Sunday, June 20, 2010

Make A Wish Day

Channels of all the Ascended Masters and Angels are giving one message today: Tomorrow will be a day to bring forth your heart's desires for co-creative manifesting. The men and women who make this a day to celebrate their happiness will activate a new condition on the entire earth. Close the door to all of your fear, all unhappiness, all draining emotions and dance. And while you are dancing, consciously make a wish. These wish messages are to be answered moment-to-moment, in a continuous flow, as more wishes are made.

Manifest all the dreams of the heart and then give the world another gift for the day after. Call in the money that we have all been awaiting. Call in control of your own destiny. Call in happiness and mastery. Give me the direction that your heart desires. My co-creative abilities will be active. My answers to your calls will be quick. My co-creative ability is greater now than it has ever been.

Now the dreams of my chelas can get done. Now the hearts of man can awaken. Now those countries that have been controlled by magic will be doing magic in reverse. Many countries will begin to heal, and their new dreams can give them different destinies. New attitudes will affect all who are controlling them, and different conditions will move out the old way of doing things.

Happiness and mastery are the new way of being. Centuries of difficult governments are about to disappear. New daily managers will be moved into office. They are the ones who are my dreamers, the ones who cannot only dream, they can give their dreams clarity, confidence and continuity. We will be making dreams manifest and co-creating a different moment with changes in man's awareness. The moment of delivery of all the most desired manifestations has arrived, and this will have none of the controllers dancing. They will control the men and women on the New Earth no more.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful message. I am very much enjoying the messages being shared here. Since today is Make a Wish Day I thought I would share mine here.

    My first wish is to get present with all that is coming to the surface for me to clear, so that the dis-ease that has manifested as sores/rash on my skin and in my mouth may be healed and released for good. I want to acknowledge and be responsible for my past miscreations and then let them go, rather than having them boil under and in my skin. I would like my inner "beauty" to shine through every part of me including my skin. Interesting, as I am typing this wish several of my "spots" are starting to itch and annoy. To be clear and "connected" that I may know and recognize what is here for me to learn.

    My Second wish is for all of nature and life to be singing with Joy and Passion. Oil Spill Gone, Clean Air to Breathe, Fresh Healthy Water to Drink, Untainted Food to Eat, Technologies Unhidden and Shared with All, Energy Independence, True Freedom for All, Abundance and Prosperity flowing for Everyone, Animals and People Living in Harmony, People Expressing their gifts to the world and filled with Passion while they do it. This is my vision and wish for our present and future.