Thursday, November 25, 2010

Waking Up To Ascend

All of my messages point to one thing: ascension! My chelas do not fully accept that this is controlled by them. No diety, Master or ET can drag anyone into ascension. All the drama comes when meditators disappear at the same time. Consider the amazement this can create. Can my chelas create this for all of mankind?

Anyone who wants to ascend must be meditating NOW! Your body needs the healing and alignment that meditation brings. Channeling messages that lead you to ascension is also critical. By channeling, I mean having the ability to "hear" the voice of the I Am. Masters, Angels, and conscious beings of all kinds, will be nudging you to get the density of human dross out of the way.

When the call comes, get out of any games of chance that this ascension delivers, and get to the area where you meditate. Take the time to meditate about one hour. Can't be quiet that long? Practice!

We don't anticipate children will be able to meditate, and will deliver them, as they are, when their parents both ascend. Only one parent ascending does not guarantee the children do, unless this one parent is their only parent.

Direct contact with the Masters and Angels can contribute the most ease to the process. Giving away your things before ascension can deliver them to those needing them. Not all things need be delivered, just what you would be concerned about: the attachments, like amulets and contents of bank accounts. Make arrangements, and get the keys to bank boxes to those who can deliver them to your loved ones. No estate planning, other than this, need be done, as no death can be verified. Bank cards can continue money flow to those that have them.

Why do you need this done now. Because the moment the mind realizes you are going to actually ascend, there will be a lot of mental activity created to deter you. Mental attention to things left undone can delete an ascension. Give this the attention it needs now. Prepare instructions that can be available to those who will notice you are no longer in their midst.

Are these instructions too limited for you to get things ready? Are they too much to consider before a date has been announced? My dear ones, no date can be announced before all your arrangements are made! Make arrangements so we will know how many of you are truly going to ascend. No arrangements, no ascension. Get it?

Be the change that the planet needs. Give up the daily activities that keep you from daily meditation. Nothing does the body more good than taking time to be quiet.

My words are to be delivered by many different channels. When they are, you can be assured that they are accurate.

Choosing ascension can be a difficult choice. When the life is going well, there is no desire to leave it. When the life is not going well, the mind considers suicide to leave. Ascension cannot occur for those who are depressed, only those who are very happy, and very certain they are complete on their Earth bound existance. Getting complete means Awakening to the caring, being of light that once decided to become human to learn how to live apart from divine awareness. Now, divine awareness has become more available, and when an Awakening happens, this is the consciousness that is ready to ascend.

What are you waiting for? Are your daily lives too happy to leave? Is it too difficult to get out of the normal mesmerization? Are you caught in the dross? Are you willing to be Awake now? Then do the next activities that can clear the dross, and meditate daily.

Are these words being delivered to an ascension candidate? If yes, give me the actions needed:
1. Meditate daily about one hour.
2. Channel more than before. Cannot channel? Get the Course In Channeling I created, and become completely able to channel. (to purchase click here)
3. Give away all of your attachments.
4. Give instructions for the personal money and goods distribution.

Spend the money you've been saving. It won't be worth much later. Take the trips you always dreamed of. Do the things you always wanted to do. Fear not, ascension can be a drama on this planet, but the ones who ascend will dance and sing as one great big group. And since this dance will be without a body, you don't need to bring along any baggage.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Note: My channel will be traveling for the next three weeks. If the blogs are not posted at their regular time, check again later. They will continue, as she is available to receive and deliver them.

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  1. Thank You So Much, Beloved Master St.Germain.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib