Sunday, April 10, 2011

Are You Available?

Channeling this message is not an act of comfort to the channel. It comes to her as a gift from me, and can be distributed or not, at her discretion. My choice is to notify, not frighten. As you can determine your own ability to calm the mind, only move on to the next material as this applies. Give yourself this gift of awareness only when the mental demons are quiet.

Are you able to make a new life today without disturbance? Are you able to give away all of your most cherished possessions, as in the case of moving away in an instant of new courage? Are the cords cut to all who decide not to leave and go along with this move? Can you detach now? My questions are a test of your ability to ascend. Perhaps this anchor of new awareness can determine this for you.

Can you move away when a new day dawns? Are you ready to act on divine guidance to do so? I'm not talking about going to another corner of your world, or to a quiet Island for a month's retreat. I'm talking about moving away to another dimension of awareness that includes no contact with those who are not coming with you.

Followers of many channels will condemn these comments because they are not as delicious an image as the directives of most. I am delivering news today that an ascension call will come in the next few months, and all who are clearly available can go to the next condition of awareness along with this channel. Are these requirements, as they fit with my other list, able to be decreed as the decision you are prepared to make? Are these teachings about ascension able to move you to this conclusion, in light of all the things we have been giving as criteria? Are you able to leave the 3rd dimension now?

Portals will open in a few months time. Can you be one of those to go on to the next contract of mastery in a human body? Are these words causing you any disturbance? In the next weeks we will give no new material about ascension. In these next days you must get ready or not, depending on your choice. My messages from now on will be more about how to adapt to the new conditions that are to occur for those choosing not to ascend. And during these months, decide, because clear guidance, direct from within those who can determine these messages are not mind's deception, comes to ascend (as a group) those who are qualified.

At this gateway, only one million are completely at the level of ascension completion. But during the next months this can be increased. Clear the mind, open the heart, and greet all as loved ones without any negative attitudes. As these qualities are attributes that qualify, the only other thing needing to be done is to have enough courage to deny the controlling ego when the ascension call comes.

Presence is the open door. Ask not the date and time, only have Being awareness as the goal, and get out of the way of mind's decisions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. please clarify the context of the 2 options described regarding ascension, mastery in human form & full declare it from your heart & then what happens?,do you go in a dream? or transform with help from? will we know those whom chooses one or the other? there a difference in what people will experience?..thanks .love you.

  2. Good Day Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    After reading this latest update, I would like to seek some clarification from St. Germain regarding the following two questions which I have in my mind at this moment:

    1) In the previous articles titled: Comments on the Comments, St. Germain mentioned that those who choose to remain in the 3rd Dimension shall be "moved" to another new planet to continue their existence, while those who choose to move on to the 5th Dimension would remain after the "Days of Darkness" transition. If that is the case, why would there be a need for dimensional portals to transfer these individuals to another dimension? Would these portals simply be a direct doorway to the new place (ala Bermuda Triangle teleportation)or would these individuals need to experience "death" and be reincarnated in a new human body in the 5th Dimension?

    2) With Aruna leaving this dimension in the coming months, who would be the next new channeller to pass the message to the rest of us?

    Looking forward to hear what St. Germain has to say and comment about these two questions.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Many Thenks and greedings to our Beloved Master Saint Germain.
    It seems that now is the Time for the Big Truths.Before removing the mountains'in bettween mind's control decisions'and spiritual awareness' we have first to clean the long existing misd and clouts of illusion and SELF-DECEPTION.
    Ascention is not removing outside obstacles'but all negative forms'prevending us for evolving to pure mental and spiritual awareness.
    Making the differense'is not one's mind decision'but the certain stage of our Conciousness Awakening'within the limits of time and space'WE'as individuals'we choose to live'to act and to respond to Higher calls.
    No outside advise'or guidanse in respect of the
    Merits 'of one's decision.The decision lyies with US and only US.
    Thenks again to Master Saint Germain and to all
    Ascended Masters.God bless All.

  4. Dear Saint Germain. I want to know about the days of darkness. Are these associated with the passing of comet Elenin this coming september? Please elaborate on this if possible. Thank you very much. Rolando.

  5. Are you saying that we can leave everything material behind and can physically pass through a dimensional portal and we will be existing in our present form in another dimension?

  6. So when one ascends, one also leaves behind loved ones,(ie: son) ?? wil love to have some more insight on this.
    Thank you...much love <3