Monday, April 18, 2011

All About the Ascension Call

When the ascension call comes, those hearing it will be asked to do certain things to leave third dimension. No one will need to guide others. Children who will ascend can do this by their own essence taking charge. Colleagues of those ascending will be collectively surprised. All who choose to ascend will be moving to the dimension of their current awareness. Some to 5th, and many to the higher realms. Awakening to 5th dimension consciousness will be done automatically. Other dimensions will energize those who are complete with all of their lessons.

All children of God will get the call. Only those who are able to accept and act on it are to ascend. My direct appeal for channeling ability was to make awareness of this call more apparent to those unable to get messages direct.

At the present moment the goal is more than an obvious count demonstrates. No cause to be concerned if you are open to the inner awareness that normally guides you. If not, meditate and ask to be guided. No density claims an ascension candidate. All deep negative attitudes are now eliminated. Complete acceptance of "all that is" comes naturally.

Moving out of 3rd dimension is not magic - nor is it science. Only calm, clear minds can accept this choice. No levitation is involved, only disappearance of the body.

More and more, the dear ones who are to ascend are being readied. Are you needing more sleep? Are you getting more sensitive? Clearing density out of the cells causes these new conditions that are needing attention. No one can mentally determine their own density quotient. Are these clues enough to still make the needed contact possible? Yes they are.

Making the ascension easy has nothing to do with conditions in the 3rd dimensional drama. Only those who can ascend determine whether they participate or not. One by one they choose. There will not be any devious, complex demands on them to do so.

Meditation now is good. It is not a requirement, but will calm the mind so clarity of contact can be delivered. Making a will can be useful, although a disappearance is not the same as a death, and no legal deliverance of these directions will be made. Bank accounts can be closed or designated to dependants now. Make all decisions for these things now. Make a goal to ascend and give away things not needed. Are my words clear? Are you able to deliver these things now? No? Alright, don't do it, and allow things to be done about them after you ascend.

My dear ones. Those who question my authenticity will be astonished to discover their next quote is, "I was wrong". Please give them no attention. Prepare on your own to ascend and get the provisions to attend to the days of darkness in case you don't hear the ascension call. Make a decision to leave, or not, before the call comes. It will require an instant decision later.

No decent into darkness will go along with the ascension. Many of your days will be in between. So go to the store after the ascension should my words not give you confidence in your own choices now. Are you able to ascend? Just ask me this question directly and get your own answer. If no answer is delivered, this means you have no ability to hear the call. Get to work now and open the ability to channel your own guidance.

My dears, my words may appear crazy to those who don't answer their own inner director with clear acceptance. But, all who do will be delighted to be One again in another realm. No chariots of fire this time, only contact and mental dissolution of all 3rd dimension constructs. Abilities to see or attain directions other than words are not as clear in their guidance as direct messages of the Angelic kind. One can count on the direct message in an answer of words only.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Be ready dear Saint Germain to assist all of us that day, none will be left behind. Here is a toast for you! Cheers! And Thank You!

  2. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I would like to ask if there would be another Ascension Call after the "days of darkness"? Or after the "days of darkness", all those who still remain behind in this current realm would be moved to another new planet (as mentioned in previously)? Looking at this latest article right now, I'm still a bit confused on how the Ascension Call could happen and what happens to the rest of humanity?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Greedings to my Beloved Master Saint Germaine.We agree'with what You and Archangel Raphael suggests.Asking direct guestions'someone gets direct ansewrs.This leaves no clouds and space for doubts' and unfair critisism'based on ignoranse and mind's confusion.We know that some of Masters will continue their service'either from their new assigments as the teachers of humanity in New
    Era'or from other posts in other fields of experiense and Service to the Plan.guestions.
    1.In now Days the rule-first in -first out is applied or in some cases the first in is the last out.
    2.One's judgment' is based on outside judgment'or is based on the rules of Karma'
    and in this case'everybody' is judged by his Higher inner self'on his actions through life and incarnations.
    3.The prevailing of dark in different stages of the history of humanity'should be considered as minus in one's Master's achievements and mastering'or'is the mass failure to respond' to their calls and guidanse.and
    4.What about controllers.Their long closed attachment and free will service to the dark'
    gives the merits for their judgment'or'what is going to happen with them.Thanks and cheers to All of YOU.

  4. Hi Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I wonder if St. Germain could explain the Ascension process from a Buddhist context? As I wonder where does the Ascension process fit in the Buddhism.

    Thank you very much.