Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aruna Answers a Question

Comment: Aruna, would you please care to explain the second paragraph, starts with "Give up the dream. others" As dreaming is the first stage of manifestation, we are now told to not manifest Ascension?! Also when he talks about the delay. Does he mean the delay in the past, or are we facing another delay in our future timeline (ie. end October)? 

Dear friends. I will be traveling for the next week and may not be able to channel the blog during that time. I am answering this question in lieu of tomorrow's channeling, because I do not have time to channel SG tonight.

This question addresses two different levels of consciousness. When we identify ourselves as a person with a past, present and future, we are living the dream (also known as "the illusion"). In this level of consciousness we learn how to use the mind to manifest what the ego wants. 

The next level of consciousness is beyond ego and its desires, attachments, judgments, etc.. Ego takes a back seat to the Higher Self (True Nature, Master within). This shift frees (liberates) the Higher Self so it can manifest what is in the soul's contract without any ego interference (fear, judgment, desires, etc.) This is the "awakened" condition. When the ego is willing to give up its control (attempts to manifest what it wants), the body's vibratory frequency is raised, and the energy it transmits effects others on subtle levels. But "being awake" also means that the wisdom of the Higher Self is available to help free others from ego's bondage.

As individual personalities we cannot manifest Ascension. Ego thinks it needs to control everything, but this is a mistaken belief. Being "in the flow" with divine consciousness, and living a joyful, liberated life, free of suffering can only happen when ego surrenders and steps aside. Give up your ego and you will Ascend. If you are seeking ascension with the ego you may not.

It is my understanding that SG was referring to delays in the past.

Blessings to all,


  1. Dear Aruna. Thank you, and may your travel be fruitful and joyful. Love, Rolando.

  2. Much much love to you Aruna. Thank you sooooo much for your time dedicated to bringing us all this information and help - i feel lighter and lighter as a consequence of every one of your communications and am deeply grateful to both yourself and SG XXXXXXX I AM least i think I AM xxxxxxx

  3. Aruna and Saint Germain: during my homework I'm trying to delete my contractions. The hardest one by far is the sudden anger I rise to when my children are misbehaving. I breathe through it, remind my ego that their behavior is MY test, but I find my sudden bursts of irrational anger surfacing quicker than i can react to it. Then i sit crying, disappointed. I KNOW where this attitude came from. My father was one of those who exploded suddedly when he felt like we were being disrespectful or disobedient. I have not been able to get my hands on The Emotion Code. I am just hoping to get reassurance and possible some advice on releasing explosive anger. I never stay mad, and maybe my screaming/throwing outbursts help me release the emotion but NOT healthy for my children to watch. I need help with it.

  4. If I may comment on your story Anonymous, as a Hypnotherapist I can advise you that there is likely more than just your father suddenly bursting out. Wherever there is an emotional charge, there has to be something that needs to be healed. If you can see a hypnotherapist in your area, I advise you to see one.
    This is basically how this is done. You can do it yourself as well, in a meditative state.
    Get into an altered state, such as meditation.
    Ask your guides to assist you in this.
    Let them know what you wish to heal.
    Then travel back in time to find the original hurt, it could be when you were small.
    Ask at what age it happened. Then pinpoint it.
    Experience the trauma again. Feel it and express that traumatic emotion. Than you have a conversation with the others that were involved in this trauma (they will answer you when you speak - its almost like channeling). Get understanding of the event and get forgiveness in all directions. If the trauma is severe, rather see a therapist.

  5. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I would like to ask Ascended Master St. Germain about his views and thoughts on a certain individual: Dr. Georgi Stankov and the accuracy & authenticity about Ascension articles, one in particular about the opening of a stargate 11.11.2011 which would help the Light Body Process during Ascension. This individual also mentioned that he would return as an Ascended Master after the initial Ascension wave to help humanity.

    It would appreciated if St. Germain share with us his views/thoughts on this individual and his writings...

    Thank you very much.