Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Purpose of These Messages

Channeling my messages does mankind a great service. Mankind needs more awareness to negate the negative messages being delivered as news. Man has no way of discerning truth from the calculated manipulation that comes from giant corporations who aspire to actively acquire man's agreement to changes that serve their interests.

Mankind needs other guidance. My guidance may not give all the answers desired, but there is no covert agenda attached to it. My only desire aligns with the desire of man's consciousness that exists when mental concepts don't disturb. What I can do is give another message to man that does not come from anyone's greed. Forthcoming messages will give an accurate explanation of those changes that have been man made.

Many of the changes controlling man's destiny are around diet and man's ability to think clearly. Poisons ingested, inhaled and delivered as medicine are making man's mind doubtful of health possibilities. Grain is all tainted. Meat grown for food is all made to be coronary destroyers, unless grazed and fed naturally. Processed foods are all contaminated. GMO foods are altering the genes in your body. Nothing is clean except what you grow for yourselves without chemicals.

Do yourselves a great service. Don't make a meal with chemically treated meat or GMO ingredients. Quit drinking diet drinks and adding aspartame to your other drinks. Make the choice of natural over chemical in all circumstances.

I AM Ascended Master Saint Germain
channeled by Aruna

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