Friday, November 5, 2010

Your Mind Is Not God-like

Channeling the consciousness of an Ascended Master requires a high vibration. Today's message will talk about vibration. Changes to a man's vibration occur totally beyond the mind's control. A higher vibration appears as the mind disappears. Practices that raise a body's vibration do so, because they diffuse mind's comments during the time you are doing them. Focusing on one thing, like a burning candle, can demonstrate how this works:

As you first observe the flame, an open, clear mind is available, and no action is called for. As time passes, mind gets negative about its lack of dialog, and distracts your attention with a comment - usually a negative one. And the longer the attitude of only gazing  is maintained, more comments appear. Mind has no intention of being ignored. The same goes in daily activities. Mental comments are made to lead the body with the mind's attitudes and desires. Not being accepting of the current, more carefree attitude, is its nudge - always. And, it is this commenting that is negating Christ consciousness.

Christ consciousness does not need an adviser or guide to lead it out of the moment. Christ consciousness does not need any advice. A bid for your attention towards any other items of interest can always go unheeded.

Anchors of light do not take any content into their meditation. They need nothing to demonstrate their answer to the world condition. No manager need apply. Only their devout mastery comes forth as their silent answer during divine communion. Masters do this all the time, as their mental drama is not in operation.

Man's desire to be noticed calls forth yet another answer of non-awareness from his conscious mind. Every mental activity that does not allow a quiet mind, mandates a lesser contribution to man's destiny than a quiet mind does. Christ consciousness is the absence of a mind delivering messages. All channels are able to go, temporarily, to this "no mind" condition . Masters are "mind-less" all the time.

No words are needed to deliver love. No candor is needed to be the demonstration of love.What can be done to get  "no mind" awareness? Pay no attention to mind's nonsense. Make no attempts to do what mind desires. Face the moment, and clear the mental disturbance to that moment, with delight about all that day's contents - not any concerns about another day.

Biofeedback can help to clear human minds by revealing how their energy alters as they think. Most talk is  about the next day's or the last days' content. No words about the present day are needed either. All comments are the mind's alteration to Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness does not contain any words at all. Pictures either. No comments come with Christ consciousness. Monks are Masters of "no mind" because no dialogue is used for their contribution to mankind. They are conduits of light, as they breathe and do nothing in particular. Now, I know that a monk's day is not for everyone. No modern day man can delete his entire concerns about life the way a monk does, and my message today is not to ask you for this. My message is to let you know about the "no-mind" condition that IS Christ consciousness.

Can you quiet the mind yourself without becoming a monk? Yes, by not accepting that the messages of the mind are accurate. Get all your guidance by simply becoming quiet and checking with the Master within. Nothing does more for the entire universe than this. Mandates, decrees, creative visualization, etc. are not Christ consciousness behavior. Create the new reality with no thinking - as divine awareness only comes to the matrix of materialization through bodies that aren't desiring more of their own concepts.

Being a God means: being like God. God gives love to all, no matter what they are thinking. God delivers many gifts daily to those who are able to accept them. Man's contractions are the rejecting mechanism of these gifts. Co-creating with God contains all happy feelings, because the body is not doing what it doesn't want to do.

Acting the way God acts has nothing to do with your thoughts. Magic, attracting money, wanting things to be different than they are, and control of any kind, are not a positive contribution to mass consciousness. Making a demonstration of "how my dream can be created" has no value what-so-ever. It only shows that the Lucifer approach to awareness has been created again. Remember this tale? Lucifer determined he was more powerful than God. He decided to make himself the Supreme being of all the World, causing his own downfall. Making a demonstration of the mind's ability to deliver a new reality, that does not consider divine will, has the same implications. Can you see the commonality?

All of the things being experienced now are opportunities to become God-like, by being non-reactive to them. A divine response is to be the love you are looking for, not giving God a different act to deal with. Mistrust the deliverers of this tragic game. The consequence can abort the ascension.

Are you going to deliver your mind's new reality picture to mass consciousness? Or, be a God that demonstrates love in every reality. Consider the demonstration being promoted to be a negative delivery of man's ability to create. Nothing that the divine love in the heart of hearts can command, can deliver the combination of dreams concocted for an experiment.

Be the divine anchor of light instead. Meditate, ask for divine teachings, ask for divine healing. Give assistance to those who need it, play, dance, chant, do Tai Chi. Give the world the light. Don't give a mental dream to this drama unless you are willing to reap the consequences, like Lucifer did. Being like God is not demanding control of the world over God's creation. Make no mistake, this choice has many implications that the children of God are not aware of. Remember the Golden calf? This experiment is your Golden calf.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I hope that Aruna have recovered her health. Best wishes.

    Saint Germain, a group of friends, myself included, would appreciate if you could comment someday upon Operation Terra messages, dictated by a group of beings who identify themselves as Hosts of Heaven.

    Are these beings from Christ Consciousness ? They work in unison with the Great White Brotherhood and the Ashtar Command ?

    Thank you.
    Anselmo from Brazil

  2. Hi Anselmo,
    It is great to know that are many of us joined in this blog from across the planet. On my way to work this morning I heard drivers of other buses greeting each other through the radio with warm "Good morning" and any little joke like "Hey movie star..." The energy of feeling connected was huge. Can we chelas of Saint Germain bring that feeling here? It would be of great benefit.

    Saint Germain, I tried today to change the way of the "meditation". It was difficult to choose an object that inspires the emptiness. My "bad" that I see life everywhere. Life speaks, breaths, has heart beats. After the first failure, I thought to find an object which inspires instead of emptiness, tranquillity and peace. May I have God? Having God in my closed eyes caused a tsunami of waves of love and my visions went wild.

    The flame of the candle was not good either. It added energy and my lungs wanted to scream in excitement, singing and dancing and bringing down on my plane all that is up there.

    I will try again today a word instead of an object. Perhaps: Peace. My promise, I will try until my mind "behaves" properly. Thank you for your advise.

  3. Hi Aox10, we may try to do that, moreover this is a Saint Germain´s recommendation in Master Messages, to form communities of like minded people. Although the instructions are for real communities, I think that a virtual community could be a beginning.

  4. Beloved Master St.Germain ....thank u so much for the message. I have shared it as always with my friends and would like to thank you for shedding the Divine Light upon us always. Have no words how to explain how important this Divine message is. I wish all mankind get this Light from you so as to accelerate on our spiritual journeys.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib