Monday, November 1, 2010

Control Of Any Kind

Most of you do more controlling than any other character trait. "I must do this" or "I can't do that" are common phrases that refer to the day's activities. None of these comments are accurate in reality, only an attitude of ego that limits the co-creation of many opportunities. All choices are to be made as the heart desires, not as the ego/mind decides. Are you willing to notice these comments in your conversations? Are you able to accept that none of these comments are accurate? No "musts" and "can'ts" controlling "new and different" decisions can open those controlled areas of your awareness, to allow more choices towards ascension.

"Flow" is the most important awareness now. Are obvious coincidences occurring? Are there continuous deliveries of opportunities to grow in consciousness? Are daily moments offering new levels of contact with dancing hearts? Are answers to your questions coming out of nowhere? Are the fun activities always full of laughter? Are you giving to others love and courage to go forth without fear?

Many of my chelas are afraid. I want this blog to assist them in gathering their confidence, so they can deliver the light of their heart to all they meet. Caring attitudes towards all can completely alter a difficult condition into an actual detour of that difficulty. None of the things you are afraid of can destroy the contract you made before incarnating.

The next drama contains the most critical development for all in human bodies. No man, woman or child can be exempt from what contains their destiny card. What is about to begin will determine the next phase of man's destiny as a collective. What I am speaking of is not a disaster, it is a most common type of money change that can make some who are poor, rich. Some of those who have been co-creating new, direct connection money games, are about to receive money. Care of those without any, is the way to make this matter to the collective. Help one another with the money, and this will complete contracts that are still outstanding. Allow your heart to choose, and determine an amount to give. Money will give our chelas an opportunity to call for other next steps. Making a difference may not be with money. See what the heart decides.

Cheerfulness and love are the ONLY things needed as a collective. No other things are as important - no codes, or mental answers to dial in a higher vibration are necessary. Meditation will delete the anxiety that controls vibratory frequency. Nothing but LOVE determines vibratory frequency. Meditation clears the way to an open heart, for love to be the only guide. No meditation,and the heart can be defeated by the mind. The mind can be awakened only by the heart. Give the heart this opportunity.

Channels abound that want you to learn their  way to ascension. Opening the heart and deleting the dross can be done in many ways. Choose the one that gives you a good feeling, and let that method do its magic. False controllers will tell you there is nothing to be done. Beware of them! Channeling for one of these controllers comes with a pricechannel is contacted by these beings unless there's a lesson for them to learn. My advice is: to learn the lesson, clear them out of your "cause and effect karma". "No" to them means that your karma has been cleared. Beam them  light as you say goodbye.

My dear brothers and sisters, my channel's cut hand is tired. In the next days I will be more newsy.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Aruna and Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Can St. Germain kindly please elaborate on the next drama which was mentioned "is a most common type of money change that can make some who are poor, rich. Some of those who have been co-creating new, direct connection money games, are about to receive money."? Because in your previous channeled messages, St. Germain has already mentioned that various prosperity funds (e.g. NESARA, program for mass prosperity) do not exist and/or fraud, or have I interpreted the information incorrectly?

    Is there any further advice that St. Germain can share with us on these coming changes?

    Looking forward to hear more from you soon.

    Thank you very much!

  2. Finding a few months ago this website of the Ascended Master Saint Germain was a blessing, was an expression of love and care for me by my dearest Father God, it was a gift from Him: giving me a trusted source to find the most reliable possible information, and personal loving and caring advise!

    I joined cheerfully the blog, hoping it to be a place where we would exchange our personal experiences of awakening. Where each of us would comment about any subject that Saint Germain speaks about, and not only when money is mentioned...

  3. Thank u Beloved Ascended Master St.Germain.....
    A very important message.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib

  4. Hello. Some aspects of life are still a bit diificult for me and I am grateful for bringing them in your messages. We all walk different paths and I noticed while talking to my friends from Western Europe how hard it is for them to understand the differences between our situations. I'm not so afraid of not having money as I used to be. I have enough for food and I learn how to trust that all I need will be given in a right moment. I am quite suprised how much the mass consciousness affected me recently, even without watching TV or reading newspapers. Just being among people and their fears about the future or even this very moment affected me a lot and destroyed my health. And the awarness that I have a choice and can go within to find Me helped me to be able to hear the inner voice that gently explained to me why all this now. Feeling blessed that I can be the Light where the Light seems to be needed so much- no matter how much I do, who I am- just being here in this very moment, in this very place. It's just a matter of total letting go of fears and control, as you say, but this is not happening instantly in my case. I hope it will soon. Thank you.