Friday, April 15, 2011

Opening the Portal

Making the ascension message clear is my goal. All who made a contract with ascension as their answer to delivering more light to humanity are about to get this opportunity. No more drama to learn, or mental attitudes to clear. What you have already done makes a difference now. In the next months, all who are able to receive our contact can ascend. Are all fully Awake? Not completely. Ascension can complete their dramas instantly. A choice to ascend is choosing to fully Awaken.

No death or another birth will be needed. Only disappearing during daylight hours, when others are observing, will occur. No drama, only continuous Oneness with divine grace is occurring. Oneness consumes the non-aligned as they are dreaming, and continues that dream now. In the ascension they may discover they have been dreaming. In their discovery, they can act as though they are new to this dream of ascension and learn to accept their new awareness.

Confused? My words are as clear as I can make them. A detailed description of Awakening is not appropriate. I'll can only tell you what can be absorbed by an ego without disturbance.

Make a commitment to ascend, then delete all concerns about "how and when". Get the most out of each moment. Clear the mind of doubts and concerns. Cheer the moment that ascension comes. An actual disappearance of the human body will be the experience of those observing. Once this occurs, the observers will feel the energy of Oneness around them. This is to clarify the cause of the disappearance. After this happens, the news media will become delighted with all the reports of missing, observed bodies and will dismantle the mystery that has been created. Newly observed disappearances are not to occur until the next group is able to discern the call.

The days of darkness are not actually connected to the ascension, and only the controllers can alter economic conditions. Man will need to deal with the sun's lack of light and the complex destruction of money on all the continents. No delay of these occurrances is going to make the ascension more causal. Only consciousness will be affected.

Channeling my messages can be continued by those now learning (who become clear). All they need do is communicate to others their messages about the future as it unfolds. My current channel of these messages can continue her role as a teacher of channels by maintainting direct channeled contact with her current clients if this is their desire.

Are the Ascended Masters going to continue guiding thru channeling? Absolutely, none of our chelas will be neglected. All will be delivered to ascension that are committed to this dimensional change. My chelas are not being asked to do a one or two dimensional alteration. Graduation means going directly to the seventh or higher. My guidance has been to this level, not only a different continuation of the current mode of existance.

Opening the portal to other dimensions contains an opportunity to get challenged, as the door to the astral opens as well. Consider this a good test of an anchor of light. Move out of astral with a most clear declaration of "I AM THAT I AM".

Continue as usual until the call, then act on all the directions coming from the Angels to guide you.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. thank you mam and master saint germain for this wondeful message nothing can kindle the mankind any ascension

  2. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Thank you very much for that fascinating insight about how Ascension would happen for mankind. As you mentioned disappearing in front of others in broad daylight, wow... that's still a bit hard for me to grasp, but nevertheless very very clear and interesting indeed.

    I would like to seek clarification that should the call to Ascension happen before the "days of darkness", would these individuals who have moved to the 5th Dimension would still have to go through this transition period?

    Thank you very much.