Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Chela Guidance

My dear Ones. Chelas of mine, take heed. My call to you today is for new awareness about a most important thing. Freedoms are being deleted in your reality. This is a key for more disharmony. Politics can be the death of man's answer to the future.

United States chelas, consider the days of your ability to design the future that the heart desires, on the way out. Guns, and demands for drug taking, have been voted in. Consider new directions that can be taken. Give the dream of the heart the opportunity to be lived. Ask now for two things: "How can I make a difference?" And, "how can I be of service?" Give away any other thoughts about how the future will unfold. Be aware that those who are now in control are not loving to those they disagree with. Make the choice to honor your divine guidance as your days unfold with new challenges.

My gifts to you are now needed more than ever. I will keep telling you to be the Master that you came to be, and to dream the dream of contact with God.  Meet the divine heart that lives in the body you contribute your life force to. Masters are the dreamers of the future.

No man can control an army, unless that army agrees to the control. Be the one who can disagree without anger. Be able to tell them "NO" with conviction. Guns are to become the law keepers in many communities. No venting please, as you never know how this can be interpreted by those with guns. Never before has there  been as much disdain for others who disagree. Welcome the loving, and avoid those who are not.

Declare a "Make a Wish Day" once a week. Celebrate the health and wealth of all who are not able to celebrate it themselves. Cheer the leaders of new and different goals that heal, and give delight to hearts in all countries. More and more cheer is needed. More and more guidance is needed. My detonator of love, the Violet Flame, can be called to the body all the time. Use it, to learn how to be a calm, clear, vessel of love, when others are not able to gather their wits and lead the light to themselves.

Masters are needed NOW! Make the decision to keep the heart open and the love flowing. Flow it to those that disturb. Hear their opinion, and don't get disturbed in their presence.

Affiliate yourself with others of like mind. Add this contract to the one you made to ascend: "My heart is open and full of love, no matter what!" Peace is the name of the game. Be peace. Allow the drama to happen, while you are a demonstration of peace.

Add the disturbance to all the non-aligned concepts that do not give you happiness, and release them as soon as they appear. When the moment comes to ascend, my words will be the most important ones to act on. Please get yourself ready to hear me.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. Dear Aruna and Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Can St. Germain please explain and elaborate more on what is going on, besides mentioning that more guns and drugs are going to take over? Does he mean that the US economy is going into a tailspin as bad as the Great Depression? What and how is it going to affect everyone else globally?

    It would be useful for us if St. Germain would be able to provide us with some practical advices and tips on daily living in the upcoming challenges and changes ahead, give us a sense of what we are about to face, what can we expect to experience, etc.

    Much Appreciated & Thank you very much.

  2. Saint Germain,
    Don't despair. No one can take the freedom of our heart from us. I agree for the disharmony and effects it will have regarding our future, cutting short possibilities for a higher ascension. Again, don't despair please. God's will upon my will.

    You advise us to work and get the Master inside. We are doing it day by day. If things will run faster than expected, and I haven't met the God inside yet, this means that I have planned in my chart an ascension happening half awake. Translated: bravery. Or craziness. Or both. And it makes sense for me, since bravery and craziness go together.

    Thank you for the worries anyway. We will be just great.