Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Your Contract Contains your Heart's Goals

Make today the best day for human consciousness: make peace with all of your mental disturbances. You can do this by diverting your attention when the mind delivers details of these disturbances.
1. Give these details zero attention.
2. Act like these thoughts have no relevance to anyone you are acquainted with.
3. Choose to look in another direction.
4. Practice observing your life without any commentary.

Are changes being made to those thoughts you have ignored, causing you to give the new thoughts more attention than the original ones? Are you able to keep your attention in the moment where nothing can disturb you unless you allow it? Make today a "non-disturbance" day. Allow nothing on your disturbance list to be considered worthy of your attention. Your mind is not able to alter anything, it just generates more thoughts than anyone needs.

All of your thoughts frame the picture that was conceived with an attitude. Your attitude about a memory contains more density than just the awareness of that memory. What is observed only has a charge if there's an attitude that delivers it. All negative thoughts that are accepted, dim your light. Are you able to generate enough happy thoughts to cancel out the dense ones? Only noticing the dense ones is enough to cancel their impact. Just pay more attention to your heart guidance and there will be no disturbance that can dampen your moments. Offer less dross to humanity by releasing your negative concepts before any of them are absorbed into the mass consciousness. Allow more heart energy (that brings love to all that is) to be consumed by the mass consciousness. Flinch no more when darkness comes to call. Bring heart energy to all circumstances.

No flight from one's current circumstances can alter the human drama that comes with your contract. Consider the fact that the contract is the cause of what manifests in your life, not the desires your mind brings forth. Changing mind's attitudes is what  negates the need to make more of the same old choices -  new choices become available. All of your lessons are in the contract, and one must be completed before the next one is given.

As your lessons are being delivered, how you handle each new opportunity creates your next reality. No demands made by ego are the cause of your new experiences. Ego may actually desire your next experience, because what is contained in your contract is available to the mind, via the heart. The mind creates attitudes about the circumstances through which the lessons are delivered, and new circumstances are generated based on how the mind chooses to act during each lesson.

Once a lesson has been delivered by the light beings that oversee that lesson, new answers are also being led to the mind from the heart. Being able to follow the heart's guidance is what completes a lesson and creates the space for the next one to be delivered.

All teachings about using the mind to manifest are not accurate. Ask to be given the needed lesson, and then answer it with a correct answer (from the heart) in order to graduate. You will always have the correct answer available, because it comes with the asking. If you respond with the mind's answer, that lesson comes again.

Channeling does not provide all of your needed answers, no matter how clear a channel you are. Channeling was never meant to override man's divine awareness – it may appear to, but giving it this ability means you are ignoring your own God consciousness, and this needs to be cherished if you are going to graduate. Channeling is not a substitute for the divine awareness of the channel. It is for the mind. All who don't check inside themselves to confirm the accuracy of a message, can deceive themselves into believing an arrogant deceiver.

Absolute clarity about the accuracy of heart delivered awareness comes when you make a point of always asking for it, and then check out the answers by going along with them. Masters always live from the heart. Channeling does not replace your own knowing. Are you able to live like a Master?

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna



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  2. Many thanks again, Master. These teachings and guidance are much needed, much appreaciated. Grateful to you for your energy, efforts, patience, and your unshakable trust on us. Thank you Aruna for your wonderful work.