Saturday, December 4, 2010

Clearing Contractions

Panic about changes to your world can delete the consciousness needed to ascend. Panic about the ascension can also lower the light quotient that is needed for ascension activation. Candidates for ascension are not immune to these mental disturbances, unless they have fully awakened their I AM Presence. Chasing after a change in current circumstances distracts one's attention away from liberation of the heart. Here is another clearing method, as these less than conscious contractions can divide the candidates from one another when a disaster occurs.

First, quiet the body while sitting on a chair or cushion, and breathe slowly and deeply for one minute. Then change your way of breathing to a quick clearing movement using the breath like a broom. Breathe this way into your chest while focusing all of your attention on an area of the body where movement needs to happen. Do this for one minute. Repeat the process until the contraction has been released. This use of the mind, and combination of breathing methods, will clear out contractions by simply chasing them away.

Face the cause of your contraction with courage, and use this method to move the energy that has become lodged in your body, the moment you become aware that there is a contraction. Make breathing a most useful clearing tool. You can use it during any of your daily activites that allow you to be quiet and deliver a clearing method to what is draining the body's life force. Teach this to your children. Consider this to be an "in the moment" opportunity, and an answer to future emotional disturbances. Take the lead in this drama that continues to unfold, by not allowing any disturbance to get you off track. Mental disturbance can destroy all the happy, caring ways of being for those who are not Awake.

Pretty soon, the next disaster will continue the changes that are being delivered to the human condition. Use them to Awaken! What do I mean by this? All difficulties can offer this opportunity. As an extreme example, let's assume that the attack on the New York twin towers had not yet happened. All who were meant to continue their lives after this event got contracted by their common reaction to this extreme situation. No one knew how to naturally let go of these contractions as they witnessed the collapse of these buildings. They contracted as they watched, and their thoughts about what they saw continued to create more contractions. As the world watched, they all contracted, and since one of the main reasons for the 9-11 attacks was to destroy the consciousness of humans, the drama did exactly that. The contracted condition it caused claimed a huge number of ascension candidates. Out of their ascension consciousness they came, delivering fear to the world as their new, denser attitude.

Claiming back their ascension consciousness may be the only way a mass ascension can occur. This is the case for millions, so this, or another breathing exercise, needs to be done by all of them, to lead these fears out of their bodies.

No calamity needs to disturb the human consciousness, as the 9-11 attacks did. My use of this example will surprise many of the caring beings who did not realize they still have contractions from this event. Imagine how those who actually lived through this kind of thing have contracted. They were put in the center of a vortex of drama that caused them to contract. Can they get out of this condition? Yes, but only when they are aware that they are contracted and know what to do to get out of it.

All are one consciousness. Contracted, dense contributions to that consciousness effect all. To turn on the light again, more clearing must be done. Breathe! Clear your contractions by deep breathing alternating with short quick breaths. One minute for each. Continue doing this for at least 10 minutes, whenever a contracted condition comes to your awareness. Fear is the opposite of love. No loving being can be destroyed by fear if they do this technique for alleviating their contractions. Chase them away with the life force of health and happiness, your own breath.

Masters can do this in the moment. So when you observe anything disturbing, begin this use of the breath. Chase away fear, and be the Earth's conduit for divine energy while a calamity is happening. Contract no more. Add an after effect of light to those directly affected. Choose to consciously accept the cause of any contraction as divine will. Nothing happens by accident. Cancel any fear with this dross eliminating contribution to your daily life.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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