Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Are You Attached To?

When my chelas are able to leave their dirth of attachments, they will be the next wave's ascension candidates. Walking away can be the most difficult part of the ascension calling. Can this be done NOW? Are you able to leave all of the doors open to the new life and give away the old? Can you completely detach from all of  life's possessions and the contents of mind about them? Can they go at any moment, as a result of a natural occurance, and this be met with the attitude, "OK, what's next"? Can they be delivered to another who needs things and this not be a tug on the heart? Choosing to ascend includes this important consciousness.

All of these details are rarely mentioned by those calling for ascension. Ascension is not taking a vacation from this unaware mass consciousness and returning to a "more of the same" condition. None of the things you leave behind will be there when the New Earth calls for its new arrivals from other dimensions.

Can this day move the heart more towards ascension and completion of the drama in third dimension? What must be done? Can anyone give away things as just another day's altruism, because it makes life good for others? Can the continuation of this life be done without acquiring more before you leave? Consider how gifts given to others can detach the heart of the ascension candidate from all things material. Choosing to ascend may look like an absolute commitment, until that moment you must leave your things and go out the door. Are you able to leave and not turn back?

Why do monks go to an unfettered condition to live? So they don't become attached to worldly things. Are things an important part of the life you now lead? Can they become less important?

Continue your life as before, without having more acquisitions as an objective. Christmas will be a good time to see how the mass consciousness controls man's material consciousness. Can this Christmas bring new dreams and new types of gifts to loved ones? How about some bodywork, or a great vegetarian cookbook, or a coat that could get lots of use before ascension. Can the big, expensive toys and games not be considered? Can the gifts of love be less dramatic and more contained? Can gifts be given to others, now that the games and toys of high cost aren't getting chosen? Pick two who are less abundant to give gifts to. Can each member of the family give away two things they value? Are they all going to be able to ascend? Can they leave their material possessions?

Now is the moment to give. Give to anyone that comes to mind. Give money or material gifts to those who have advanced your consciousness. Give to those who are treasured in your heart. Give to those that need a gift. Are the lights going on in your head about Christmas this year? When the majority are not able to go out to buy gifts, can they still get one from those who can? Not necessarily a new item, anything is new to them.

What do you acquire? Crystals, books, tools that do healing? The New consciousness does not need any of these things. Can this new consciousness already be acknowledged? Can you give these material gifts to the dreamers who still need them to get to the New Consciousness? Can the tools for healing be used and then given away? Sharing things begins a new way of being. Instead of "mine and yours", gifting to those who may also give away these gifts to others who need them, begins a love cycle that eliminates contractions. You can demonstrate the love of the New Earth NOW. Why wait?

Gifts can be anything. A piece of cake, a loaf of bread. Choose the gift with the recipient in mind. Can I give this to (....)? Would they like it? Choose the thing that the "other" would ask for if they could allow themselves to ask. Put the resistant mind aside, and give away things that are more important to the other person than for you. Wealth has no bearing on the ability to do this: consciousness does.

Can you let go of the collective attitude of "mine" and "not yours"? Can this be done by the end of this year? Give away the excess. Give away the treasured items that could hold you to this dimension. Are these attachments more important than ascension?

Free yourself of attachment. Clear out mind's desires. Own all of God's creations with a simple change of awareness. Giving to others is the light of God acting through a body. Give, give and give, allowing the heart to lead. Allow the flow to begin by giving away whatever it is that gets the most of your attention. Ascend as One with all, by being more giving!

Answer to Aox10:
No sparks of Higher Self are sprinkled around the universe. All the Universe is the Higher Self.
Higher Self has no responsibilities, it just is. Mind considers things to be responsibilities, not Higher Self.
Man creates the sequence of events, not Higher Self. Man does what is put to him from direct contact with his guides or from ego's mental dialog. Higher Self does nothing.
There is no MY Self that is separate from Higher Self or I AM, all are the same. Imaginary personal "self" has no awareness, other than those limits on I AM consciousness that have been mentally imposed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I went back to the Law of One, the first two pages. I meditated this morning about them. What I got is Huge, as much as I can say.
    I put on my desk: "There is no right or wrong. Infinity is unity. You are every thing, every body, every emotion, every situation, every thought. You are unity. You are infinity. You are love/light, light/love." I concetrated in little pieces of the writing. It come out as many pages in writing and many skices supporting the writing, making concepts clearer to me. I like to describe the process.
    I -
    - How is this that my thoughts and emotions effect others?
    I draw skices: myself - my family members. Last event of the "big news" my daughter threw as a "gift" to us, my thoughts, emotions, reaction, connection of 4 of us, the balance and harmony at the end when unanimously we decided to support our child and sister. My emotions expressed in a long letter to her and Cc: My family, effected the all situation and each of us (including my self). I am positive that each of my family members learned something very important and they are going to reflect this learned lesson in their day to day activity. I draw skices how it went and the effect goes larger and larger.
    - Why am I every body else?
    I draw the skice: a circle filled with dots. Each dot's final goal is to get closer to the Source. Never ending efforts of getting close, closer to the Source. I am that evey body with this goal.
    - Why no right, no wrong?
    This matrix is a compound of I-II-III entities. The matrix exists as such: the unity of I-II-III dimensions. This unity of I-II-III is the planet itself, a total of the I-II-III frequency vibrations. There is not any right or wrong of any element that resides at any I-II-III dimension. The matrix is in balance because of the final product produced by the All that forms it. It simply IS.
    It makes no sense if I want to separate myself from All that is in this matrix of manifestation. I draw again the circle filled with dots. Let say I take my self out. Where to put it? There is nothing else that exists outside All that is in this matrix. I am identified as an entity under this condition: identified with every body/everything else.

  2. (continued)
    - Why am I love/light, light/love?
    I am the living energy that holds my signature. I am placed on Earth to experience the illusion of separation and get out from here when I have reinforced the understanding of the law of unity: I am everything that exists, unseparable from it, affecting the All and getting affected by All. I am love/light.
    I am what I have been forever: a dot of light of a specific vibration, energy that has my individuality in the specter of the All that is. The brilliance of my energy is what changes as my experiences get richer and higher. I am a light body, simple energy, as everything else is. I am light/love. There is no end of I. No limitations at accessing or benefitting the all that is, since I am one with it. The wisdom of All is in my hands. No "safe boxes" of any kind. I have the access to it at any time I would desire to do so.
    There is no end of any thing. My learning, understanding, accessing is of no end. The journey of my soul in seeking and gaining a right perception of the Creation, never ends. THERE IS NO END OF ANY THING.
    The same happens with this matrix (I percept it as an entity) and others around it. This goes on, and on. (I draw skices and think "This is the trick that black hats, as Ashtar calls them, try to cover the existence of other matrixes.) The "sum" of all that is in earth effects and gets affected in large, larger dimensions.
    This infinitiv infinit has as a quality of it : Unity.
    The Infinite Creator is the infinitive Infinit where there is only Unity that exists. I AM THAT I AM.
    *** I believe I had today the first experience of channeling my Higher Self. Was it gotten right? The today experience is of a great importance for me, no matter if I got it right or not. If not, I will emprove myself working every day on it. Thank you Saint Germain.