Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Attitudes and Opinions

Can my chelas be the masters of their human experience now? My dictations are more than adequate to lead the to ascension, and all my chelas can leave on the next wave if they have dropped their attitudes about desire, attachment and drama that causes mental activity. No chela of mine is incapable of ascending. Are there dramas needing a detached attitude? Are there mental dialoges still going on about anything? Are there any causes of disturbance in action? No disturbance can derail an ascension unless there is masking of honest feelings. Clear up any inner disturbances by accepting the "other's" point of view as being as valid as yours. Personal differences mean only that - a different mode of consideration.

Truth is not in any of your categories. Truth contains all attitudes and all choices. None are more conscious than others - this is only mind's determination. No decision, other than to drop the mind as your controller, matters.

Pure consciousness includes all of the things being observed, not only those you agree with. When the day comes that no opinions are given, a new consciousness is possible. No opinion is a reason to delete a relationship or go to another point of view to avoid destroying a relationship. Can this message cause the disappearance of control over one's friends who don't agree with you?

Please give this your attention. Have you disolved a relationship due to a difference of opinion? Are the relationships you have only with those who agree with you? Neither of these control attitudes are the door to ascension. Both are minor considerations, but what may be minor today can appear major tomorrow. Maybe a difference of opinion arises, like choosing political candidates who hold opposite points of view. Is this going to destroy the continuity of any of your relationships? Must we all agree? No. We must allow and accept differences if we are to give love in all circumstances.

Are you a pro-active campaigner to make a different condition for the world? Can this be done with an attitude FOR the new condition that is being sought without being AGAINST those who don't agree with the change you want made? Can closure on a matter that has been disturbing also open the way towards a generally more accepting attitude? All attitudes are ego's opinion. Nothing ego believes is more important than human connections. Change the world with this, not attitudes against others.

Prepare to ascend by giving up attitudes against anything. Find mental closure on differences of opinion. Allow all to look at their human experiences through their own filters without making them wrong for their opinion. Can this be the new direction taken towards ascension? Forgive all who got angry when you disagreed with them. Clear out all dislikes and damnation. All of my chelas are asked to delete their concerns about differences. All differences bring a big gift to your decision making ability. Give gratitude for them.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. lovely post at the right time just struggling at the edge to enter the new consciousness without opinions attitudes or judgements

    gratitude master saint germain and Aruna mam

  2. My dear Master Saint Germain.
    Thanks and greedings to You and All Masters.
    Comments on issues mentioned in Your messages.
    1.Cause and Effect.
    2.The system of deception-duality.
    3.The invisible enemy.
    4.Ledgents and myths.
    5.HIDDEN TRUES:political-socioeconomic organised controll-manipulation plan.
    6.Redirecting Light to darkness.
    7.Production of misery-poverty through duality.
    8.Depopulation-enslave plans by dark side.
    Through Yours and The Other Masters messages,light is sprait out,to more and more people on Earth.
    Concious awakening after a long and deep sleep,or almost hypnosis stage,is not easy for anybody to deal with.
    The law of karma,based on cause and effect,applies to all Beings,from the beginning up to the very end,and full Ascension,which drives out of man,s drama on this planet.
    The dark,s side deception plan,through power,controll,and manipulation of mass conciousness,is well known to all awared people.
    Ledgends and myths played major role,on this mental,mind,and consious deactivation program,set by the dark side,and their minions
    on Earth.
    Given the impresion that,we have to deal and fight with an invisible enemy,coming fro nowhwere and going everywhere,leaves people minds unprodected,providing not to much Hope.
    All awakened men,well awared ofYours and other Masters messages,knows very well,the cenarios about dark,s side future and destiny as defined by THE MIGHTY IAM PRESENSE,THE ELDERS AND THE BROTHRHOOD OF LIGHT.
    Redirecting light to darkness,is been the dark side plan for milleniums.The big challenge of all awared men,adepts,masters,and ascended MASTERS,these difficuld times,and the present drama,is redirecting man,s conciousness back to Light,as the essential element in creation,in all Aspects.Because,
    Light is the will of GOD
    Light is the Love of GOD
    Light is the real knowledge
    Real knowledge is Wisdom
    Real knowledge is pure and unconditioned Love
    will,love,and wisdom is GOD HIMSELF,and
    GOD likeness is man,s Destiny.
    Thanks and greedings to You and All Masters.

  3. Thank you for your guidance messages. I found them both enlightening and confirming what I have recently been learning about.

  4. Dear Saint Germain,

    Is the big catastrophe you are talking about connected to “Elenin Comet” (C/2010 X1) approaching the Earth? Does it play any major role for our planet?

    It seems that major earthquakes (Chili on February 27, 2010; Christchurch, NZ on September 04, 2010 and Japan on March 11, 2011) happened when this “comet” was aligned with the Earth and Sun or near the alignment date (as per data from NASA website).

    It will be aligned again later this year, but it will be much closer to the Earth than before, meaning that gravitational force will be much higher.

    Your comments are appreciated.

    Thank you Aruna. Thank you Saint Germain.

  5. …and if it is connected. What is it then? Is it just a comet or something else?