lessons too challenging for such a small amount who are ascending, unless of course the fellow demons in the classroom tempted us too well, highly possible. Or perhaps it was more fun to play around in the dark than first thought. Who knows, but a lot of the population are in the same boat.