Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ascension Will Alter the Game

Many of you will be able to ascend and choose not to. Why? Attachments. Now you must look at the alternative. Clouds of illusion cause mental attitudes to be deep with inaccurate thoughts. In the big picture there is no difference between a Master's "now or never" attitude, but the delay causes more change in humanity's conversion to higher awareness than a continued body form does. Men, women and children ascending can make that change more conscious than many more Masters living quietly in human density.

After this wave of ascension many details about all the anointed ones will give cause to answer questions about Mastery, never so clearly demonstrated. Pause to reflect on the drama that will unfold. Good days of unveiling more of God's answers can open up those needing this door opened. Closed minds are our target. To deny our contact has made our guidance less available. Opening this door can get new creative answers into human consciousness.

Pure contact needs to be claimed, without the fluff or the mis-directives being delivered now. Change to the human consciousness is the only change needed to continue life on Mother Gaia. Without this change, no continuation can occor without another home for humans being temporarily benevolant to them. Choices more dramatic than an ascension will need to be made. Cataclysms abound now and more are coming. Are these the cleansing Mother Gaia needs? Yes, they are, and cancelling them is not going to be the answer. Cleansing Mother Gaia clears the cause of the chaos; cleansing consciousness in the meantime, clears the dross newly contributing to her demise.

Money dramas are coming, closing this method of buying goods and services. How to cope? Happy hearts that cannot be depressed by circumstances that appear. Only this can deliver a different atmosphere when the next controller game gives cause for non-awarness to create total chaos. Will you be able to care only about answers to health and new deliverance rather than demanding non-aware death to others? Are you able to care for another's child or cope with his nagging? Can you give without crumbling from anxiety? Clear the darkness out of your mental and emotional body and you can deliver heart centered clarity and actions to all who come to you for them.

Welcome to the Age of New Beginnings. Ascension as a group opens the door to what comes next. Who will lead? All who chose to in their contracts. Who will be lead? All who are able to recognize light to follow. Astral entities will not be an influence that needs addressing, as they will leave during the days of darkness that follow the ascension.

Contracts that call for the first ascension are now our concern. Next, the dreamers who will be on the next wave wil be called. We will lead without distance once the ascension occurs. We will come to your assistance as needed. Come on to the train of contact with all of your open hearts. Choose to ascend and get the chaos over with.

My blessings to you all.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Many thanks and greedings to our Beloved Master Saint Germaine for His detailed clarifications and advises for mass ascension.Our thoughts are for Those DESTINED TO STAND ON THE ROCK AS LIGHTS IN THE COMING DARK.
    Open minds and hearts.
    See and anderstand the Cause behind everything.
    Leave your soul and concious to LEAD and not your mind to decide.
    Remove all outside obstacles prevending of see your Devine Destiny.
    Detached from long lasting attiduts and attachments'prevending from right decisions.
    Abandom all attachmments 'used to live with.
    Beggin to see all around'with the eyes of your heart and clear concious.
    See the merits of the Devine Plan you are attached to It.
    Clear the waters around you and stand as Light on the Rock.
    Start climing the steps one a time'and be sure that the Top of the mountain is YOURS.
    GOD bless All Masters and Archangels for their assistanse and Love.

  2. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    It would be much appreciated if St. Germain would let us know if this upcoming mass (or group) Ascension would involve the process of "death and rebirth" for these individuals or they just simply disappear from this 3rd Dimension (e.g. walk into a 5th Dimension portal door), during the process of moving on to the 5th Dimension.

    Also, would these groups of people in the 5th Dimension also experience the transition period during the "Days of Darkness" which St. Germain has mentioned? Assuming that the Call to Ascension comes before the "Days of Darkness".

    Thank you very much and looking forward to see what St. Germain has to say.