Friday, April 29, 2011

Beyond all Concepts

When my channel ascends, no more messages wil be delivered. Are these messages important to you? Are they helping you get ready to ascend? Are my words only for your curiosity? Can you ascend NOW? Make this your only concern, and all that is needed will be revealed.

Welcome to those who are ready. Calling you to ascension will not be difficult. Only those who have not committed are going to have the challenge of making a last minute decision. No matter what that decision is, you are always given free will. It applies to all decisions, including this one.

Partners like contracts, we don't. We like options to remain open and all choices made moment to moment. Contact with the astral realm can mess around with the mental decision maker, so give this decision to the heart, not the mind.

Not one of you will be left out of the call. Are you able to hear it? Are my chelas advancing their channeling ability? Some are, but many don't think they are capable. All can do it, not all are clear. Getting clear means deleting the mental denials of your own inner awareness. Will you consider the possibility that all can channel their own inner awareness? Clear the mind and it is available.

Practice this daily: clear the mind and be completely aware of all things around the body. Project no thoughts on them, only have awareness of them. Be as you are: calm, clear and aware. This is your natural condition. Only your mind gives you trouble, not anything that is in your current awareness. Planning takes you out of current awareness. Lamenting does also. Only an absolute declaration is made in the moment - your contracts are getting the attention they need as life continues.

Actual facts about anything are not in the mind's domain. Only assumptions are available, as the mind collects data and makes assumptions based on what it has collected. All data comes from an incorrect origin, it is not "the Truth" as the mind concludes. Configuring any data assumes things to be different than they actually are. Beliefs are only inaccurate conclusions.

My dear ones. Facing the fact that nothing you believe is "the Truth" is the most important thing you can do. It opens the door for Truth to be revealed. All your attitudes, beliefs and conclusions about data of any kind keep that door closed.

Pretending to be an expert on anything is arrogance. When we deliver more awareness to one of you to do an experiment or create a masterpiece, you are God's instrument. Conduits are not the creators, God is. Conduits are not the experts, God is. Cancel arrogance and give God the opportunity to determine how the body can best contribute to all that is. Give an open door to God and accept the gifts delivered. Having no control is necessary for you to contain the gift.

Practicing the attitude "God's will not mine" is the key. Allow and accept all that God delivers as the absolutely accurate contribution needed. It is! And your mind may not agree.

False conduits, those who claim to have all the answers as a man, are not delivering God's contribution. False claims to this effect can mislead those not able to detect Truth from God directly. Masters are the ones who can do this. When a Master gets a message, or a nice big hug from God, he/she answers, "Thank you".

My messages have been a big hug from God. No one has claimed them as their own teaching. All of them are available to those who are able to act on their own inner impulse to get them. False conduits demean them. Their lesson - your opportunity to check inside for answers.

Ponder this: My dream is for all my chelas to ascend. Not all can. Are they less qualified than the others who are able? Absolutely not, only less open. Come out of cause and effect consciousness now and be one of those who ascend. Are the arrogant ones coming? Only if they get out of their concepts and can accept the awareness that lives underneath these conclusions.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. "My messages have been a big hug from God."
    Your messages have been so. They got “stuck” in our hearts, because their very essence was about Freedom and Happiness. You were patient with us as we were going up and down on the path of our spiritual growth and maturity. You inspired us to seek for the fulfillment of the heart’s needs instead of material needs, because, you explained, there was the meaning, the purpose, the true Freedom, and Happiness.

    Your messages were a loud call for us to get up on our feet, sharp the sight and see beyond walls of the illusion. You told us that there was not any end of anything, instead a new beginning of every thing. Recognizing a new us, better us on every day passing by, was the proof that what you were saying was true. By today, everything you ever told us has come true.

    Saint Germain, at the beginning you generously gave us your wings to fly and see what the Real was. Today we’ve grown our own wings, making them stronger to reach higher than we ever dreamed of. Thank you, dearest friend, Ascended Master Saint Germain, and thank you Aruna for your commitment and dedication to work tirelessly, give the best of your heart for the best of all.

    (Well, it sounds as a farewell… Saint Germain is going nowhere, until the last of us has accomplished his/her journey. Keep it up everybody.)

  2. Dear Aruna & St. Germain,

    Thank you very much for this latest article. Taking this opportunity (while Aruna is still around), for those of us who may not be joining the ascension or haven't yet managed to channel directly, perhaps St. Germain could now discuss the his favourite topic of latest politics and happenings (besides Prince Williams getting married) that are now happening globally as well as to provide us with any other latest information (besides getting basic food supplies, etc.) for those of us to survive and continue living after the days of darkness and Ascension.

    Thank you very much!