Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When All Else Fails, Keep Trying

We will need many channels to guide people locally as an answer to their basic needs. No new channels for message dissemination are needed. We have too many that contradict one another and deliver a less than accurate dictation. What has been the reason my newest gifts to mankind are so different? Because most channels have not been able to accept what now must be called to mankind's attention. Are these messages an answer to an entire era of clouded messages? No, because they cannot reach those who want love and light without Truth. Can we change the disasters? Ascend? Only if many combine their energies of love and awareness. Awareness is the missing aspect in most of the channeling that has caused this disturbance in our readers. When only one attitude can be accepted as accurate, awareness is not contained in the "acceptance of what is". Not having complete awareness culminates an interest in anything that does not agree with one's limited point of view. More awareness is in the content of these  messages, not an attitude "to manifest" one's own desires.

My call came late. I admit it would have greatly helped the current condition if Madam Blavatsky, and others, were able to give instructions about ascension. But this was not our goal at that time. We merely wanted to become known as guides. Now we look at man's delusions about all that has been delivered, and attempt to change the way we have communicated. Can it be accepted? Not many do accept. Can it be accurate? Only an accurate awareness can determine this. Most chelas do not have an awareness that can include more than one answer as being accurate, when, in fact, many can be accurate at different times.

When channeling is delivered to a clear channel, it makes comments on current, in the moment, awareness of the Master who is teaching. In this same moment, another Master can also be teaching with another way of seeing the same circumstance. Can all humans see the same object in exactly the same way? Not at all. When the Masters observe human doings, each has one observation to draw from. When changes occur in the mass consciousness, the day's content may appear to contradict the content of another day's channeling. A change in consciousness changes events.

What was predicted in 1999 can be as different as night and day from what can be concluded now, in this moment. Are these not all accurate when they were conceived?

Madam Blavatsky was not a Master in her own day. If she was, another Master of awareness would not have attempted to use her as a conduit. No channels, until very recently, could accept all of the things that are mentioned in these new messages. Can my new dictations be the content that makes a difference? None of the others have, and collectively, they have made a bigger content contribution in the call for ascension than any one collection of messages can deliver.

Can my chelas ascend? Yes, and can they do it together? Not unless they are willing to Awaken and become more aware. Channeling does not, in itself, offer Awakening. Neither does meditation by itself. No channeled teachings have awakened masses of humans, as mental attitudes have kept them in the illusory condition. Can they awaken and ascend? When they have the awareness of what contains Truth and what does not. This must be included in the content of messages meant to awaken the masses.

My channelings are attempting to do this. Are they accomplishing their goal? A few have been capable of letting go of their mental attitudes that allow them to make the needed consciousness alterations. Can many completely awaken from these messages? No one can determine the cause and effect of any one contribution. There are many contributions being delivered for awakening now. Closed minds cannot awaken. Only "no-mind" can become an awakening.

When man's mind delivers attitudes that deny the Truth, how can mere words change things? What is needed, is more delivery of a combination of things that can draw mental attitudes out of the equation.

Welcome to the conduits in my channeling course. Your contact with me during this course can provide you a combination of awareness contributions that can  assist in an awakening. Please do not allow mental attitudes about channeled material from any source discourage you from getting direct communication from me, or other guides, to assist you in the event this is needed.

Charm and grace are an attempt to act as if the content of a channeling is clear. My delivery is not full of these seductive energies for a reason. I want you to be moved by the impact of my words, not an attempt to convince you of their accuracy.

Ground report: hundreds are reading these messages regularly. What can I do to increase this? Appeal to those who can accept them to lead them to others. Can hundreds create a mass ascension? Absolutely not. Can my words make a change in mass consciousness? Maybe. I'll keep delivering them in the hope that they can. It is my best contribution to date.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I am everyday in overloaded trains. Everyday setting my eyes at faces around thinking if this collective consciousness will shift one day to a single one. Honestly, I doubt it can happen any day soon. Honestly, I know I am wrong as I think so. Wasn't I one in this crowd 365 days ago with no hope of being somebody different?

    Let's have faith in the magic of power of God that can make life from stone and dust. This faith is the golden bone that keeps Earth and Heaven together, connected in the consciousness of the One. Let's have hope and take courage to try again when we think we failed.

    Do you feel sometimes disappointed with the outcome? Look at me to get the courage back again and work harder then never before. Not giving up is what God wants to see at each of us in Earth and Heaven.

  2. Thanks Saint Germain for the clarification.(And Aruna also of course :-)

    Aox10, your optimism is a beautiful thing to see.