Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Are We Withholding?

What I must tell you today is that no channeling can give all the details. Why? Because we don't have them. God gives them to us when they are to be activated. First awareness, then clarity. Making you aware is our most obvious action.

As the comet comes closer to Earth many effects will be delivered, but we won't know what they are or what remedies are needed until the conditions are known. Many options exist. Can we choose now? No, we act on what appears, not on what we assume will appear. We have an overview, but as I have already explained, many of the things we can conclude from these apparitions of density can be altered in the choices made in mass consciousness. For example: when clearing the land for meat began, we saw complete destruction of the entire continent of South America. The Andes Mountains were disappearing due to lack of growth in the Amazon. More devastation than could be conceived by the meat grazers. The awareness of this possibility has caused a slowdown in meat grazing and not as great a consequence is manifesting. As awareness alters, consequences can be contained. This is why we say what may occur, to get more awareness to those who can deliver higher consciousness to the masses.

Please do not give up what you love or leave your work, or count on anything channeled. Most channeling is not accurate, and the deceivers are not going to let go of their mode of announcing things that they use to distract you from doing your spiritual work. As ascension candidates, the ascension path means divesting yourself of unaware modes of development. This includes the danger of accepting fantasy forecasts as your full time attitude. Fantasy is to inspire, not divert you from becoming more conscious. This has been the condition the deceivers have managed to create. Believing in the full deliverance of humans to other galaxies to save them has kept many from their development for ascension. Being rescued is not a very conscious approach to ascension.

Completing your goal of ascension requires inner work to give up attributes of ego that have been keeping the body dense. Fully accepting a concept about what may occur distracts the mind. Then it doesn't allow in new information because it takes on a controlling attitude about what differs from the deceptive material. We were well aware of this momentum, which is the reason we delivered the Master Messages. Nowhere else will you find the details contained in these three-volumes that lead humanity to the higher consciousness they asked to be guided to for this last chance to ascend.

My dear ones, don't give up. You can do all that is needed now. Give up your attitudes, all of them. Knowing nothing is a lot more conscious than any belief you are holding on to. Being OK about not knowing is one of the lessons you need for awakening. Completing your ascension is the ONLY goal you can aspire to that won't be a non-aligned one. Waiting makes you able to give up your mind's hopes and dreams and clears the disinformation out of your expectations. Giving away all of your non-aligned desires is most important, as the focus of your mind does make a difference.

Closing down all the deceivers is not possible, so we are telling you not to accept anything that does not come to you with the message "I AM Christ Consciousness, I AM THAT I AM." Names of the Masters are used to entice you to the deceiver's messages. Always demand the Christ Consciousness – ONLY. Are all the famous channels delivering Christ Consciousness? No, only a few. You must ask your own Higher Self whether a channeling is from the highest level of consciousness.

Many will be disappointed by the actual level of contact they now have. This is because they didn't open up their contractions and detach from their mental disturbances. Only you can do this - we can only tell you what is needed.

Are you able to ascend? Are you calm or upset? Are you detached or grasping for mental clarity? Are you making the best of what you have or distressed about what you don't have? When these questions are answered honestly, you can not only determine if you are able to ascend now, but can clearly see the things needed to be done to be on the next wave.

We are the leaders of the Great White Brotherhood. We are not the Galactic Federation or the made up names of the deceivers. We are Christ Consciousness. All of the Ascended Masters can clearly give you this degree of awareness. Will it provide all of your desired details? No, but it can guide you to the deep awareness inside yourself that can fill them in. Welcome what you are given, and delve into the awareness within your own heart for more.

Will you hear the call? You won't be able to miss it. Trust that! No matter where you are, or what you are doing, you will hear it. Go to an outside area and claim your ascension. Driving a car? Go to an area you can leave it. On an airplane? Wait until you land. At work? Go to the nearest exit. Asleep? Wake up and go outside.

All will not disappear at the same exact moment. As you can see, no man can disappear without actively making some effort to totally commit. When this answer to the call comes, the ascension will occur. Are we allowing days? No. In each case, do it quickly – as quick as possible.

Now, are there going to be assistants from other galaxies? Only energetically. Many assistants will be giving you the ascension call and aid in the ascension process. Will all of you be ascending? We certainly hope so. Belief in ascension is not needed. Believe nothing, and go to ascension when called.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. I must thank all the masters for listening to us and answering our questions. Thank you from my heart.

    Thanks to those 'brave' enough to ask some questions that are now being answered with clarity.

    This message is excellent for me. How about you?

    I am going about my day, doing what is needed and trying to be less attached to any expected outcome. Trying, as hard as it may, to let God look after the details and still I try to control things to a degree. What I think is best for me, may not be.

    Funny, I just had a quick picture of someone with one of those old conical loud hailers saying, 'time for ascension'. Oh so funny. :-)

    A miracle is about to happen and I want in on it, how about you? Those who will experience this event certainly are fortunate and most probably very deserving of it, due to past trials and tribulations and making a personal effort to be more God like.

    I must continue and work on myself daily, and here's hoping all those who want ascension, all will experience it. Bring on my contractions so I can be clear.

    Thanks SG, Masters and Aruna.

  2. A wise man said some decates ago.

    referring to the disolution of the matterial
    world,and before awakening and spiritual awareness of man ,manifested within one,s self.
    Our Master within,IAM THAT IAM,awakening after
    a long,may be for milleniums,time of sleep,due to the non-reality or illusions,and the deception of man by the ather side.
    Awakening and ascension is the answer of LIGHT,for altering circumstanses,and prevail
    upon darkness and chaos created in all aspects of human affairs.
    Resuruction of CHRIST/CHRIST CONCIOUSNESS,within Humanity,seems to be the only answer and hope for manifesting the New Golden AGE.
    All actions guided by The Ggreat White Brotherhood,THE MIGHTY IAM PRESENSE,AND THE GREAT SILEND WATCHER,Instructions,leads to the
    salvation of man,the victory upon life and death.
    No solutions to the existing socioeconomic
    conditions,seems to be available to anybody,either with high intelligense,awakened, or awared.There are no magic mind,s solutions
    to the existing worldwide chaotic situation,and everything,looks like sinking,in a bottomles water world!
    Standing on the rock,inspide all challenges of darkness,surrouinding one,s life,guided by his own Master within,and Christ Conciousness,all man,s expectations,may come to real,and GOD-ASCENED MASTERS-ARCHANGELS,Dreams for EARTH,Bbe manifested as NEW AGE.
    GOD bless YOU ALL,and All Humanity.

  3. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    If possible, I wonder if St. Germain would also share with us additional methods/techniques of clearing contractions and obstacles which could be hinder our spiritual progress to Ascension and evolution, or would calling upon and using the Violet Flame would be more than adequate to transmute and disable all negative emotions/feelings, energies, chemical toxins (in the food and body), etc.? Is there any limitations to it?

    Thank you very much.

  4. Thank you Master St Germain and Aruna, I appreciate all the information and instructions for this imminent wave of ascension.
    I would like to ask and share some information on comet Elenin. I have seen footage from two sources showing that Elenin is disintegrating, which is good news for us. One of the clips shows an explosion that seems to come from Jupiter, and as that energy wave hits Elenin, it breaks up into two pieces.

  5. I too saw the footage about Elenin but I'm sure all is as should be. I was wondering after reading these powerful words if Master S.G. means the Galactic federation is fake ? There does seem to be so many 'channeling' these days and so much differing information that it just becomes a muddy field. The only truth is inside I think and just let go and be ready for the call. Peace x

  6. thank you tremendously aruna! to the anonymous poster concerned with the elenin/jupiter energy wave fear clip - check out the published data on optical anomalies on the STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) website, perhaps you feel that nasa cannot be trusted but explanations for identical optical effects were posted in 2009, phew!

    "Light reflecting inside the telescope optics, and diffracting off edges within the telescopes, can produce some interesting effects..."


  7. MSG explained here how to channel a Light Being, thereby obtaining a truthful message.
    The problem is that we only read the posted messages, but we have no idea how the channelling proceeded. Whether the channel did the "safety procedure" about asking the Being whether they are from Chris Consciousness - I am that I am etc.
    The other thing is obviously the filter from the channel, regardless of which Being is being channelled. Every human has an ego, and that interferes in more or less degrees with the original message. Be assured that this happens to a more or lesser degree to all channels.
    If a channel does not feel well on a day, they should also not channel at the time.
    Some so called channellings are also influenced by dark cabal elements.
    In the end we should listen with our hearts and be discerning with all we read.

  8. Thank you - even though the message puzzles me , particularly on my self...but never mind, huh!?

  9. Thank you for this message, although it puzzles me,.. particularly on my self, but that doesn´t really matter, huh?

  10. Hi Aruna & St. Germain,

    I just noticed that over at, there was a radio show interview via channeling with the Cosmic Awareness (channeled through Will Berlinghof), looking through part of the excerpt, this Cosmic Awareness states the following as shown below:

    "Additionally, some will accomplish the transition to 5D earth with an alchemical physical transformation (lead to gold as it were). Others will leave their physical vehicle behind and their spirit will then incarnate into a higher frequency 5D body on the new earth. The doorway for this ascension process will open for some in the month of October 2011 and continue beyond 2012."

    Looking at the last sentence, "The doorway for this ascension process will open for some in the month of October 2011 and continue beyond 2012.", could St. Germain comment on this? Does this mean that the first group is leaving sometime in October? I am just highlighting this for those of all who are following Cosmic Awareness as well as this blog.

    Oh by the way, according to Cosmic Awareness, comet Elenin wasn't destroyed by the pulse sent out by Jupiter and it is under the guidance of the Galactics. Interestingly enough, it has also been mentioned that ".... noted Comet Elenin is moving toward us now - 'to assist with the advancement of humanity'".

    Thank you very much.