Saturday, July 31, 2010

Creating Our New World

Man is the connection between the earth and my realm. Only man does the manifesting that allows the movie of life to continue. Without man, there would be no action for us to be involved with. Man creates all of the messes and their resolutions.

Making a new world can be an exciting adventure. Both of the dynamics of cause and effect continue to deliver one's manifested conditions, so being the cause of your desired conditions can create a world that contains more of what you want. Purpose and intention are the keys! Make a new world of love, and then be an example of the effect.

Man will give us all of his new dreams and we will assist to co-create them. Begin to dream now. Create the ambiance that the heart desires. Manifest this today. Begin to manifest by writing down all of the things a new world could contain. Include many creations of diversity on all the continents, and don't exclude any currently existing animals or growing elements. Forests are necessary for all inhabited areas. Plants of all varieties must be available.

Chickens and ducks and other flying birds need the contact with nature they were created for. No animal needs to be confined to a tiny coop. Predators are also essential to all of the animals that are not able to decide for themselves. Predatory animals are the example of control by coincidence, not control by design. Man does his control by design, and chooses his prey without any concern about their ability to defend themselves. Animals, on the other hand, can attack any other animal and the one being attacked can get away. Another game of life to be considered in the new world.

All methods of desired conditions must be considered in the creative process. No concept that has new beginnings can thrive unless all the details have been considered. No deaths caused by new creations will be acceptable. Moving from one dynamic to another will not be an instant change over, so being concerned about dreams in the mental continuum will block new creation. No dreams can get out of the mind that are not resolved. Acceptance that the old dream is over must get into the make-up of the new creation.

Anchors of light are the new and the old in one container. They are aware of the old, accepting that this has no place in the future, and are manifesting the new with their open and calm way of being in the world. No anchor of light is angry about man's dramas, and can create new dynamics with their accepting attitude. Portions of the human drama are angry. Others are very afraid. And more are apathetic, giving all of their life force to nothing at all. More and more of the ones who care are becoming light anchors, and all of them are making the way clear for our new world.

Change is not more of the same. Change will be new and different. Can you give more detail to this dream? Add your concept to the drawing board. Wish and decree and mandate the things you are committed to creating.

My anchoring of new awareness on man's daily activities is part of a new beginning. Use these messages to continue your good mental attitudes and new dreams of heart driven desires. Take nothing out of the current dream that you appreciate. Add what can make things better.

Ponder this: man creates his own reality with his mind. Put yours to good use.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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