Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Your Contracts are for Advancing Your Consciousness

Are you wondering about the content of your contract? All is easily available. Call an astrologer to get a printout of the chart for the date, time and location of your body's birth. Amazingly accurate, all the learning opportunities are there. Making a conscious, detailed plan and then matching it with all the alignments the planets make during an entire lifetime! Can you conceive of this having been done in such detail?

Cancellation? Only death or enlightenment. All the constellations are constantly moving during man's incarnation and this cannot be altered. Your active dream will be created along with this movement. Is your life effected by this? Absolutely, and unless you are contributing only grace to the manifestation, the dramas that unfold will include all the karma clearing possibilities that you designed. Only what is in the contract will become manifest in your dream. Your free will cannot override this. Free will is what determines your response to what unfolds. If you don't get the lesson the first time around it will appear again in another form. And when you do get it you will be tested.

Graduation from the life contract is not about completing all the dramas that were included in the original design. It is about changing your relationship to them. When you made up that contract you gave yourself many opportunities to learn to love. Once you are an angel in human form you will see that unloving circumstances can still move a body into cause and effect dialog. In the moment, it may appear a disturbance, but this disruption is only to notify others there is an attitude they are generating that is still needing their attention. In actuality, the angel is not disturbed by anything, God has mirrored an appearance of disturbance for the one needing that lesson. The delivery of certain appearances that are needed is love being brought to "others." The angel is just the deliverer, not the cause of any new karma  for any one concerned.

I am discussing this because this is the opportunity most who awaken continue to be, as others need this mirror to add the lesson to their experience. Once awake, a body can be this angelic delivery container because it is no longer acting out any personal feelings. Patterns of behavior that lead to cause and effect manifestations disappear once the light of an awakening floods in.

As for the ascension. I have made many attempts to describe what can appear in the day or night as a call to ascend. When it comes the body's light quotient will be increased and others will not be able to continue to dialog with that container. However, only the container will move out of sight; awareness will remain until it is no longer identified as a person of this, or another dimension.

After the first ascension drama those not on this wave have one more chance. In about one year's time another call will come, and those able to hear it and accept can ascend. No other ascensions will come as a demonstration of mastery in this dimension. One wave has already ascended in consciousness, but these bodies have not yet disappeared as they were needed for assisting those continuing toward this next wave. No more will their bodies be depended upon to deliver messages, or be heard from in 3rd dimension, once the next wave occurs.

Are you able to get your guidance direct from the heart? Are you able to deliver caring in every circumstance? Are you attached to anyone that will not be ascending (many children will be ascending with their parents). Only the adult children (13 and older) can choose for themselves.

Will Starseeds accept the ascension call? Absolutely, they are not here to get any more lessons themselves, only to anchor the awareness of love. When the next ascension occurs those not ascending will not get called  Wake up NOW! Answer the call when it comes with "I AM THAT I AM." Clear the mind and delight in the anointing of ascension. Never before has this occurred as a group call. We are very close to this anointment. Get over your dismay at human dis-ease and ascend. Ample opportunity for delivery of assistance to those remaining after ascension will exist. Bring your love of life to another level.

Regarding the comet Elenin. The changes it makes to the atmosphere are enough to cause damage to the continents. No direct contact will occur. Niburu is not the astroid mentioned in my other message. An astroid will appear when Elenin is closer.

Blessings to all,

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna

Blessings to all.


  1. Dear Saint Germain,

    Thanks so much for answering our many questions. We must seem like young children with a never ending barrage of 'why'.

    The information in this message is something I have been 'concerned' about for some time, and I can relate to it from my heart. Caring and love in every circumstance is where I must strive to be.

    I am one who wants to be on the first call. I do want to be clear enough to hear and recognise it when it comes. I am not aware of being attached to anyone who is not ascending. I will make the conscious effort daily to come from caring and love.

    Many thanks to you and Aruna for these messages.

  2. very very uplifting post master gives the lesson and then the message

    Thank you

  3. I will love love love, I will love love love...

  4. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Could St. Germain please his comments and views about the authenticity, validity and usefulness of the information and teachings in "The Course in Miracles" and "Law of One" series with regards to the current Ascension process and situation?

    Thank you very much.

  5. Dear Aruna & Ascended Master St. Germain,

    Could you tell us more about Nibiru or Planet X or Hercolubus which will make Earth poles and axis big shift? This astroid is to bring great impact to Earth as many said. You said in this message it is not the one which will come after Elenin. So what is truth about Nibiru? I'm confused about this.