Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Attributes Needed for Ascension

All of my messages are for those who chose to ascend in this lifetime. All are welcome to read them and consider their content, but only those with ascension contracts are drawn to them. When my teachings are not accepted by mind's conceptual decision maker, an ascension candidate may be diverted to another, more difficult, anointing by divine consciousness.

An adept of the Masters or Angels must acquire three most important attributes:
1. Absolute love of all that is.
2. Mastery of human-divine consciousness and
3. All negative attitudes are dissolved.

Never before has this been told as an ascension qualification list. Nowhere is this made clear, even in my messages. I've always made reference to Awakening, the natural actualization of these three qualities, without mentioning details of this magnitude. Now my dear ones, I can accept that not all of those reading my messages conceive of an Awakening with these three characteristics. There's no difference in what I am saying now, you are just being given a more detailed description.

What do these three qualities actually mean? I'll describe them to you now.

Number one: all that can be observed or consciously known is dealt with as an act of divine grace. Yes, that includes abuse, corruption, death by murder and child abduction; all that is now taking place, and all that occurred before this moment. No distinction is made by the adept who is ready ascend. No distinction means no categorizing as "good and bad" or "right and wrong". Only having "no attitude at all" can claim an anointing for ascension.

Next, the mastery of human-divine consciousness. This means that the consciousness being expressed through a human container is divine, not man made. In this context, the mental director (ego) does not control any of the body's actions or choices. All man made concepts, attitudes, beliefs or answers to man's dilemmas are non-existent. Mastery contains divine attitudes only. Closing circuits to outside influences can be done by paying no attention to them. Only clear awareness from the divine consciousness within is at cause in decision making or actions taken. Spontaneous, free flowing action comes without mental consideration.

And number three, all negative attitudes are dissolved, can be an admission that nothing is of any consequence. To get disturbed by what anyone does or says disrupts the flow of light available. To degrade, or dismiss as dark, an alternative point of view cancels all the light flowing through you. To give a negative opinion to others contributes dark instead of light. All posturing about any condition, that doesn't consider the divine play of light and dark to be the dance needed for more awareness, cancels this awareness.

Opposites exist to light the world. Are there any cases of dreams about a better future arising out of only delightful circumstances? No, only when new creations appear to be needed do they arise. All dramas needing active remedies are considered dark, and yet, they inspire delightful co-creation and the light that can be the next Oneness opportunity.

Consider all dark activities to be a condition needed to create more light. See a good creative development possible in all circumstances. Negativity comes with no cause. It is only a mental opinion based on a limited point of view. No negativity means that number one (love of all that is) is contained in every observation of human dynamics.

Given that these three attainments are the conditions needed for ascension, come to them with the grace that lies within an ascension candidate. Choose them with deep caring and an open mind.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thank you Beloved Master for your messages. Thanks for your wisdom, your unconditional love and Light!!!!

  2. Miriam says...

    All those tests coming now...I think I will ask our Master to guide me in writing that letter to the wilful person in authority that keeps interfering in my autonomy. Getting angry won´t solve the conflict, our Master has guide me before when I was writing a poem for a beloved friend...