Thursday, October 27, 2011

All One Family

Mass consciousness has no conscience. No dross delivered to mass consciousness is deleted due to a change in one person's consciousness. Once delivered, no change is made without other contributions offsetting current mass attitudes. To move the dross out from an era of decay and into new conditions of beauty, there needs to be great big events that make the decay obvious and no longer accepted by the masses.

Creating group demonstrations calls attention to dross. It also adds more of the same when death by conflict occurs. What needs to occur next: bright lights in the auras of the demonstrators can make big changes quickly and easily. How can this occur? Giving them light on an ongoing basis. Give them your loving attitudes, pour your love into their area. Praise them in media. Act like they are heros. Give them as much care and encouragement as you can. Praise goes a long way. More will be encouraged to beam light to them when no one gets attacked by their objects of control in action. Can you give more aid to this gathering in your area? Gather together. Greet one another in happy gratitude for each other's presence. Give the media happy pictures. Tell the media the cause of these gatherings is to bring more caring about people who need it. Caring doesn't come across as anger. Caring ways are the light these demonstrations need.

Panic when confronted with anger is what causes control to occur. Moving to the light to make another energy available can diffuse the directors of control. Contact between those "occupying" and those controlling can gain grace when the controllers understand that the most fundamental goals of the "occupiers" are to care about them too. Wall street in itself is not the only thing to oppose, so are uncaring and demanding politicians who take, and care for their own taking more than feeding those in their districts who are living with nothing in their diets but milk and cereal. When the diet approved by your politicians is the most conscious attitude you have working for you, these politicians must be replaced. Get rid of them - not by violence, but by outreach to those needing aid. Embarrass them. Dominate the news with objects of need that are being defeated by their policies.

Press for more social welfare and less demonstrations of military might. Overturn the defense department's goals with caring. Place care of all who live in your country over those who do not. Are the homeless in oil rich countries more important than out of work citizens of your own country? Give caring to all, but not by defense missions or gifts of aid only. Give the details: like health care, education, management of human cooperatives, help in cultivating more food, etc.

Use the collective idea in your own community also. Work together to meet people's needs. Are your neighbors needing anything? Can you collect things to give them? Changing attitudes in your own community adds more light to mass consciousness. Failing to care about others, and thinking only about your own achievements, cancels the changes that are needed now. Corrupt politicians are not the only dross contributors. All who continue to only think of themselves are just as creative in the dross department.

Making a difference in the world begins in the area where you are. Mass consciousness needs contributions from all who deem caring to be important. Care for your own group consciousness before being critical about the actions of others. Clear the needs of the community you live in and then expand to a more demanding activity that includes the areas around yours. Create a caring area and give the political representatives of that area a reason to support your grassroots efforts.

Bless all who come together to make a difference in the lives of children who are hungry. No child needs to be needy.  Cans of food can be donated to local caring facilities to feed them. Give to the area you live in to feed children going hungry.

Talent in aiding others is natural. No one lacks it. Only apathy is the enemy. Get the body into gear and donate time, energy and grace to your community. All can give a little, no matter how much you have to donate materially. Fingers can do things, minds can master new skills. Help wherever you can. Need a new career? Begin giving your gifts to others and one will appear.

Child abuse is ignoring their needs. All children can be fed. See what you can do to make this happen. When those who ascend are not available to lead, others will be called upon to take their place. Giving your contribution to your area will bring new light to that area. All will benefit.

Clarity about the next days is near. Gifting is the next step for those who will be on the next ascension wave. Practice now! Give what you can to the children who are needing your assistance. Feed them. Find agencies that can help you help them. Change the mass consciousness today by loving the collective as much as you care about your own.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Yes Saint Germain, the apathy is the enemy. Thanks.

  2. Yesterday I visited the protesters in my city. It was beautiful to watch all generations together, significantly young men and women. The signs were saying:

    “Our global life support system, Mother Earth – sold for SUVs and tropical villas”
    “We, Animals, Earth, Humans, are not commodities”
    “Love never dies”
    “Join us and the World will be as One”
    “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other”. And many more.

    I got inspired, and excited. The World of Love, the Promise we have given to each other and God when we incarnated, is almost here. Good job, everyone. Let's keep our spirit up and accomplish our task at the best of our potential. Stick together and send Light and Love to those men and women, who are Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Resisting.
    Much love, Aox10.

  3. There are already reports circulating, of first ascencions taking place in Helsinki on October 27, according to George Stankov.