Friday, December 31, 2010

Free the Master Within

Free the Master within today! There's no need for the mass consciousness to give forth any decrees other than unconditional love. When love comes from the heart, and all can give love to those who are outside of their close associations, heaven can be created on Earth. Answers to all of today's disturbances can be found, and all of mind's fear can be eliminated. The cost of this change is nothing. The time needed for this is one minute or less. What can do it? Your conscious decision to delete all negativity from your thinking.

Once this commitment has been made, ask the consciousness of the body to give you all of it's reasons for gratitude. As an answer, the body may cry, or create movements, or deny the question. Ask again. Ask until happiness can be accepted by the mind. Happiness is a characteristic the Master within gives to a body.

Mental concepts have been the cause of lack for most of the things now disappearing. Change is now the most controller dominated area of interest, one of these controlled areas of interest being the world money supply. Could this be a concept that could be deleted? Can the heart be more creative than these men, in the countries that manage these things? Of course it can, God can do anything!

Cancel their control with heart consciousness. Give them their walking papers when they ask for more than they deserve. Be their conscience. How? By giving them heart led answers.

My call cannot be completely clarified right now, but when they are taking away more than they deserve, give it all without a negative answer, and ask God for the next step. You will be cared for. I cannot guarantee the exact details yet, but wait for the next days' events to unfold. Get ready for a dream come true!

My words today will seem a bit vague, for a reason. I want you to anticipate a great beginning of the New Year, because it will be a year of new and different, and the opportunity to Awaken and glow!

Have a great New Years Day.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

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  1. I recently found the blog and have been studying the material. I like the message of awakening, it's unique as far as I know. It has raised a few question though.

    One is about meditation. If meditation is anything mindless, then can't lite sleep qualify? I get plenty of that.

    Another is related. What about dreams? In mine I experience many alternate lives. They don't seem so much past or future as parallel. How do these fit into the awakening/ascension process?

  2. I truly have not a Comment to make. If I did It would come from my heart in the most kind way. I was swept off my feet and spun like a top. I will not give this day any more power than any other day.I have maid my covenant with the inner teacher as I know we create moment by moment.
    I love you my friend.I thank you for giving me opportunity to come back to neutral.
    I have been reckless at times and have decided to step back for a while turning within to speak with the inner teacher.I have come this time to fight the greatest battle that lies within. Happy New Now to you my friend. I AM