Sunday, April 24, 2011

Concern Creates

My dear ones. When the disturbance in a man gets more of his attention than the God awareness in his heart, a negative energy has commanded his appearance. No class or written material can develop a new outlook without that man's contract being activated by another source of guidance. Angels and the other Masters that are around the grid of man's human characterization are the most caring and grace delivering beings, but the darkness of an emotional contraction can also attract less caring beings into the grid. Not being able to see them provides them the ability to make an engaging demonstration of healthy challenges that deliver contrasts to choose from.

All choices are made one of two ways:
1. Choosing the most apparent option, the one the ego/mind can count on as familiar territory.
2. Adding new alternatives to the human experience.
Not choosing the new option keeps God from moving you through the cause and effect changes that are central to growth in awareness.

Fukushima, and the added nuclear manifestations that are currently in man's choice considerations must now be discussed, as negative attitudes are contributing more darkness to the mass consciousness than anti-nuke dialog. They are also making more density in other areas of human affairs: money, the decline in gold movement because of the high denominations needed to get any of it, and the dropping value of the dollar are all making new inroads as concerns that have never before been considered.

The end of denial about the controllers methods of operating mean there is more concern about outcomes than ever before. What does this mean? It means the density of man's attitudes are causing man more darkness, giving rise to a new depressed condition rather than energy expansion. When this continues to erode the influence of our realm, the ability to make contact between dimensions can be destroyed, and that will add a new cause for concern.

What can alter this? More light. Where can it come from? All those who can maintain the light in themselves and light the way for others.

My message today must be considered carefully. Make note of these most important points:
1. What you are thinking and saying creates.
2. All of the negtive attitudes you generate cause darkness and can neutralize the next deposit of light contributed to mass consciousness. Attacking my chelas daily are channeled masters of darkness, deceiving those who are not able to discern them as demons.
3. Positive thoughts need more good energy to activate them.

Consider making a difference in the way you contribute to mass consciousness. When you can notice the content of your thoughts, get them leaning towards gratitude rather than making the next decision about how to avoid new experiences. Get out of negativity! Nuclear radiation is not going to destroy your health or your lives. Fukushima is not complete in its control of the material it contributes to the atmosphere, but its death making ability has been cancelled. No food will be contributing nuclear content to your bodies and no cancer causing agents are being anchored by human contact with nucler devices or their contents. Facing your active death concerns must be done next, as this has destroyed a lot of our work to create light in the consciousness drama.

Make peace with this dynamic. Give it no concern. Act as though there is nothing to be concerned about. There isn't! Your help is needed as a monumental development to cast more light on those who have lost all of their dream to the tsunami and its consequences. Can you change an active condition of danger into a neutral condition? Absolutely, by neutralizing your thoughts about it. When you are not answering circumstances with fear you are helping to delete a potential effect. Not thinking about negative options allows more light to be added to mass consciousness.

Put out the dense attitudes. Give them no attention. Face the fact that what you think makes a difference. All of the fear around major disasters weakens the forces of light needed to defy their materialized activity. The way you can make a difference now is by moving out of fear! Are you even a little concerned about the nuclear disaster in Fukushima? Having no concern means the healing of the disaster can occur quickly. Concern deletes the energy of healing. Are you giving  negative messages to anyone or anything? Cancel them. Pretend that nothing of any major importance is going on and know that all is as it needs to be. Mentally create this in your imagination. Give out this message to counter the concerns of those needing comfort.

Pontificating against anything creates what is being mentioned. Its chance of doing damage becomes greater, as the thoughts about it are what damage, not the thing itself. Example: Weapons of mass destruction have damaged nothing, but causes concerning them have created many deaths. Nothing good comes from concern. Be aware of what is actively being demonstrated, but don't let your concern about it destroy anything else.

Major natural disasters should not be a concern. How to deal with human destruction is. Man destroys, minds destroy, and natural disasters destroy, but man and his mind destroy much more than any natural disaster ever has.

Bring your heart to the light, and the destruction caused by man can be eradicated. Natural deaths are one way that souls can get more of the divine dance to deal with.

P.S. The moment of ascension, when density disappears, is the anointed condition. It can be chosen by all. There is nothing elitest or controlling about it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you for this perspective. I am aware of this but unconsciously I fall for the very trap that the darkness puts out there. Very grateful.

  2. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    I wonder how can one individual or few individuals stand up to the immense density and negativity that is surrounding mankind today. How can we stand up and remain unaffected by the negativity surrounding us?

    Thank you very much.