Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Choice or Fate?

The last message has evoked some excellent questions. My desire is to clarify this topic and gather all who are able to delete their desires, attachments and negative attitudes before the ascension call. This is not as difficult as it may seem. A mature soul can admit their inability to disengage from all they experience as a human, and once this has been acknowledged, their next step is to observe the body's attitudes and behaviors as an outside observer would; clearing them as they arise by simply discrediting all that is not aligned with Mastery!

Masters are not content with less than heart consciousness coming through in their communication. All they want to give the world is love, and anything that is not loving is assessed, and then discarded as such; your own awareness is more effective for doing this than any teachings or alternative healing methods. Only awareness is the answer to having more aliveness and contentment in life. Acting like an all-knowing adept cancels awareness – Masters are humble, open and caring, and recognize that there is always something else to be learned.

All you need do to drop your unloving attitudes is to notice them as they appear, and instantly discard them. Appropriate action is not the same as aware action. Only ego determines the appropriateness of an action. Aware action comes into being when unaware attitudes are observed and deleted. Aware action becomes possible in that moment. Aware action is outside of ego's control – it arises spontaneously as ego's way of doing things is exposed and negated. Positive attitudes naturally move into that vacated space and begin creating new and different experiences.

Choice has always been available. Choosing ego's desire over God's will was the most significant decent in consciousness man has ever made. The apple drama in the Garden of Eden is your reminder of this. As each man discovers the damage his own choice (of ego over God's will) has made, he can make a different choice. One by one, as he recognizes each of these decisions, such as: "It must be MY way" or "I'm more intelligent than God", he has an opportunity to delete a distortion to the divine qualities of his natural condition.

Generally speaking, man's idea of free will contains a major misunderstanding about the meaning of this concept. He can choose what he wants, but choosing God's way is always the highest and best choice he can make. This choice will come from humility and reverence for his future creation. Making a different choice could be going against the best result, because the ego/mind has no idea how a choice will impact the collective consciousness, or others in a soul group. A learning that still needs to occur for the majority of humans is: how to be more aware of the bigger picture.

All man needs to do to stop making unaware choices is to give his ego another day of rest, allowing God to guide him in the choices he makes. God is in his heart, so the choice is really between his own heart and his head. When the heart choice is followed again and again, the mind becomes less involved in the act of choosing. Acceptance of God's way (as the most conscious way) becomes the only choice, and this shift turns an ordinary man into a Master.

How can an ego mind plan the future? It can't because it can only guess at the results from the choices its desires make at any given moment. No man is in control of his destiny. Only an ego would think this was possible. Only the heart knows what is in the soul contract, so getting in touch with the heart, and choosing the way of the heart, will lead man towards the perfect outcome, even if the mind doesn't know what that outcome is going to be.

You (the incarnated soul) are in a body to learn to choose the way of the heart. In doing so you are moving into conscious alignment with your contract. You are the one that ego doesn't want to let go of. All ego's choices, concepts, attitudes, etc. do not have to be YOUR choices. A false persona, that claims to be you, is choosing for you; is controlling you. This detour  occurred when you chose to let ego take control of your life. You can choose again! Your destiny depends on it.

Ascended Master Saint Germain
Channeled by Aruna


  1. wonderful message master thank you once again for such a wonderful message aruna mam

  2. Thank you Master for this wonderful message, and thanks to you Aruna for receiving and putting it in here.

  3. Dear St Germain, thank you very much from my heart for your care and replying to my questions from the last message. I certainly didn't expect to receive anything, let alone a reply, I am humbled you took the time to respond. Heart felt gratitude to you.

    I woke this morning to my body reacting to a dream I had. This is obviously something for me to deal with as best I can. I responded in it by telling my truth, but it affected me rather uncomfortably.

    Accepting things that are quite unpleasant to deal with, which test my values on justice and truth, is a big one for me. So much injustice seems to be happening at many levels of society.

    Do we just allow it to happen and not stand up for our rights? Do we have any rights anyway? Crimes are committed in Courts and allowed to happen. How can that be? Natural justice is denied the other party when such atrocities are allowed with impunity. Is it Gods will these things be allowed? It must be. We must have lessons to learn for it to be happening.

    Do we simply let those who will take advantage of another, get away with their dishonourable deeds? What about our needs and what we see as fair and equitable for us in any situation? Does that mean anything? Should we fight for our rights? Or do we let them get all they demand without a concern for ourselves, and we suffer the grief, loss and distress? I don't understand this side of things. It seems very odd and if you can help me get my head around it and come to a heart position, I would be most grateful.

    I find this a hard one for me. Injustice, lies, deceit, fraud, corruption and all the rest of it, I just can't relate to why it is needed in the first place, let alone allowed to happen. I have been extremely naive to believe justice would prevail over injustice.

    When can injustice to humans, other life forms and our planet cease?

    Why should the suffering of many continue at the hands of the few? Is this all part of the plan and what we agreed to experience? It must be.

    Do we take these injustices lying down, give up, and not do anything to make things fairer for us and our families?

    It is not like those perpetrating these offences don't know what they are doing, they do. Is this part of the choice of decisions we have everyday?

    Or is there karma at play? Repaying our past ill deeds now.

    I would so love to be free, to be detached, to be loving at all times regardless of the circumstances I am faced with. This is a major challenge in my world, that I find hard to implement at this time. I don't know how to make all my choices from my heart yet. I do desire to have this ability, and ascend if possible.

    Many thanks to you and others providing insight for us, I may get there one day, and it would be great to make your acquaintance personally.

  4. Dear Saint Germain,

    I recently came across a blog of Salusa channeled by Mike Quinsey. I am cautious about the content, although it is aiming toward ascension as well. The ETs talk about disclosure happening soon. Obama is one of them isn't he? Is the dark cabal a facet of the human race or the ETs?

    About the same time you put on the blog that the major natural disasters were to occur in a matter of days, I had a very vivid dream that I woke up and looked outside and thought, "oh ok it's happened finally." And there were major hovercrafts in the sky darkening the area. I remember thinking they were benevolent, offering us up onto their ships if we wanted but not demanding it. However there was still a cautious fear among some. The actual "aliens" as I viewed them in my dream were huge big headed things that moved along the way snowmobiles travel. I don't know how to interpret that dream, except that I am glad I didnt have a big emotional response.