Monday, August 22, 2011

Changes and What Will Not Change

For one year now my messages have given you an accurate teaching about man's ability to change, and an ascension contract that most of you adopted before coming into a body. What needs to be clarified now is not the things that your mind wants to know, but rather how the life contract composition fits in the big picture.  Comets and their effects are not important enough to be the news from our realm, only waylaying their destruction is. My dear ones, telling you that the destiny of man will be completely altered by this comet is not the news I bring. It will disturb. It will necessitate more darkness as the sun will disappear and come back again. But no dramatic scenario will be actualized by our desire to alter things.

Ascension is on track. It is coming soon. As I said before, no dates or times will be announced. My words about the second wave are still accurate. No cancellation of either ascension plan is considered an option. Those who are able to ascend will do so by magnifying their light on the call of Angels.

There is an astroid behind Elenin that may also come close to Earth. If so, this could cancel our prediction for a second wave. As we now see this astroid's potential impact, it will not actually collide with the continents, but the energy it brings could destroy a lot of today's creations in a second. If this happens, no one will care because of the nuclear crisis this would create.

Ascension is still scheduled for "the next months." The comet's energy will not alter this. After ascension an astroid will be the next destructive manifestation in the cosmos. What I have continually said is: choose to ascend now before things on Earth get much worse. An astroid can destroy everything. It doesn't appear to be moving at a calculated degree of contact to the land, but that can change. One thing at a time: awakening and ascension are not connected to the movements of either of these material objects.

Is NASA accurate about Elenin? As accurate as can be managed to know now. Elenin will not come much closer to Earth than NASA predicts, but its trace of contact is enough to be very destructive to the Earth. This is why I asked for more assistance to lead it away. No, it will not be between the Earth and the moon and yes, it will be brightest during the week of mid-October.

Will we cancel anything because of Elenin? No, no change from our end. Are the ascension calls coming before the closest contact with the comet? Maybe, maybe not - this is God's decision and no one knows. We will all be guided at the moment God decides.

Facts cannot be given because the actual data can still be altered. I am not concerned about Elenin. I want many to ascend and our "take" on this is that no damage that is caused by Elenin will have any effect on ascension. The ascension will be a moment that has more impact on consciousness than either the comet or the astroid.

As we observe the comet and the astroid we allow them to lead to a certain degree of contact before we attempt to change their course. We do anticipate using the light of our chelas to help us do this when the time comes. Whether they have ascended or not doesn't matter. Not having a dense body will not change the amount of light available from your heart.

All is as it needs to be. Free yourself from mental concerns about future events. None of this matters to the dance of ascension.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. Thanks St. Germain, Vywamus (in Masters and Mankind) and Aruna for the clarification and advice.


  2. Thank you master saint germain and Aruna mam for clarifying things

    love and Gratitude

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  4. Dear SG and Aruna, thanks for another great message.

    From what I can gather, it seems Earth must pass through the trailing debris of Elenin, which could be the cause of the 'days of darkness'. It may be dense enough to block out the sunlight, or cause atmospheric conditions that do this. Whatever happens, is sure to be a challenging time for those experiencing it.

    If my life contract allows it, I would prefer, and my choice is to ascend with the first wave.

  5. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    There are two things which I would like to seek clarification regarding this article:

    1) "Elenin will not come much closer to Earth than NASA predicts, but its trace of contact is enough to be very destructive to the Earth", does that statement mean that the trail which comet Elenin leave behind would be destructive when Earth collide with it?

    2) Is the asteroid which you have mentioned behind comet Elenin is planet Niburu or totally something else?

    Thank you very much.

  6. Saint Germain,

    Is there a way for us to know our life contract and ascension plan details? Would that be something allowed considering this is so close now?

    Would having that information revealed to us, help in any way? Or could it hinder?

    Maybe God loves surprise parties too, and is keeping a tight lid on every detail, so it really is a surprise when it happens?

    Thank you.

  7. Dear SG.

    Could you explain ascension and it's relation to wanderers/starseeds? Should wanderers/starseeds ascend on the second wave or should this group stay on Earth until a wave after?

  8. Just a background information related to the reader´s question above:
    According to the books:
    Project World Evacuation (1982), by Ashtar Command through Tuella
    On Eagles´ Wings(1989), Ashtar Command through Ariana Sheran (Canada)
    The Crystal Stair(1990), by Eric Klein
    Operation Terra (1999)by Sara Lyara Estes
    Starseeds is said to be the about 144,000 people who had already Ascended and were living in 5th Dimensional worlds and returned in mission to Earth millions of years ago.
    Most of these would be re-Ascending in the First Wave. Some of these are called the "Special Volunteers" or "Eagles" and would remain on the ground and will go up with the Third Wave.
    It was said also (On Eagles´ Wings) that just one third of the Starseeds did awaken to their missions.


  9. Dear SG,

    Is it possible we can actually know our life and/or ascension contract? Would knowing it alter anything? For some I guess it could, who may take steps to change their outcome, and how many would be tempted to do that if they didn't like what was revealed?

    The word contract sounds officially binding, as in, if we don't fulfil it, there are penalties, just like our current 'human' contracts in this world. Are there 'penalties' for not adhering to one's life contract? Perhaps we only penalise ourselves?

    Free will and life contracts don't sound like they mix. If I am to follow a contract, how can I have any free will? Or do I have free will to follow the contract? Interesting.

    But, like you say, now is the time to come from a heart centred position and try to stop seeking the answers to the myriad of questions, but, but, just one more and off I go into the future with more questions than when I started.

    Regarding the books mentioned above, if things are currently liquid and not set in stone, wouldn't that make their content obsolete? I do know some of them reference different timelines, some 12 or so. SG, are there different timelines splitting off? Oops, there is another question, I can't help myself can I? Sorry about that.

    I look forward with loving anticipation to the coming events, timelines or not, and it should be one interesting time for all of us :-)