Sunday, November 7, 2010

Make God's Way Your Way

Channels are counting on their messages to be clear and accurate. Many do their channeling in the most sacred manner, demanding the Christ consciousness, and not accepting a lower consciousness. These are not all as clear as they think they are, as their ego can still interfere when it has not been eliminated by an Awakening. All channels are divine beings. All controllers are also divine beings. Weeding through the differences can be difficult for the mind. The answer about the accuracy, and intention, of any channeling lies in the heart.

Clearing is always needed, as many deceivers are making an attempt to convey another "make believe" diagram of the days to come. My choice of details has been clearly given, and now my details are more accurate, as things are actually in motion. But, my desire is that all can get their own guidance, clear and direct, when ascension occurs. Getting the correct guidance will make a most significant difference. It will make it more consistent with our ability to assist. Not channeling, or not getting messages from within, can compare to not hearing anything about the moment a flight to the next town has been canceled, or a child needs attention next door. Not a major disaster in the big picture, but a less than accurate awareness of what needs to be known. Should that flight be moved to a different time, most of the ticket holders will need to know.

Now, all this is to talk about the Operation Terra material. Christ consciousness, and all of the Masters and Angels are now in the most awkward position, as all of the momentum of clearing Mother Earth cannot be done as originally designed, and delivered to all of us as news bearers. Because this clearing needs enough of you to be able to ascend, the clearing has been delayed. This is why the dates given for Operation Terra are not as correct as we would all have anticipated at the time those messages were delivered. My Master Messages were an update to those messages, not a correction. My cause and effect content tried to show the difference between an original design and what can alter that design. My newer content continues to lead toward the original design, allowing for more time to change the drama, by getting more of those choosing ascension to be ready.

Masters and Angels and the Hosts of Heaven are all Christ consciousness. All are deliverers of God's message - and God's message has changed, but canceled dates are not a cancellation of the message, only the dates. All things contained in these earlier messages appeared accurate when they were delivered. Minor alterations are not given, as they were changed after delivery. Now, more change have been advised, mainly due to the lack of control that allows all things to be unfolding, moment to moment.

Please accept my apologies for the lack of consistency in the timing in these Christ consciousness messages. All data at the time was correct. But this does not convey alterations that came out of mass consciousness in the manifestation of new data conditions. Take the material as acurate and push the dates forward. Minor alterations are continuing, and certain things can appear not-aligned to the big event when it actually occurs.

All depends on the continuous flow of change in the mass consciousness. My last message details how one of the most major concepts AGAINST God's ascension design can alter things completely. When man decides that his concept of how things must be, is more accurate than God's, all of the Masters and Angels are subject to man's choice. Changing all as man decides could destroy the entire game. All the differences between man's game, and the dream of the divine concept, can act as a noose around man's neck, as far as advancement in consciousness is concerned. Back to cave man days!

All is God. God's plan has the most advantages to the entire learning of all concerned. Man's desires are many, and the mass that desires ascension is minor. So they don't make this needed contribution to the most dramatic operation of change that has ever been designed. Man wants change without the lessons involved in causing it. Man's design can occur, but with great cost to the children of God. All who are contributors to that drama do not get to graduate! No mass ascension can occur, there will be no dramatic answer to those not ascending, and those unable to accept the new consciousness can deliver many dramas (as man's greatest nemesis) as the next act of a new, demanding consciousness; where I AM has been discarded in the details.

Operation Terra was the original plan. Ashtar and the Great White Brotherhood are all included. None of these details were not accurate as they were delivered, time and dates aside. They call the mind to all the details the original plan needs from you.

Give up this absurd manifestation plan which is a detour from God's design. God's design cancels nothing that is needed. Man's design cancels many of the needed disasters that have the ability to deliver many to ascension. Play that game and create a new reality - one in which everyone loses.

Masters and Angels do not live in the realm of going against God. Should this concept demonstrate new changes that are against God's design, my ability to assist you will disappear. All will deny their own guidance, and man can be part of another drama that God abandons. Please go away from this manifestation delivery game.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Thank you very much Saint Germain and Aruna for this exceptionally clarifying message. I think that it will benefit many, specially those who used to follow Operation Terra messages. It is a most beneficial thing this link up between different sources coming from the same origin. That reinforces both sources, and makes the overall message clearer and stronger.

    In this and in the past messages you mention a plan against God´s design which is being brewed, and instruct us to not accept it. Probably this refers to the Antichrist take over, as it is called in some sources, with Martial Law and implantation of chips in the body. We will be looking for more instructions.

    Another subject that I think many would like to hear your comments about, is the planet called Nibiru by Summerians, or Ball of Redemption or Comet of Chastisement by Our Lady of the Roses in Bayside prophecies, or Planet X, as it is called by the Zetas in the site Zetatalk, and many other names in many other sources.

    Some pictures and videos showing an apparent Second Sun besides our Sun have appeared in Internet from several parts of the world in these past years.

    If you consider appropriate to comment someday about this subject, we would like to hear. Master Messages speaks about big Earth changes, continents movements, but the cause isn´t mentioned. Is the cause of those Earth changes the suposelly approaching planet ? How it relates to the Ascension ?

    Zetatalk instructions to prepare for the Pole Shift are somewhat similar to Master Messages intructions about forming communities, food storage, gardening.
    Could you comment about this particular group of Zetas and their instructions ?

    Thank you very much.
    Anselmo from Brazil

  2. It was a formless vast horizon filled with dirty colours. Formless, colourless, borderless, soundless object. I gave it a bit life breathing my love on it and making it a perfect warm and intimate place to hide from the world. This object of meditation did not attract my naturally courious attention to observe the "new". It was nothing new, nothing old. I felt detached from the physical, completely in a close intimacy with myself. Eye to eye and breath to breath with it. Thoughts, used to being interruptive and talk-talk, entered twice but left discouraged when I almost didn't notice they were there. It was all a 10-15 minutes. I am that much happy, that I forgot to bring in my mind any thing connected with the ascension.

    Thank you Saint Germain for being "pushy" and never giving up the saying: Learn to meditate! From your and other ascended masters teachings I know that meditation opens the door to being able to access the higher consciousness available inside, is a golden key to find the treasure that will say to the misery of life "Go! Good bye!" forever. I am fed up with the misery of all kinds, and I want it to go from my life. It is late, but better than never for awakening my awareness that awaits for my attention to turn my dreams around to Real. I will keep working to master what I accomplished today: being quiet.

    My heart wants the time of ascending to be this very moment. My mind says better be patient a while longer, prepare for the change, pack your stuff carefully selecting what is worthy and what is not needed to come with you at the new place, put some order and do some cleaning at the place you are leaving for others to come and occupy it... Hard to say who is right.

  3. The plan I am referring to is called New Reality Transmission. It is about a group effort to create a different reality, rather than accepting God's design. This is about ego's design vs. Christ consciousness. CdeSG

  4. Thanks for the clarification Saint Germain. It seems that this plan has few fans, therefore probably they will fail. But your words are important to bring awareness about experiments of this kind, apparently beneficial but bringing disastrous results at the end.

  5. I am flabbergasted and I realize that I know nothing. I was about to participate in the New Reality Transmission meditation on 11/11 at 11:11. I have been seeing 11:11 prompts since the beginning of 2007 and I thought it was harmless to participate in a meditation with a good intention. So now here I am, receiving so many messages from varied sources and until now, very very consistent. I realize now what Saint Germain means, meditate to be my own guidance from Christ Consciousness. Stop the manifestation trend for its own sake and allow the divine plan to manifest according to the divine design. I hope I have grown in awareness today.

  6. I am understanding a few things and probably misunderstanding a lot of things. So, please explain to me again. We are to awaken and to ascend, and the physical earth will go through changes. What will we be doing when we ascend and remain in the flesh, and what will we be doing if we ascend through physical death? I am asking this because I want to understand the purpose of ascension and I want to understand the reality of a new earth.
    You have explained extensively and exhaustively about awakening and ascension and the phases we are going to go through. So, I want to know what the reality of our existence will look like once ascension as you describe it, is accomplished. What is our purpose then? The reason I ask this is because I have been understanding all this time that we will become co-creators of our reality. That this is where evolution has taken us and that now we will be consciously co-creating our new reality. If this is not so, what then is the plan? I thank you with all my heart.

  7. Saint Germain,
    Consciously I have accepted you as my guide.Consciously I get your guidance through messages that are not meant only for me, but for everyone. Do you communicate with my personal guides? Or they work independently?
    Can you give us some more information about the guides at this specific time of awareness and what is needed from us to do in oerder to make their work more comfortable.

    Thank you

  8. I'm sorry to say that, but I apparently didn't understand the major part of your message. What is an absurd manifetstation plan? How can we cancel or stop disasters? Isn't everything God's plan, no matter which direction we will take- if all is God? I'm really confused with your message, forgive me asking like this, but I follow your messages and I apreciate them, I believe the latest one was very important, as all of them, so I would love to understand fully information given by you (this may be a language bareer). Thank you